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I learn csr_academy_profile

  1. 1. iLearn SustainabilityCSR ACADEMY Middle East
  2. 2. What we doSustainable Middle EastiLearn CSR ACADEMY was born out of our experience with some of the best in classpassion: A sustainable Middle East. multinational companies, local and international government bodies and NGO’s. We haveWe are a training and strategy consultancy assisted many of our clients to become world-offering a range of services and undertaking renowned CSR front runners and they haveadvocacy in order to achieve transformative been consecutively recognized as industryleadership on the sustainability agenda. iLearn leaders on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index,CSR ACADEMY is the only organization based in Davos World Economic Forum and beenand operating throughout the Middle East awarded numerous national and internationaloffering the full range of CSR and Sustainability CSR awards. We have a well-groundedservices from developing and implementing knowledge and experience of the local andsignature CSR strategies, stakeholder regional markets; we understand the differentmanagement, GRI reporting, sustainable cultural sensitivities, the civic society and thebranding, CSR communication to CSR training, local stakeholder dynamics. This uniquemaster classes and executive coaching. combination has translated into long termEstablished in 2008, with headquarters in relationship with our clients, which speak to theDubai, UAE we work with a network of CSR value our guidance brings. We have trained andexperts and sustainability professionals. Our worked with some of the iconic organisationsexpertise is based on over 20 years of throughout the Middle East.
  3. 3. What makesus unique?Organizations come to us atdifferent stages of theirthinking process aboutcorporate responsibility. Weunderstand that allbusinesses need to find abalanced approach betweenrisk management, innovationand profit. Every situation is • Embed sustainability practices across yourdifferent and our approach isto help our partners turn Training business through training and mentoring solutions that have a lasting impactglobal trends into businessopportunities, where othersjust see threats. We believe Advisory • Develop and implement a signature longthat the sustainabilityjourney is a journey of services term strategy for managing all your sustainability issueschange. This requires leadersand entrepreneurs to carrythe change in yourorganization. Therefore our Sustainable • Explore and develop your leadership potential through a unique Sustainableapproach focuses on the Leadership Leadership Programunique combination ofleadership development andintegration of sustainabilityinto the core business andoperation. We focus ongiving you the knowledgeand insight to sharpen yourskills and think morestrategically and creativelyabout the products, servicesand business models that willensure your long-termcompetitiveness. This makesus in our role - the counsel,the guide and the mentor.
  4. 4. KEEP IT FRESHTrainingDeveloping CSR professionalsCertified CSR professional modules ♦ Fundamentals of Sustainable Development and CSR ♦ CSR in action – designing, developing and implementing a signature CSR strategy ♦ The magic of dialogue – strategies for successful stakeholder engagement ♦ Measuring success – fundamentals of CSR reportingMaster classes ♦ Sustainable leadership and entrepreneurship master class ♦ CSR for HR ♦ Managing outside pressure – strategies for preventing corporate disasters (issue and crisis management) ♦ Community Investment Strategies ♦ Implementing global standards: ISO 26000, Accountability ♦ Sustainable finance & TBLI investment ♦ Sustainable branding & cause related marketingSpecialized training workshops ♦ Systems thinking & scenario development master class ♦ Factor 10/Factor 4 eco-efficiency ♦ Cradle to Cradle
  5. 5. KEEP IT BLUE Advisory services Building sustainability capacity Landscape analysis Identifying key environmental, social and economic trends, and assessing their relevance to core business strategy and operations. Benchmarking intelligence Surveying key news, reports and events and competitiveness overview to provide customized intelligence and insights. CSR audit Performing analysis on how the organisation is performing on social, economic and environmental issues. Issues materiality Assessing the business impact of, and societal interest in, the sustainability issues facing a company to guide strategy and/or reporting. Signature Strategy Development Developing strategic, actionable business responses to sustainability issues and trends. Strategy integration and implementation Guiding clients integration of sustainability and CSR into governance and management systems. CSR reporting Developing effective and credible sustainability reporting and communication
  6. 6. KEEP IT CLEANSustainable LeadershipMission AntarcticaThe Sustainable leadership Program is a unique leadership developmentprogram for young people, rigorously selected through a NationalSustainability Competition. The competition challenges participants to proposeand implement a project idea, which will positively impact living sustainablywithin their local community and provide an innovative approach to dealingwith a critical sustainability issue.The winners are awarded a spot on a life-changing trip to the last wildernesson Earth – Antarctica. Antarctica is the coldest, driest, and windiest place onEarth. The 5.4 million square miles of ice covering the continent contains 90%of the world’s ice and 70% of the world’s fresh water. Antarctica is a frozen,windswept continent, so hostile and remote that there are no permanentresidents. No place on earth provides a more demanding environment to facethe ultimate leadership challenge.Young people are best placed to respond to the challenges of sustainability. AsEinstein reminds us, to solve a problem we cannot employ that same thinkingthat created the problem in the first place. We believe that if young people areengaged in the positive, creative and innovative challenge of sustainabilitythen the sky is the limit. Placed in this unique glacial setting, experiencing firsthand the effect of global warming iLearn CSR ACADEMY develops theparticipants to become the future sustainability ambassadors of the MiddleEast.
  7. 7. KEEP IT ON Advocacy Walking the talk A passionate commitment to sustainable development is at the heart of everything we do. Our biggest contribution is the influences we exert on the organizations we work with, who include many large companies and together have sizeable economic, social and environmental impacts. In addition, we are regularly invited to speak at company events, conferences, schools, non-profit organizations and charitable events. We are happy to mentor young potential talent and develop them into social entrepreneurs. We oprganise an annual National Sustainability Competition, which we aspire to extend to the whole of the Middle East. We are active volunteers and even though a small organization we attempt to practice what we preach.
  8. 8. The Founder Mrs Antoaneta Popova is an internationally renowned CSR expert and sustainability pioneer with vast experience in corporate and regional sustainable development projects around the world. She started her career 17 years ago, when sustainability and CSR in Europe was still considered a risk and efforts were directed at managing environmental and societal conflicts. As a consultant for a leading international think tank in sustainability and innovation, based in Amsterdam, she has worked closely with board members and senior decision makers from some of the largest multinationals many ofAntoaneta PopovaCEO, iLearn CSR ACADEMY which are Fortune 500 to transform them into truly responsible corporations. Many of her clients have been listed consecutively number one by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Mrs Popova was formerly the Head of CSR & Sustainability at Sama Dubai, the multi billion-dollar international property development arm of Dubai Holding, where she introduced the first of its kind in the “Corporate Social Middle East sustainability framework incorporated throughout all Responsibility is the only business management systems and published one of the first GRI CSR reports in the region. In 2008 she founded the iLearn CSR logical and sustainable ACADEMY. business strategy.” Mrs. Popova was recently listed among the 2011 TOP 100 THOUGHT LEADERS in Europe and the Middle East by Trust Across America, ranking her along with the CEO’s of Virgin, Unilever, Qatar Airways, Triodos Bank, Ikea, Nokia, Airbus, Telefonica, TetraPak and many others as setting the world standards in trustworthy business behaviour. Antoaneta is a courageous visionary able to challenge any organisation and industry and lead it to become a role model in sustainability and CSR for others to benchmark against.
  9. 9. Please consider the environment before printing this brochureExecutive Towers, Business Bay, Dubai, UAEPO BOX 115594 Tel: +971 4 4358011, info@iLearn.aewww.iLearn.ae