Ad:Tech New York 2012 Mobile Marketing Masters Session 2


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My second presentation, focusing on examples from AB-InBev. Pls contact me for a version that includes all the builds.

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  • Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second of the mobile marketing masters session at Ad:Tech.
  • My name is Maarten Albarda, and I like to say that I live my life in full disclosure. I can be easily found on any one of the major platforms and networks, as well as the more obscure ones like So.CL or Google Plus. Sorry, that was a cheap joke…The reason I am on all these platforms is because I am a firm believer of learning by doing. And you can not learn if you are not involved.
  • Until last month I had the pleasure of being VP, Global Connections at Anheuser Busch InBev, the world’s largest beer brewer. I oversaw all consumer touch points, meaning media, digital, sports & entertainment marketing, CRM, licensed merchandise and the like. This meant that a day could involve negotiations with the world’s soccer governing body FIFA about our World Cup contract, discussions with measurement partners like Syncapse or Marketing Evolution, negotiations with ESPN or Facebook about our global presence, etc.And yes, somewhere in there we also talked about mobile.Before AB-InBev, I was at The Coca-Cola Company for over 10 years in a variety of roles and in a variety of places around the world.
  • In the first session, we reviewed the current state of the industry. And despite some really promising numbers on growth for mobile as a consumer platform (over 1 BLN smart phones worldwide), - Growth in ad spend (which is growing very fast, but still makes up just about 2% of total ad spend) …and growth as a commerce platformAdvertisers are still struggling with the medium. Especially those advertisers that I used to represent: Fast Moving Goods Manufacturers.…………………
  • So, again, as consumers we have this medium figured out.Seamless, easy access, everywhere, anytime, on any one of their devices. And what we need to add to that as to ensure we offer engaging and true two way opportunities to connect.CLICKSo in this entire morning of mobile marketing I am going to start by saying: STOP thinking about it as “mobile”. I have a rule that any plan that states something like “mobile”, “mobile strategy” or “mobile plan” has to leave the room. Immediately. Having a mobile strategy is about as dumb as saying you have an internet strategy.Yes, we need to ensure we offer the consumer to full access of all we offer in digital through a mobile device. That means that if we plan a website activity, it needs to be fully mobile friendly. If search is part of the plan, it needs to work through any device, mobile included. If we are activating through social media, then functionality and ease of use should have the same low threshold whether accessed on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone device.So that is, to me, the real challenge. Can we, as representatives of the mobile platform, move beyond thinking of ourselves as a silo, and move into thinking of ourselves as an extension of the consumer’s life, and use that as a starting point.
  • So with that in mind, we started to pull together some cases on how advertisers and their agencies are thinking about mobile. This will be an opportunity for all of us to truly see if advertisers can figure it out. JetBlue together with their agency Double Encore, with their agency ePrize, and finally Brian Wong, who is trying to bring gamification to reward programs.As you can see, these are all very different categories. An airline has in today’s world a lot of direct contact with their customers. And I read somewhere that moving is rated as one of three most stressful live events, together with getting married and changing jobs. And Kiip brings real rewards to every day life, at the moment through Android, and through iOS soon. Well done Brian Wong, KIIP founder, for going with the biggest opportunity first. More from these speakers later.
  • First, I wanted to share with you some cases from my time at AB-InBev. All information I am going to share with you is out in the public domain so I am not giving away any secrets here.It is important to first share with you that we took two models to heart when developing any campaign, including mobile expressions of those campaigns.
  • One other element we adopted at AB-InBev is from Joseph Jaffe, as outlined in his bookd “Flip The Funnel”. We very much recognized the need to not just spend behind acquisition but to start recognizing consumers that are already part of the brand franchise, as well as empowering them as part of new user acquisition.It is probably not wise to just spend on AIDA and not, as JJ paraphrased it, on ADIA.So the following examples are all designed somewhere along this continuum.
  • INTRO THE SLIDEVIDEO Obviously, Budweiser is not and never will be a destination site to follow the FA Cup.We also did not want to spend a lot of money on creating content that was already available elsewhere in a far more credible environment, e.g. ESPN UK, BBC, Yahoo Sports or any of the other media outlets.But what we can offer is to be an FA Cup companion while watching the game, using data and content we could get as part of our FA contract. Who knows who and how the MOTM is chosen? We decided during FIFA’s WC 2010 to democratize the MOTM voting. And based on the learnings from that we repeated the effort during the FA Cup in the UK. So whether at home with your mates or in the pub, vote!
  • INTRODUCE SLIDE: the next example….Our contract with NFL and the broadcaster allowed us to get some prime real-estate. We decided to link Bud Light to not only the game, but also the entertainment. The LMFAO remix was downloaded 1 million times, and had we given away 5,000,000 we could have probably gotten to that number of downloads as well.
  • In the next example – and this is one of my favorites – again, mobile is not used as a strategy but as a device, a content play, the surprise and delight consumers, in this case, consumers of the small-but-growing-fast brand ShockTop.I will let the video speak for itself.
  • And if ShockTop tried to convince beer lovers of the impossible, Bud Light came up with the next level.Believe it or not, but the consumer hotline was actually contacted a number of times by people who were looking for the app in the app store.
  • I tried really hard
  • Ad:Tech New York 2012 Mobile Marketing Masters Session 2

    1. 1. Mobile Marketing Executive View:Cutting-Edge Strategies to Optimize andEnhance Your Current Marketing Efforts
    2. 2. Nice to meet youmalbarda: alwayson
    3. 3. Background
    4. 4. In case you missed session 1…• Consumers know how to • Advertisers don’t know use mobile: how to use mobile: – 1 billion smart phone users – 47% of advertisers “dissatisfied” with mobile – Mobile Ad Spend is now at marketing progress $ 2.6 BLN, and growing double digit – 37% still evaluating • (which is only about 2% of total ad spend) effectiveness of mobile programs – $850 million spend globally on mTrade – Only 14% of advertisers “happy” with mobile ad results – (CMO Council, Fall 2012)
    5. 5. The ChallengeConsumers want seamless and easy access. Stop thinking about it as “mobile”.Surely, that is what we should provide.With “engaging” and “true two way” thrown infor good measure. Start thinking about theinteraction opportunities that the consumer is seeking.
    6. 6. So what ARE advertisers doing?
    7. 7. Consumer Centric at heart
    8. 8. And a journey beyond AIDA
    9. 9. Man of the Match – First for World Cup, now forthe FA Cup (other sports to follow soon)• Democratize the vote• Create a viewing and water cooler worthy companion• Make Budweiser association with football (soccer!) authentic
    10. 10. Superbowl Bud Light & Shazam• Thanks to Bud Light, 1 million (!) Shazam users could access an exclusive, free remix by LMFAO of Madonnas new single that debuted live during the games halftime show.
    11. 11. Possibly my all-time favorite (and winner of the2011 AB-InBev Digital Media Award)• Small brand, irreverent, how to get a big brand impact?• Answer: with a little spontaneous media help
    12. 12. And sometimes we just pretend…
    13. 13. And finally…
    14. 14. Let’s hear from other categories and brands