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  • All 1,491 MLGUs and 143 cities
    Poverty incidence based on 2009 Small Area Estimates
    Poor population based on 2009 SAE and 2010 census data
    Geohazard risks based on Mines & Geosciences Bureau
    Economic potential identified by NAPC
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    1. 1. Bottom up Budgeting Bottom-up Budgeting Adelaida S. Basera Planning Officer III DOH-CHD SOCCSKSARGEN
    2. 2. Qualification Criteria for LGU 1. LGUs with at least 20% poverty incidence & a poor population with at least 5,000 individuals 2. Magnitude of poor barangay exposed to high geohazard risks 3. High economic potential areas with high poor population
    3. 3. Proposals for 2015 BuB • To cover all MLGUs and CLGUs  DOH assistance to cover only GIDAs per CHD profiling as of 2012 • no repetition of 2013 & 2014 projects • Process:  To be integrated in regular planning & budgeting guidelines & existing process/forms – BuB proposals must be incorporated/ integrated in the MIPH/PIPH  CHD review/validation
    4. 4. Counterpart Requirements (JMC No. 4) • For municipalities: cash counterpart will be a % of the local development fund Proportion of BUB plus KALAHICIDSS Funding to LDF Required Cash Counterpart Up to 100% of LDF 10% of LDF Over 100% to 150% 15% of LDF Over 150% 20% of LDF • For cities: cash counterpart will be 40% of the BuB budget cap
    5. 5. Counterpart Requirements • Counterpart funding need not be allocated on a per project basis • Cash counterpart may be used to fund projects that are 100% funded by the LGU • Projects to be funded by the LGU cash counterpart should be determined by the LPRAT, effectively adding it to the ‘BuB Funding Pot’ • KALAHI-CIDSS will no longer ask for other cash counterpart, however, additional non-cash counterpart may be required
    6. 6. Governance Requirements • Attain Seal of Good Housekeeping for 2013 assessment • Develop a PFM Improvement Plan or attain 2014 targets if already developed • Counterpart requirements are provided for BuB 2014 budget • Submission of proper financial & physical Accomplishment reports for LGU implemented BuB 2014 projects
    7. 7. Governance Requirements • Compliance with intent of BuB for meaningful participation – Conduct of CSO assembly and LPRAT workshop – Conduct of quality LPRAT meetings – IDENTIFIED PROJECTS WILL NOT BE FUNDED AND WILL NOT BE IMPLEMENTED IF THESE CONDITIONS ARE NOT MET
    8. 8. DOH Menu of Programs • Maternal, neonatal, child health and nutrition (MNCHN) • Community Health Team mobilization • Infectious Disease Prevention & Control (Filariasis Elimination, Schistosomiasis, Malaria Control, Rabies Elimination, Leprosy, TB Control, STI/HIV AIDS Prevention, Dengue Control)
    9. 9. DOH Menu of Programs • • • • • Functional Disease Surveillance System Health Emergency Management Nurse Deployment Program (NDP) Rural Health Midwife Placement Program Health Facilities Enhancement Program – improvement/upgrading of health facilities BUB - 071013 bub-total (1) - ROD.xlsx
    10. 10. Requirements • For Health Programs – Project Proposal duly endorsed by LCE • For HFEP (Infra & Equipment) – Technical Specification – Detailed Architectural & Eng’g. Design (DAED) – Program of Work & Estimates – For new construction: Deed of Donation or Deed of Assignment in the form of Mun./Brgy. Ordinance – Permanent Human Resource Complement