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StartupWeekend Impact Report 2012
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StartupWeekend Impact Report 2012



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  • 1. OPENING LETTERSMessages from our founders celebrating past milestonesand welcoming a new year.2TABLE OF CONTENTSWHAT IS STARTUP WEEKENDTogether, we have built the largest community of doers in the world.See how we’re building the future of entrepreneurship.4COMMUNITYListen to what the global community of entrepreneurs has to say aboutStartup Weekend and its global impact.8We’re everywhere - born in the digital social age and growing fast.REACH12IMPACTThe real world positive impact our community creates inentrepreneurial ecosystems around the globe.16PARTNERSOur impact is not possible without our amazing partners.20FORWARDLooking ahead: Where will we go next?24STARTUPWEEKENDIMPACTREPORT2012
  • 2. LETTERS FROMTHE FOUNDERSFranck at the Seattle Startup Weekend Women 2.0 EventMARC NAGERThree years have passed since we developed StartupWeekend with one simple idea: Get more peopleto experience entrepreneurship -- but it is really day oneof the Entrepreneurial Revolution. In celebrating100,000 Startup Weekend attendees, we have witnesseda significant shift in the way people perceive theirentrepreneurial potential.In 2012, our community doubled.Startup Weekend is now, de facto, thelargest entrepreneurial organizationin the world. We are growing beyondStartup Weekend - the acquisition ofStartup Digest allows our communityto connect easily to its local ecosystem.The development of NEXT willhelp founders learn from the bestcurriculum in the world.This movement is still at its beginning.As Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says,“It’s all about the long term,” webelieve that a fundamental measureof our long term success will be theimprovement of the “EntrepreneurialJourney” through action-basededucation. If we can just be a littlebetter every step of the way, thismovement will not only revolutionizeour economies, but our personal livesas well. We know Startup Weekendhas a very substantial impact on ourcommunity. We’ve seen people findingjobs, creating sustainable startups,becoming facilitators, meeting theirfuture founders -- and of course, someraising millions of dollars and creatingnew jobs. We’ve also seen peoplefailing and trying again and again. The90% of you who will fail should notbe afraid. As we grow, we also wantto help as many people try and tryagain, while minimizing their absoluterisk. This can be done by connectingcommunities and by localizingour efforts to become, in a way, anadvantage provider for entrepreneurs.Welcome to the entrepreneurialrevolution!Franck speaking on the power of entrepreneurship at Startup Weekend Organizer’s Summit 2012WELCOME TO THEENTREPRENEURIALREVOLUTIONMarc at SoSummit 2012We are witnessing the birth of a true industry aroundentrepreneurship. No longer are the grassroots leadersof this movement pontificating about the importanceof entrepreneurship through megaphones onproverbial street corners.2012 was truly the year we saw theentrepreneurial movement take hold inpolitical agendas, FT 500 boardrooms,and institutional programs at a rate farabove anything ever seen before. Whilethere have always been early adoptersin these sectors, we’ve seen an appetitefor not only discussing the importanceof creating and fostering entrepreneursexplode, but also a hunger for theprograms that help drive action.For the first time in history, you cantravel almost anywhere in the worldand say the word “entrepreneur”or “startup” and find some type ofassociated activity. I’m more thanhumbled that one of the top activitiesyou’d find in a community happensto be a Startup Weekend event. Thisis important not just for StartupWeekend as an organization, butmore importantly, for the culturaltransformation that it representswhich has taken a firm hold incommunities around the world. Itproves one thing - this is not just atrend. Try searching “startup bubble”and scrolling through the countlessarticles rendered by this search topicin 2011 alone. I think it’s safe to saythat this movement has surpassed anytrend.Why? Entrepreneurship - the notionthat anyone anywhere can pursuesomething they are passionate about- is something so innately humanthat its manifestation worldwide isnothing short of natural, rewarding,and sustainable. We are living apresent moment unprecedented inhuman history; access for individualsto realize their ability to create realsolutions to real problems has neverhad such a high level of support andinfrastructure. We’ve witnessedthe reality that entrepreneurialvalues transcend borders and uniteindividuals from any backgroundin the name of empowerment andinnovation. Indeed, we have becomethe entrepreneurial generation.Marc discussing the vision for Startup Weekend at Startup Weekend Organizer’s Summit 2012THE BIRTH OF A TRUEIDENTITY AROUNDENTREPRENEURSHIP.FRANCK NOUYRIGATLETTERSFROMTHEFOUNDERS2LETTERSFROMTHEFOUNDERS3
  • 3. STARTUPWEEKENDStartup Weekend TMsupports thedevelopment and expansion ofentrepreneurship through eventsworldwide that educate aspiringentrepreneurs by immersing themin the process of moving an ideato market. Startup Weekend hasbuilt a network of more than 100Kalumni, thousands of volunteerorganizers, and 100+ trainedfacilitators spread across morethan 300+ cities in 100 countries.Kauffman Foundation, Google,Microsoft, .Co, Sendgrid andmore are sponsors. For moreinformation visit:www.startupweekend.org.STARTUPWEEKEND
  • 4. 2012 proved to be a year of growth,learning, and a renewed sense ofpurpose for Startup Weekend.We reached a monumental goal -the creation of 100,000 entrepreneurs -and we were honored to commemoratethis achievement by ringing the New YorkStock Exchange bell on December 28th,2012. We celebrate this pivotal momentas a symbol of progress and a validationof our efforts. Reaching this goalencouraged all of us to considerthe steps we’ve made in the nameof entrepreneurship and the globalcommunity that we’ve built - all madepossible by an unparalleled network ofvolunteers. As an organization, we alsorecognize our unique responsibility tocontinue to support these entrepreneursin every way we can. It is with thismentality that we move forward in 2013and beyond, challenging ourselves everystep of the way by asking ourselves, whatmore can we do?AT ITS CORE,STARTUP WEEKEND ISA DEMOCRATIZER OFENTREPRENEURSHIPTOGETHER WE’VE BUILT THE LARGESTCOMMUNITY OF DOERS IN THE WORLDWHATISSTARTUPWEEKENDAt Startup Weekend, we believe that entrepreneurship is the single largestdriving force for creating jobs for ourselves, opportunities for our neighbors,and ultimately, more responsible and thriving societies. At its core, StartupWeekend is a democratizer of entrepreneurship. Startup Weekend events areorganized according to a mission rooted in empowerment and education. Over the course of54 hours, participants pitch ideas, form teams, and ultimately, launch companies. StartupWeekends create a low-pressure, fast-paced environment that connects entrepreneurs withmentors, resources, and most importantly, one another.Ringing the New York Stock Exchange bell on December 28th, 2012POISED FOR IMPACTStepping back to assess our growthand development has both reinforcedand expanded our vision for the future.Our unique, rapidly growing globalcommunity is our greatest asset and thereason that we are uniquely positioned tomake a lasting, revolutionary impact onour world. We’re boldly moving forwardwith the gratitude and understandingthat we’re better equipped than anyother organization to drive theentrepreneurial movement and evokelasting change on a global scale. Thecritical time is now, and it is with theaid of our dynamic community and anunprecedented, experiential access toa thorough understanding of the startupworld that we are building the futureof entrepreneurship.A team working hard at Startup Weekend AthensStartup Weekend Women’s event in Seattle, WA Working hard and playing hard at Startup Weekend NabiusOUR UNIQUE, RAPIDLYGROWING GLOBALCOMMUNITYIS OURGREATEST ASSETWHATISSTARTUPWEEKEND6 7
  • 5. “18 months ago, I wanted to find agood nursery for my daughter. Itwas difficult for me to go and visitevery nursery in my neighborhoodto find a suitable nursery for mychild.” Nagla Metwally took thisproblem to a Cairo event in 2011and built Hadanty.net; “I decidedto create a website to help motherslike me find the nurseries that theywant. I created the website andcollected all information aboutnurseries including all nurseryfeatures, photos, video, hostingprices, and anything that anymother needs.”NAGLA’SSTORYEGYPTCOMMUNITY
  • 6. Having participated as a judge atthe first event in downtown LasVegas, I’ve been fortunate to bepart of the magic that a StartupWeekend can create. The eventscan be an amazing starting pointfor anyone who wants to buildon an idea in a safe but action-centered environment whereanyone and everyone can getfeedback on their first steps. I’vewatched the local downtown Vegasstartup scene accelerate its growthas a result of Startup Weekend andthe vital role it can play in bringingideas and people together.Startup Weekend is a globalphenomenon that has attracted andencouraged a new generation ofentrepreneurs. Startup Weekendhas changed the world.These apps that people are creatingare not only helping people in allkinds of ways -- they are generating40,000 jobs in London alone.Congratulations to the Telegraphand the brilliant Startup Weekend.Every one of those ideas seemslike a winner.It’s amazing to see what StartupWeekend provides for individualsand communities on an eventlevel, but the global communitythat has been created as a result ofrecurring events around the worldhas resulted in an organizationwith endless potential to be thestarting point not just for anyentrepreneur to build off of an idea,but also to find a support systemin any community from whichthey can grow and continue tolearn as an entrepreneur.WHATTHE ENTREPRENEURIALCOMMUNITYTHINKSCOMMUNITY10BORIS JOHNSONThe Mayor of LondonDAVID COHENFounder and CEO of TechStarsLike Prometheus bringing fire,Startup Weekend providesentrepreneurs worldwide withhands-on training on how to buildand run startups,. These classesrange from a weekend of learninghow to work with a team on an ideato a 5-week intensive program onhow to actually build a startup.Startup Weekend is bringingfire to entrepreneurialcommunities worldwide.STEVE BLANKAuthor and EntrepreneurCOMMUNITY11COMMUNITYGROWTH20122011TONY HSIEHZappos.com CEO andVegasTechFund PartnerBRAD FELDManaging Director at theFoundry Group and AuthorATTENDEES58K100KCOUNTRIES67111CITIES382194TEAMS8K5K1689130173ATTENDEESThere’s nothing quite like the energy,the enthusiasm, and the excitementthat happens at a Startup Weekendto inspire and mobilize people aroundthe world to take action on theirbig ideas.LORI ANNE WARDIVice President of .Co Internet*TOTALS THROUGH EACH YEAR
  • 7. REACHDuring Global EntrepreneurshipWeek, 500 teams formed at 67events in 34 countries aroundthe globe in what was by far thelargest startup competition toever take place. From Bangkok,Mindanaeo, and Istanbul, toSt. Louis, Milwaukee, and LosAngeles -- first place teamscompeted until Groupnotesfrom Toronto, Canada, won firstplace overall.GLOBALSTARTUPBATTLEWORLDWIDE
  • 8. ONLINE REACHTHE REVOLUTIONGOES SOCIALREACHREACH15GLOBALSTARTUP BATTLEA SUCCESSFULCAMPAIGNEYEBALLSON STARTUP WEEKEND EVENTS IN 2012250MPINTEREST FLICKRYOUTUBELINKEDIN KLOUT GOODREADSFACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE+20122011AVG NPO57SMENTIONEDEVERY MINUTE800TIMES MENTIONEDDAILY IN SOCIAL MEDIA3-5MTWITTER IMPRESSIONSVIEWED EVERY WEEKENDIMPRESSIONSFROM 137 GSB EVENTS IN 2012155M335K 55KLIKESON FACEBOOK120K 111VIDEO ENTRIESON FACEBOOKTOP HASGHTAG CITIESPARTICIPATING IN GSB*METRICS POWERED BY#swtampa - Tampa, FL#swCordoba - Cordoba, AR#swbzh - Bretagne, FR#swaccra - Accra, GH#swverona - Verona, IT#swstras - Strasbourg, FR#swtehran - Tehran, IR#swmanc - Manchester, ENG#swburgos - Burgos, ES#bishkek - KG#atlsw - Atlanta, Georgia (US)#swliege - Liege, BE#swbog - Bogota, CO#swarmenia - Yerevan, AM#swkarachi - Karachi, PK#swtoronto, Toronto, CA#swsarajevo - Sarajevo, BA#swpoz - Poznan, PL#swabidjan - Abidjan, CIV#swalgiers - Algiers, DZ#swmontreal - Montreal, CA#swvancouver - Vancouver, CA#swtenerife - Tenerife, CI#swriyadh - Riyadh, SA#swogden - Ogden, Utah, (US)#swoc - Orange County, (US)SHARESACROSS FACEBOOKVOTESON FACEBOOK15KTWEETS PER EVENTIN HASHTAG BATTLES14
  • 9. At Startup Weekend Croatia,Slavica envisioned a simplebusiness model that relies on localbusinesses and schools to donateplastic bags that are later usedto create the eco friendly Torbakbags. “My team believes in projectTorbak, through which we plan toemploy women and young peopleand keep our environment abetter place to live.” Torbakwent on to win first place atthe event and Slavica’s startupnow employs eight women inher local community.IMPACTSLAVICA’SSTORYCROATIA
  • 11. PARTNERSOver the course of Gaza’s StartupWeekend, Alaa was able to workwith people in her desired fieldof IT, hone her skills, and work ina collaborative space. “Workingwith a team you don’t know isvery good, since you’re learningnew things from your partners...actually, it’s amazing,” Alaa says.One only needs to hear Alaabriefly talk about her experienceto understand the power of aStartup Weekend.ALAA’SSTORYGAZA
  • 12. OUR AMAZINGPARTNERSPARTNERSPARTNERS22 23With the help of our partners, we are able to serve the entrepreneurialcommunity on a scale and level that simply wouldn’t be possible onour own. We sincerely thank each of our partners and look forward toempowering individuals locally and globally together.MARYGROVEDirector of GoogleFor EntrepreneursStartup Weekend has created a brilliant modelthat combines the ability to inspire and ignitethe entrepreneurial spirit with the opportunityto roll up one’s sleeves to execute and launch.They’re having real impact in cities across theglobe, teaching aspiring entrepreneurs to berisk takers and innovators. Startup Weekendenables individuals to step up and be local leadersin their communities while being part of thebroader global Startup Weekend community. It’sfantastic, and we’re excited about this passionthat’s spreading all over the world.WE HAVE SEEN THEM GROW TO BECOMEA WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON AND ACATALYST FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIPAROUND THE GLOBEMicrosoft is a long-time partner of StartupWeekend, right from the outset. In that shorttime, we have seen them grow to become aworldwide phenomenon and a catalyst forentrepreneurship in every corner of the globe;inspiring and empowering people from allbackgrounds to come together, to share theirideas, and build something great – all in just 54hours. Hundreds of Startup Weekends later, wecontinue to see this incredible spirit, passion,energy and hands-on education make a mark,from Riyadh to Rio. Without doubt, StartupWeekend is the story of our generation and theirimpact is unique.CLAIRE LEEStrategic PartnershipsMicrosoft StartupsTHEY’RE HAVING REAL IMPACT IN CITIESACROSS THE GLOBE, TEACH ASPIRINGENTREPRENEURS TO BE RISK TAKERSAND INNOVATORSTM
  • 13. FORWARDFormer St. Louis police officerKevin worked closely withMichael Abernathy, also a St.Louis cop on a fraudulent checkdetection system (F.I.S.T.S.) atStartup Weekend New Haven, CT.After 54 hours, the pair was able toAbernathy’s background and skillsinto functioning fraud detectionequipment. “We’ve done more inthis weekend than I’ve tried todo in four years in St. Louis,” saidEwing. “I think’s it’s the best thingI’ve ever seen.”KEVIN’SSTORYUSA
  • 14. WE AREUNLEASHING ENTREPRENEURSHIPFORWARDFORWARD26 27What we’re seeing is the need for theleaders of this movement to unite.Within communities, states, countries,regions, and the world - we needpassionate leaders. Imagine the powerof being able to unite and elevate thevisions of these leaders.Just like the days before the internet,we have networks and nodes that havedeveloped and largely exist in isolationdespite the incredible amount ofsimilarities that exist among them.The revolution is happening now andbegins with the ability to connect thevarious nodes and isolated networks.The next year will demand moreconsolidation of related activities, moreunification within communities andtheir leaders - it will demand a new levelof interconnectivity. By improving thequality of our programs and their abilityto attract new, relevant audiences overthe longer term, we can connect evenmore communities across regionsand the globe. As this unfolds, we willalso see leaders create more value andmore impact.Startup Weekend TenerifeIt is critical to understand what is driving this movement.It isn’t governments or corporations - it is the people, theentrepreneurs themselves. The people truly leading thecreation of this movement are the volunteers, organizers,and community leaders. Startup Weekend has naturallyevolved into more than an event; it is a catalyst, a rallyingpoint around entrepreneurs and their stakeholders. Morethan anything, Startup Weekend has helped to createa global community of leaders at the forefront of theentrepreneurial revolution. Startup Weekend TaipeiStartup Weekend has built upon its humblebeginnings; what started as a simple eventhas evolved rapidly into a powerful globalmovement of countless volunteers andover 100,000 entrepreneurs from over 100countries. As we grow, we remember ourfirm belief in “No Talk, All Action.” Manysuccessful startups have emerged throughour action-based educational programs, andfor the first time we can directly correlate thecreation of new firms to a specific, commonorigin: Startup Weekend.WithoutStartupWeekend,thesecompanieswouldnotexistandthesefounderswouldnothavecrossedpaths.Ourindirecteconomicimpactisvisiblytakingshapeonanationallevel:thousandsofmeaningfuljobshavebeencreatedatanamazinglylowcost. Thisisjustoneaspectofwhatwearedoing.Wehaveaninitial,individualimpact,butthisquicklyturnsintoapowerfulrippleeffect:Individualscreatejobs,findjobs,changecareers,learnnewtechnologies,meetnewpeople,etc.Wearejustbeginningtoseethelastingeffectsofagrowingentrepreneurialeducation.In the next five years, we will impactmore than one million people throughour programs. We will strive to serve thelocal community more effectively with apersonal, regionalized presence. Buildingconnectivity in communities will be asrevolutionary as bringing computersto individuals. With more targetedprograms like NEXT (extended action-based curriculum for entrepreneurs),our intrapreneurship program for largecompanies, and Startup Research (thelargest community of entrepreneurialresearchers in the world), we canprecisely measure our impact and usethis collected knowledge to makebetter entrepreneurs.We are a framework and the mostefficient and effective model to createbetter and more entrepreneurs in theface of a global economic crisis. Ourmodel is low cost, highly scalable, andhas high impact on a large spectrum. Toaccomplish our vision, we will not onlyneed growth capital, but also supportto actively and responsibly improve theglobal economy. If you believe in changingthe world through entrepreneurship,please reach out to us. We are lookingfor regional and global support with theunderstanding that the future of oureconomy  relies on a communal effort.Ten year old participant pitching at SW Krakow 2012