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Comarch Billing Quality Assurance



Comarch Billing Quality Assurance (BQA) is a modern tool dedicated to detecting revenue leakage in operators’ ”order-to-cash” processes. The solution identifies revenue leaks by monitoring and ...

Comarch Billing Quality Assurance (BQA) is a modern tool dedicated to detecting revenue leakage in operators’ ”order-to-cash” processes. The solution identifies revenue leaks by monitoring and verifying all critical stages of rating and billing processes.



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Comarch Billing Quality Assurance Comarch Billing Quality Assurance Document Transcript

  • Seek & destroy every crack in your revenue pipeComarch Billing Quality Assurance Functional overview BenefitsComarch Billing Quality Assurance (BQA) is a modern tool dedicated to detecting revenueleakage in operators’ ”order-to-cash” processes. The solution identifies revenue leaks by Shorter testing processes of products,monitoring and verifying all critical stages of rating and billing processes. tariff plans and bundles (from weeks to days) Reduction in revenue leakage File- and field-level validation 6-fold increase in RA department’s productivityTo work effectively, Comarch Billing Quality Assurance requires proper input data, Increased efficiency of discrepancies’representing rating and billing configuration and usage records. If this data is too limited, recoverycertain errors may pass unnoticed. In order to obtain a representative sample, CDRs/EDRs Reduction of customer service costsare filtered with specific testing assumptions, such as a subscriber control group, products Decrease of over-billing resulting inor timestamp of call/event (at the turn of the year, month, day, billing period, peak time, at improved customer satisfaction andthe end of a subscription). reduced churnDuring the file / field verification process, various correlation and deduplication errors canbe detected, e.g. missing CDRs, uncorrelated CDRs representing one call or duplicates(originating in the network, mediation or IN itself). Furthermore, the system performs otheroff-the-shelf processes such as feed validation, file name checking and data enrichment. Rating / billing verificationComarch BQA is based on components that support multi-service, multi-industry Key featuresconvergence, which allows to perform advanced rating and billing verification. Suchflexibility enables modelling all the elements of the product catalog from the legacy Convergent on 3 levels: account, invoice,system. Thanks to an intuitive GUI any changes in configuration can be performed by QA systemdepartments, improving time-to-market for new products. xDRs filtering and discarding Validation of xDR data List of all of the events related to a chosen discrepancy Alarm generation and prioritization Legacy billing Local storage Rating Alarms file/field level Rating/billing External BQA „pull” validations and billing comparison and reports Local storage according to user settings „push” scripts scripts calculation generation Discrepancy aggregation Legacy-rated Legacy-rated CDR’s Validated CDR’s Bill positions Detected Discrepancy Notification mechanisms CDR’s and summary differences reports/alarms On-line testing Discrepancies statistics, drill-down reporting engine Rating & billing CDR Mediation Analysing and External CDR Verification File File sources engine engine CDR storage storage navigation IN CDR CDR Bills Diff Rep OUT Mass management of conflicting records Verification of guiding and invoicing Figure 1. The revenue assurance process
  • Depending on the scope of the data available in the rated xDRs, the system can perform Comarch SA Al. Jana Pawła II 39 aautomated verification of a final price, usage (in seconds, bytes or units), call/event cost 31-864 Krakówbefore discount, included/free units requested and assigned, used discount, amount of Polandtax (the final amount, but also the method of calculating tax), extension prefix, as well as phone: +48 12 64 61 000 fax: +48 12 64 61 100whether the consumption has been done within peak time or not. e-mail: info@comarch.comComarch Billing Quality Assurance also enables verification of guiding (matching usagedata to subscribers), subscriber data such as balance (amount and continuity), contractedproducts/bundles and generated invoices. About Comarch: Comarch is a global supplier of IT products and Analyzing and reporting discrepancies services for the telecommunication industry. The company’s flexible solutions are industryAll discrepancies detected during verification are analysed in order to recognize the most standard compliant and developed in-house.important ones and accordingly prioritize corrective actions. To support this sub-process, Comarch solutions constantly evolve based onmany statistics are available in Comarch BQA, that show sums of aggregated differences customer demand. Since 1993, the companyaccording to several dimensions, helping pinpoint the source of the discrepancy: has accumulated experience and knowledge in the fields of designing, implementing, and Service (voice, SMS, MMS, data) integrating IT solutions. Comarch serves some Tariff/Option/Concession/Bundle of the market’s largest players - such as Telekom Recurring/Usage-based charge Deutschland (former T-Mobile Germany), T-Mobile Any other xDR field Austria, E-Plus Germany, Vodafone Germany and Telefónica O2 Germany, as well as companies fromThese statistics are available to users via dedicated screens, and provide flexible, context- the KPN and France Telecom groups. Comarchbased navigation between various objects in the configuration, in order to facilitate the provides COTS products in the areas of BSS,search for the root cause of the discrepancy. CRM, OSS as well as a range of comprehensive services.After distinguishing the cause of a single discrepancy, it is possible to mark all thediscrepancies related to this cause (e.g. every record that was rated with the use of a faultyrating element) as “dealt with”, in order to speed up the entire process. Also, if the identifiedroot cause cannot be fixed (immediately or in the near future), application configurationcan be easily changed, to treat such “recognized” errors in a specific manner, so they donot interfere with tracking further problems. Comarch Spółka Akcyjna with its registered seat in Kraków at Aleja Jana Pawła II 39A, entered in the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, the 11th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under no. KRS 000057567. The share capital amounts to 8,051,637.00 zł. The share capital was fully paid, NIP 677 – 00 – 65 – 406 Copyright © Comarch 2010. All Rights Reserved. EN-2011.05 Figure 2. Aggregated differences