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  • 1. Dignity, equality and family protection: same sexcouples rights in Colombia Roundtable Discussion on Families,Interpersonal Relations and the Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bisexual and Intersex Persons
  • 2. 1991-1997 1998-2000 2001-2007 2007-2009 2010-2012 2013First cases: weak Discrimination: Notaries (02) - Public Pending: C.Court-protection. Teachers Military (02) expression Antidiscriminatio discriminationProcedural issues Students Scouts (03) - Gender identity n Law v. Free(No). Military Police in the workplace SpeechIdentity protection personnel mistreatment (procedural(yes) Intersex (04) issues) -11/12 Prison conditions - Blood donation (04) (2012) - Right to Health of transgender- Adoption case by - First cases of - Health - C-075/07 - Pending: C.Court - same-a transgender (No) Social security insurance - Health Implementation -Second parent sex couples andSocioeconomic (2000). Yes for -Adoption - Pension - Hereditary adoption familiesreasons (95) procedural - Pension rights - Migration rights (lesbian- Same sex couples reasons - Migration rights rights - Marriage case mothers)do not have - Same rights of (11). FAMILY -Joint adoptionprotection (96) the facto couples - Single adoption (gay couple) (12) - SSC are families - Adoption (procedural) Criminal Code - Same sex Act to prevent - Victims Law Pending: Congress (2000) couples gender violence - Health reform recognition - Politic Same-sex participation marriage - Anti-bulling law Youth rights Antidiscriminatio n Law X v. Colombia. Atala v. Chile International Law of Committee HR HR
  • 3. 64 decisions-General doctrine: sexual orientation and genderidentity are protected by equal protection andautonomy under Colombian Constitution.-Double protection-Sexual orientation is a suspected category.(Gender identity?) - Direct discrimination - Indirect discrimination
  • 4. Same-sex couples doctrine: - Dignity (duty to protect) – consensus - Equal protection and autonomy - Implementation - Family protection? - Equal protection in the same-sex couples? - Regulation by the Congress - Adoption?