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Pitching And Packaging For Partnerships   Peter Pham   Startonomics La 2009
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Pitching And Packaging For Partnerships Peter Pham Startonomics La 2009


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Pitching & Packaging for Partnerships : How to Land Amazing Deals & Tell If They're Working
      • Peter Pham
      • CEO BillShrink
    • 2. Why Partner?
      • Do more with less
        • Focus on what you do best and what creates your competitive advantage
      • Leverage each other for the benefit of both
          • Traffic
          • Revenue
          • Users
    • 3. You Get..
      • Partners can help accelerate
        • Brand awareness
        • Legitimize your technology
        • Make you seem bigger than you are..
    • 4. They get to upgrade..
      • “ You’ve built what we’ve wanted to for years, but just didn’t have the resources”
    • 5. What to look for
      • Find combination of
        • small startups – nimble quicker deals
        • larger partners – bigger numbers but slow
      • Find deals that are win-win or you will lose-lose
    • 6. Examples
    • 7. Examples
    • 8. Research
        • upstream/downstream traffic
        • competitors of possible partners
        • Demographic profile
        • Reach
      • Stay on top of your space with a great RSS reader and follow your space religiously
        • Techcrunch techmeme etc to find similar deals or gaps in potential partner products
    • 9. Competitors
      • Google Alerts is your friend
      • Do the same research for your competitors as you would partners
      • Find their traffic sources – SEO, SEM, partners and see how you can win
    • 10. Networking
      • Great list for 2009 conferences at
      • Use your Advisors and Investors for Intro’s
    • 11. Deal Hunting
      • It’s never too early to start don’t wait till you’re “ready”
      • Big game hunting takes months so start early
    • 12. Pitch
      • Find their hot button (if you did your market research you’d know)
      • Template, but customize the pitch based on the hot button
      • Mockup, mockup, mockup (do the thinking for them)
    • 13. Move the deal forward
      • Know their competitors cold
        • Nothing moves partners faster than knowing you are working with their competitor
        • Set deadlines that you need to make strategic decision on who to work with
      • Keep driving the deal
        • Weekly status updates of who owes what to whom
        • Weekly or weekly calls with a PM
    • 14. Legal
      • Get a lawyer involved early
        • Remember it’s your IP, you are NOT co-developing.
        • Iframes, API’s are ideal
        • Indemnification, who owns the user rights to market to the user), and try to avoid exclusive deals
        • Right to their marks, joint press release and use of their branding
        • Privacy policy, terms of use, etc.
    • 15. And get a good lawyer…
    • 16. Replicate and Scale
      • Through deal flow - Learn what everyone’s needs and limitations are
      • Start building the scalable infrastructure early
      • Build out demo sites for partners
        • Nothing sells better than something they can touch
      • Can you build a simple self serve version?
        • Javascript, iframes, API’s etc.
    • 17. Which deal to do when
      • Value
        • Does doing this deal increase value to the company
      • Revenue
        • Realistic annual revenue potential
      • Reach
        • How large is their reach and what % will you get
      • Brand
        • How much PR/brand value is this deal
        • Will it help you get the next deal?
      • Effort
        • How much time/effort vs. other thngs
    • 18. Measure
      • Manage by Measuring
        • manage expectations consistently by providing data
          • Click thru, conversions, lifetime value, revenue, uniques etc
        • Send monthly reports so there’s no surprises
        •   Get more deals
          • Case studies, references, PR all driven by numbers
    • 19.
      • [email_address]
      • Twitter - @peterpham