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Unin reunion
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Unin reunion


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Proposal for Unini Reunion

Proposal for Unini Reunion

Published in: Education
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  • 1. The Home Coming 201290 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 to 11 University of Limpopo Reunion Hosted by the Reunion Body
  • 2. UNIN Background The most important distinguishing characteristic of the tertiary education sector is the predominance of the University of the North (UNIN) as the premier tertiary level institution in the South Africa that has predominantly produced competent black graduates from the marginalized areas without distinction, to at least a student population of over 15 thousand per year.  UNIN still remains irrefutably the only truly regional higher educational institution in the African context, scope and reach that served the marginalized graduates. However, its existence and potential developmental role needs to be carefully embraced and fully taken into account.
  • 3. Rationale Through this realization it became eminent to conceptualize on a reunion concept The market was tested where ex contemporaries were sensitized and contacted on the reunion concept. It was then realized that as Ex Turf loop students most wish for a successful reunion event that will draw all the ex students to celebrate UNIN ―Turf loop’s‖ existence and its success.
  • 4. Mission Statement To advance the cause of quality education, Promote the interests and increase the usefulness of University of Limpopo.Promote mutual acquaintance and good fellowship among all members of the Reunion, Support and promote the Office of Alumni Relations and Development of the institution.
  • 5. Reunion Objectives To build a lifelong relationship between students, alumni and the institution. This provides an opportunity to keep abreast of institution developments, networking of ex students, rekindling of memories with old friends, interaction of past and post students, as well as maintaining lifetime ties with the institution.
  • 6. Role and Function of the ReunionBody Representation of X Unin graduates with the view ofproviding leadership to implement Reunion Association strategic imperativesWorks closely with Unin Alumni Relations staff with the aim to establish goals and programmatic prioritiesServes as a link between graduates, Unin and its Alumni office
  • 7. Why the Reunion Campaign? Reunions are milestones—occasions for graduates to commemorate their place in University of Limpopo history Reflect on what The University of Limpopo has meant to them, and renew their ties to the institution. Reunion celebrations are also a time when graduates focus their fundraising efforts to increase giving in support of undergraduate education. Reunion campaigns will engage the participation of nearly half the members of each reunion year — and many more in some cases. Each year these campaigns will raise hundreds of rands for The University of Limpopo Fund, giving financial support, student life, and innovative academic programs.
  • 8. Key Benefit to the Institution (is this the only benefit? Try looking for 2 more)1. Reunion Campaign Gifts-The highest priority for reunion campaign is to create The University of Limpopo Fund, which will supports the core needs of undergraduate education and provides financial support, academic programs, and student life.-The University of Limpopo Fund for Undergraduate Education will encourage alumni, students, parents, and friends to build their Institution ties by making contributions in a form of gifts. Gifts to the fund will help shape the experience of undergraduate through financial aid, academic opportunities, and campus life initiatives.- The institution will also benefit from different gift contributions that might be made by graduates to support quality learning for undergraduates and student life.
  • 9. Statement of Work The agreement with Unin on the reunion plan and way forward of hosting the re-union and terms of hosting The creation of a living database with all ex-contemporary contacts The creation of campaign strategies aimed at developing current turf loop students Identification of developmental opportunities that will benefit the marginalized ex contemporaries Creation of a link between current students and contemporaries
  • 10. Statement of Work Cont… Creation of a formal and professional website link posing the opportunities to all the marginalized ex contemporaries The formation of a task team that will manage identified opportunistic strategies and programs that will lively up the reunion concept The initiation implementation and execution of a successful Turf Reunion Launch Identification of possible funding for the Reunion The creation of synergies and leveraging opportunities between the Turf loop institution and the ex contemporaries.
  • 11. Key Benefits Of the Reunion The launch of a significant event in the history of Turf higher education, Attraction of all stakeholders. The realization of what graduates from each year are doing to change and/or to be a blessing in the world. The graduates contribution towards economical development and stability and career development Creation of a virtual reunion where ex contemporaries can engage virtually Increased social gathering encouraging network opportunities A hand and glove learning platform for academics, the government and entrepreneur.
  • 12. Target AudienceThis reunion will target graduates.Maybe you need to give a short description of your audience or perhaps list them with a short description on each.Example: 4th Yr Students – in all faculties with specific focus on Engineering.
  • 13. Suggested Venue
  • 14. Recommendations Overall I think the document is sound and strong but I feel the plan is lacking a bit on answering the campaign objectives Try to have a picture at least every 2nd slide. This will help to make the document interesting Look for another template to use, this one is very boring – Google Slide Share, they have free nice templates