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7 finlandia

  1. 1. 2. School Library in PirttiPrimary School
  2. 2. Staffl Our school librarian is one of the teachersl Library coordinating is in major role in school librarian’s task listl Specific training is provided by the City of Kuopiol The librarian was named according to her own interest, the mandate in for time beingl The librarian gets paid for one hour per week, but there is much more work besides thatl There is a School Library Development Team in Kuopio to define guidelines for developing school libraries in my home townl The coordinator is not a member of the Educational Board
  3. 3. Library work / actionl There is not an annual plan of activitiesl There isn’t any specific regulationsl Our library is open twice a week by the librarian, but the classes can go there with the teacher when ever they wantl The library users are the pupils and the teachersl The resources are catalogued by the secretary in the Education Department of Kuopio
  4. 4. Library work / actionl Up-to-date books are the best way to promote reading is our mottol In Kuopio we have a particular ITC literacy curriculuml We promote other literacy with some English and French booksl We have many Easy to read -books for the students with special educational needs, most of them study integrated in the normal classes
  5. 5. Library budgetl The budget is decided by the headmaster, our budget is 1000€ / yearl There’s no particular sponsorship usuallyl This year Pirtti Primary School attended The School Library- A space for Creativity –campaign organised by Kopiosto, the common copyright organization of authors, publishers and performing artists in Finland. We received 6000 € in order to improve and develop our school library facilities !l The headmaster and the school librarian acquire/eliminate the resources helped by the secretary in the Education Department of Kuopio
  6. 6. Library evaluationl We have an institution belonging to the Ministry of Education, but it’s role is more or less guiding, not supervisingl Our library evaluation takes place by teachers and pupils, they can make proposals in order to improve and develop our school library facilities (new books, furnitures etc.)l Libraries.fi is a professional library service and a web library that provides access to Finnish Library Net Services under one user interface. It is produced in cooperation by Finnish libraries. Content services, information delivery and technical development of electronic services designed for different target groups are at the core of it’s activities and the portal serves as a starting point especially for users seeking information about libraries, culture and information services.
  7. 7. One succesful activityl Five years ago our school library was in very bad condition. The books were old and the pupils and the teachers ignored our library.l We started to systematically develop our library by l Training teachers l Annual budgeting l Involving the pupils in the developing process l Co-operating with the neighbouring schools l Organizing author visits
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