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  • 1. AGREEMENT FOR BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING This agreement is made and executed on OXYGEN SOLUTION BPOS 2012 Between xx Th xxxx located at xxxxxx.Herein after referred to as “Source Party” or “First Party” which statement shall unless repugnant to the content or meaning there of its successors, assigns. And Oxygen Solution Bpo represented by xxx referred as a second party (vendor) having office at xxxxxxxxxx Herein after referred to as “Contractor” or “Second Party”, which statement shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning there of its successors, assign. This agreement is effected for order of 5 Seats work which is valid for 11 months as mentioned in Schedule-A, subject to the terms and conditions agreed hereunder. First Party Second Party
  • 2. NOW THIS DEED WITNESSETH AS FOLLOWS: 1. The party of the first part is hereby acknowledging a sum of consultancy amount. 2. Paid by the second party as registration fee towards the schedule -A business. Registration fee is non-refundable.. 3. The party of the first part shall give the data to the second party 4. If the first party certifies that the work done & submitted back by the second party is defective or less than the required quality as mentioned in Schedule B, rework of the entire project will be given back to the second part. If the second party fails to perform and meet out the required quality even in the rework then the first party shall terminate the contract of business without any payment or remuneration to the second party. 5. The first and the second party shall abide the general rules of contract in this business deal and maintain time & quality as the primemost criteria and in case of any disputes arising from the course of business the same may be settled by way of arbitration at Andhra Pradesh High Court. Schedule A Registration: xxxxx Forms: 25,000 Forms No. of systems: 5 Duration: This is 11 months contract in which 5 seats work will be there and 1 month will be the processing time. Trial Work: Company will provide trial work before starting commercial work. Second party has to complete trial work on time with required accuracy. Commercial work will be issued only after successful completion of trial. Turn Around Time: First party will issue one month scanned data in advance through CD/FTP to the second party for form filling. Second party has to submit the data on 22nd day after installation of the software. First Party Second Party
  • 3. Schedule B ACCURACY PARAMETER & REWORK Accuracy is required as following parameter Between 100% - 98.01% Will Lead To Full Payment. Rs/-15 Per Form Between 98% - 96.01% Will Lead To 75% Payment. Between 96% - 93.01% Will Lead 50% Payment. Between 93% - 90% Will Lead to 25% Payment . <90% ACCURACY: DATA WILL BE ISSUED FOR REWORK Every month Quality Report will be issued within 10 working days after submission followed by the payment within 5 working days through Bank Transfer. Rework can be provided every month to the second party. If the second party fails to maintain required accuracy then this agreement will be automatically cancelled. If the second party fails to resubmit the work within 3 days (72 Hours) with required accuracy level, then the agreement stands cancelled. IN WITNESS WHEREOF THE PARTIES HEREOF HAVE PUT THEIR RESPECTIVE SIGNATURES ON THE DAY, MONTH AND YEAR FIRST ABOVE MENTIONED IN THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING: First Party: Second Party: