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Published on Internet marketing Malaysia EXPOSED seminar presentation that Malaysians MUST view!

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Internet Marketing Malaysia

  1. 1. INTERNET MARKETING MALAYSIA What Online Gurus Never Tell You?
  2. 2. Why Internet Marketing?  Ability to Earn in USD - (inflation)  Ability to Work Anytime, Anywhere  No Such Thing as Recession  The Online Market is Your World (Google Shopping, Amazon)  Residual Income  Ability to Create Wealth by Building Multiple Streams of Income  Easily Duplicable Like Your Own ATM Machine  Get Paid Anywhere in the World (Paypal)  Low Cost to Set-Up
  3. 3. The World is Changing Today Business Need To Have Pull Marketing Vs The Traditional Push Marketing
  4. 4. The World is Changing  If Today You Are Planning to Go For a Holiday, Do You Visit Online for Best Bargains and Nice Place to Visit or Trust Your Travel Agent?  Do You Compare Prices Online to Get the Best Deal or Visit Every Single Travel Agent in Penang?
  5. 5. Something to Ponder On  If the Internet is So Huge and Has Became a Norm for Doing Business, Communications and Social Life…  Is There Money to be Made Online?
  6. 6. Basically 3 Ways to Earn Online  Doing Services Online for People  Writing Articles  Search Engine Optimization (Rank High)  Design Website  Social Media Manager  Basically be a Personal Assistant Online
  7. 7. Basically 3 Ways to Earn Online  Be an Affiliate (Selling or Promoting Other People’s Product)  Selling Physical Products Online  Publisher (Google Adsense)
  8. 8. Basically 3 Ways to Earn Online  Produce Own Products Online  Get an Army of Affiliate (sales personnel)  Offer Attractive Commission & Prizes
  9. 9. Definition of Internet Marketer  Internet Marketer is Someone Who Markets Products or Services and Earn Commissions Online
  10. 10. Internet Marketing Expose  Similar to the Real World, They are Lots of Scammers Online
  11. 11. How to Spots Scams Online?  All Payment Proof Can be Faked  Ask Yourself if it is Logic?  Understand the History of IM  Always Check for Social Proof  Is the Marketer Keep Producing/Promoting New Products Frequently?  Do You Know that Internet Marketers Work Together to Promote Each Other?
  12. 12. Remember….  There is NO Such Thing as Golden Goose on the Internet.  You Do Have to Work Hard (at least beginning)  There is No Software in the World That Can Guarantee You Income Without Doing Nothing  Santa Claus Don’t Exist, So Don’t Believe in Over Hype Promises
  13. 13. I Have Lots of Internet Buddies  The Average Time for Living Their Residual Dream Online 3 Years  Yes You Can Build A Million Dollar Business Online if You Have the Mindset of Success and Not Fast $$  Traits of Entrepreneur (managing business, hiring staffs, long term gratification, ability to manage oneself…)
  14. 14. Introducing OREB  Online Real Estate Blueprint is a Guaranteed System to Guide Beginners to Earn Money Online as a Publisher
  15. 15. What Makes OREB So Special?  It is a Course Created Out of Passion to Help People Make Money Online  Easy to Follow Step by Step Instructions  The Best Support System for You  You Will Learn the Basic Foundations of Internet Marketing and You Will Expand!
  16. 16. What Makes OREB So Special?  It is DUPLICABLE  Weekly Webinar Support, Monthly Gathering  1-to-1 Forum Support  Best Affiliate Marketing in World  You Get a Positive Community Looking Out For You  45-Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee!
  17. 17. What Makes OREB So Special?