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M2M Billing - Comarch M2M Projects
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M2M Billing - Comarch M2M Projects



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  • During the presentation I want to show how billing is important in various areas and how different challenges it has.
  • From the revenue trends perspective in long term the most promising strategy is a strategy based on entering into particular verticals. However this trend line is dotted which means that this strategy is not obvious and depends on vertical segments which are selected.
  • Features of the typical M2M platform can be divided into three groups:- Generic M2M platform….- Application enablement…. E.g. getting technical data from the device and „ensuring” that this data is properly collected even in case of some failueres, naming one maesure the tmparature, the other pressure etc.; reacting on some changes with triggers & acions module as well as managind the devices with software upgrades. - Connectivity platform…
  • I don’t want to say that there is only one proper platform model. Everything depends on the strategy of the operator…For smaller…
  • Afterdeeperanalysis most of the operatorsmanage the M2M business with a separated silos. Therearevariousmore and less importantreasons:differences…organizationevenifpossible to add to B2B/B2C configurationissodifferent –> no scal effectDifferentcostsThe killer for decissionmaking – ROI. In most casesexistingsystemsare not as smart as systemsneeded in M2M business.
  • Some aspects related to M2M are similar to the B2B domain. Customers (in some verticals) are also international, which leads to the necessity offull multi-country support of systems, including billing. Products are also very personalized and their final form is decided during the sales process, like in B2B. As a part of revenue assurance, advanced limit control of spending is needed. In a short history of M2M there have been many frauds related to the usage of M2M SIM cards in an improper way. So limits have to be possible to control on a group of SIMs or even on particular SIMs. The biggest technical challenge for billing in the M2M domain is related to its ability to bill not only for telecom services, such as activation or data usage fees. Depending on the M2M strategy it may be required to also be able to bill for services related to verticals such as security, mHealth, smart metering or many others.Additionally M2M is a low-ARPU business, which makes the usage of existing systems of operators very difficult. In many cases billing services are delivered as part of separated M2M platforms or in the outsourcing model.For billing departments delivering advanced M2M billing services at a low cost is a real challenge.


  • 1. M2M Billing– Comarch Telco M2M ProjectsKrzysztof KwiatkowskiHead of BSS Product Management Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 2. Comarch Group – Facts and Figures• Public company established in 1993• Headquarters – Krakow, Poland• 3500 employees worldwide• Customers include over 50 CSPs, on 4 continents, in over 20 countries• Over 3000 successfully completed projects2 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 3. 6 Industries – Global References3 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 4. Outline• M2M strategies• Typical M2M platform• Outsourced or own?• Existing systems or separated silo?• Billing challenges• M2M projects• Research activities4 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 5. Revenue trends versus strategies Application Enablement Revenue Intelligent connectivity Pure connectivity Maturity of the M2M market5 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 6. IT Systems of M2M Partner CRM Verticals Vehicle of Logistics Company ` Vehicle of Logistics Company Subscribers Database Monitoring M2M Application M2M Application Provisioning Management Interface Interface Interface Interface Sample Existing Systems M2M Platform Retail Billing & CRM – partner Order M2M Billing System Revenue Sharing management Management Dashboards Partner Provisioning Monitoring Product Catalog B2B Gateway – web services Application Billing System Enablement CSP Application Enablement Service Provisioning Data Triggers & Device software collection Actions deployment Service & Network Inventory Intelligent Connectivity Service Policy SIM Monitoring AAA Management Management Connectivity Network connectivity6 Copyright Comarch 2012 M2M devices
  • 7. Additional modules• MLR = HLR for M2M• Device Management• SCP (for voice services)• Application Enablement – Coming from the “cloud of verticals” – On-site – Coming from the telco world (MTC)7 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 8. Development of business models• M2M platform is for managing the M2M connectivity aspects• M2M application enabler is for enabling M2M vertical applications• Cloud enabler is for enabling cloud applications• We see a huge synergy between M2M business and cloud business of CSPs• The same platform with single product catalog, CRM, B2B gateway (etc.) can manage M2M and cloud offering IT Systems of M2M Partner CRM Verticals Vehicle of Logistics Company ` Vehicle of Logistics Company Subscribers Database Monitoring M2M Application M2M Application Provisioning Interface Interface Interface Interface Management Platform Sample Existing Systems Retail Billing & CRM – partner M2M Platform Order M2M Product catalog, billing, CRM, B2B Gateway, Billing System Partner Revenue Sharing Provisioning management Monitoring Management Product Dashboards B2B Gateway Catalog – web services Order Management, Dashboards Billing System CSP Application Enablement Service Provisioning Data Triggers & Device software collection Actions deployment Service & Network Inventory Intelligent Connectivity Service Policy SIM Monitoring AAA Management Management Cloud Enabler M2M Application Enabler Network connectivity M2M devices Hosting Infrastructure M2M Connectivity platform8 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 9. Proven business models, Highest independence level lower risk and flexibilityChoosing the CSP consideringaplatformimportant, looking at M2M For smaller best M2M entering the M2M but not as Model for CSPs as an delivery model strategic strategic segment segment In-house Outsourced / Ownership / development Partnership Licensed + + + • Low start-up costs • Low start-up and • Clear customer • Flexibility operational costs ownership • Quick start-up • Better differentiation tool - - - • High costs of • No differentiation • Higher costs development • Unclear customer • Slower start-up in the long run ownership • No scale effect9 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 10. Why separated M2M silo?• Many differences between traditional telecom business and M2M, e.g.: – Type of partners and ways to cooperate with them – Various verticals served – Complex (and different) logistic processes• Difficult to achieve a scale effect – M2M business line would be added to the existing BSS platform – But almost everything will be different and configured separately• Separate organization units for M2M• Different cost calculations for M2M – Low M2M ARPU (but potentially good margin) – Systems supporting M2M must be very cheap in maintenance and operations (potentially more SIM cards/customers but less money)• Difficulties with ROI when running M2M on existing B2C / B2B silos10 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 11. M2M Billing challenges • International customers • Customers and resellers (white labeling)Customers • Multi-country: multi-language, multi-currency, multiple time zones, multiple tax regimesCustomer • Final products are very personalized, defined during selling processExperience • Potentially hierarchies and split-billing controlled by customerRevenue • Advanced limit control: per group or per SIM; for data or money; perAssurance zone • Flexibility and short lead-to-cash demanded by salesFlexibility • Flexibility also needed for finance departments: debt, credit notes and advance invoices in any time • Billing for connectivity and non-telecom servicesConvergence – M2M verticals in application enablement strategy • Pre-paid model possible on SIM level or reseller level • Deliver advanced and cost efficient billing services to M2MChallenges departments in the organization 11 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 12. Leading European M2M operator – Case # 1• Target group & services: – Automotive – Retail & payment – Logictics & transportation – Consumer electronics – Healthcare – Industrial & smart business – Security & surveillance – Energy & utilities – Smart city & smart home• Key benefits: – End-2-end processes supported – Plaform for all users and groups – Highly efficient and configurable12 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 13. From challenge to solution – Case # 1• Challenges: – Multinational platform – many companies, world coverage – Migration of actual platform – Complex hierarchy of users and customers – Sophisticated triggering and alarming module• Solutions: – Platform supports multi-tenancy, multiple languages, multi- currency – Configuration of custom processes and APIs – Different functionalities and GUI for different users – Triggers & actions module for online and offline triggers13 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 14. Leading European M2M operator – Case # 2• Target group & services – Automotive – Logistics & Transportation, Fleet Management – Healthcare – Smart Metering (Energy & Utilities)• Key benefits – Graphically advanced and suited solution – Integrated with complex internal systems – Configuration-based (no hard coding)14 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 15. From challenge to solution – Case # 2• Challenges: – Time to market (fast implementation) – Multi-country support – SIM monitoring• Solutions: – Phases in implementation – division of functionalities – Platform supports multi-tenancy, multiple languages, multi- currency – Rule-based monitoring on GGSN and HLR15 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 16. Research activities• 3GPP TR 23.888 – Technical Report studies and evaluates architectural aspects of the System Improvements for Machine Type Communications requirements specified in TS 22.368• Key Issues addressed: – Group Based Optimization – Time Controlled – Signalling Congestion Control • Malfunctioning, massive numbers of MTC Devices to attach/connect all at once, recurring applications that are synchronised to the exact (half/quarter) hour, … – Potential overload issues caused by Roaming MTC devices • Very little traffic per device but still generate normal levels of signalling and occupy normal levels of VLR space. This "imbalance" might lead to the VPLMN operator being "unhappy".16 Copyright Comarch 2012
  • 17. THANK YOU Copyright Comarch 2012