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samples of design work

samples of design work

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  • 1. mallory GAYLOR University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture B.S.I.D
  • 2. A Smart Car Dealership comes to life with imagination and environmental considerations. The site is located in Austin, Texas on South Lamar Boulevard at the Cheapo Records building. The concept of the Smart Car Dealership is a “toy car for the adult”. An exposed ceiling is diffused by nylon coverings. The cars are highlighted in the showroom as well as on the “toy car” ramp. The design is a celebration of fanciful shapes and a play on scale with environmental elements in mind. DESIGN 6
  • 3. Smart Car Dealership Plan & Inspirational Images
  • 4. North Elevation & Section Smart Car Dealership
  • 5. Smart Car Dealership Wayfinding Diagram
  • 6. Reflected Ceiling Plan & Detail Smart Car Dealership
  • 7. Smart Car Dealership Site Context. Landscape Design. & Material Palette
  • 8. Perspectives & Details Smart Car Dealership
  • 9. The historic Schneider Building transforms to be a home for the mayor of Austin, Texas. The historical context of the Schneider Building is embellished with a rejuvenated energy of the past intermingled with the present. Organization of space exudes a harmonious balance of private and public space in an urban setting, which is adjacent to Austin’s city hall. Ethereal spaces evoke the anachronistic stories of spirits that once inhabited the Schneider Building. The design is a celebration of the impressions of people, stories, and experiences left behind. The transcendental presence is achieved through treatment of light, shadows, and translucent materials, which guide one from the known to the unknown. The lingering presence of the past is unfolded through multiple layers of light. The interaction required for dual-purpose furniture further emphasizes the continual interplay between the past and the present. A piece of the past is brought forward by the ghost of the Schneider building. DESIGN 5
  • 10. Site Context & Plans Austin Mayor Home & Museum Guadalup e 2nd Street Basement Floor Ground Floor
  • 11. Plans & North South Cross Section Austin Mayor Home & Museum North South Section Second Floor
  • 12. Austin Mayor Home & Museum East West Longitudinal Section
  • 13. The Austin 360 condominium is designed according to personal style. The project goes through the design development stage with a colorful material palette. All furnishings, appliances, art and other home accessories come from IKEA. The space is based on unit 1608, which is an “A6” unit on the 16th floor in the 360 Tower Condominiums. DESIGN 5
  • 14. Austin 360 Tower Condominium Plans
  • 15. Private & Public Cross Sectinos Austin 360 Tower Condominium Public Cross Section Private Cross Section
  • 16. Austin 360 Tower Condominium Materials & Perspectives Materials Collage
  • 17. The building that houses Kruger Jewelery Store displays a necessity for modernization in an analyzation of the streetscape on Congress Avenue. The design incorporates a new retail ground floor with a new tenant, and condominiums on the second and third floor. The initial sketches focus on a door study where cuts of reclaimed wood alternate and pivot at a central axis. The nature inspired door was originally intended for a wellness salon named “Salud”. However, the eye-catching door is now the face of a travel agency that specializes in outdoor adventures. The retail entrance is located on Congress Avenue, while the residential entrance faces the alley on 8th Street with included parking and handicap accessibility. The four condominiums share a roof top garden. The material palette includes local Texas limestone, steel, and reclaimed wood to give juxtaposition to the victorian offices across the alley on 8th Street. The interior materials reflect two contemporary styles: a funky flare and a more sophisticated palette. Lastly, the front two condominiums have a large street view of Congress Avenue with floor to ceiling windows and large balconies. DESIGN 4
  • 18. Basement/Retail Plan First Floor Plan Plans Retail Lobby Office Storage Kruger Store Renovation Office Residential Lobby
  • 19. Site Context & Elevations Kruger Store Renovation Second Floor Plan
  • 20. Kruger Store Renovation Longitudinal Sections
  • 21. Elevation & Inspirational Sketches Kruger Store Renovation 8th Street Congress Avenue
  • 22. Kruger Store Renovation Model
  • 23. The Town Lake gazebo in Austin, Texas is converted into an outdoor cafe for runners, locals, and tourists. The main objective of this design is an exploration in branding. DESIGN 3
  • 24. Town Lake Cafe Site Plan & Elevation
  • 25. Rendered Plan Town Lake Cafe
  • 26. Town Lake Cafe Sections
  • 27. Material Palette Town Lake Cafe
  • 28. Etc.
  • 29. Paintings & Sculpture
  • 30. Paintings & Sculpture
  • 31. Freelance Work Lobby Design for West University Dance Centre (Houston, TX)
  • 32. Retail Showroom & Current Project in Progress Freelance Work
  • 33. Freelance Work Current Project in Progress
  • 34. Mallory Lauren Gaylor email: 9214 West Pemberton Circle Drive (713) 859 - 2525 Houston, Texas 77025 Education University of Texas At Austin Europe Semester Abroad: Fall 2008 School of Architecture Episcopal High School at Bellaire, Texas, 2005 Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, 2009 Related Experience Smart Car Dealership Student Designer Spring 2008 Instructor: Carl Matthews • Commercial: Cheapo Records on S. Lamar, Austin, Texas • Enhanced skills: AutoCAD, Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign • Elements produced: Construction documents, interior perspectives with construction details, custom designed furniture, sketch up model, Photoshop renderings Home/Museum for Mayor of Austin Student Designer Fall 2007 Instructor: Rob Williams • Commercial/Residential: Historic Schneider Building in downtown Austin, Texas • Enhanced skills: Hand drafting, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign • Elements produced: hand drawn plans, custom designed furniture, Photoshop renderings Innovation Floor and Design: IF+D Design Consultant February 2008 - Present • Furniture showroom design as well as merchandising products • Window design • Client based residential design projects as well as staging newly developed realestate downtown Freelance Projects Interior Designer 2008 - 2009 • Lobby Space at West University Dance Centre, Houston, Texas Resume • Condominuim at The Hilton, Austin, Texas
  • 35. Additional Work Experience West University Dance Centre, Houston, TX Dance Teacher Summer 2005, 2006 Houston Academy of Dance, Houston, TX Secretary Summer 2005, 2006 Activities Ampersand Fall 2005 - Present Student member of AISD Fall 2005 - Present Community Service at the Texas State Library Summer 2009 Honors & Awards Scholarship from St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Houston, TX Various projects used for UT School of Architecture Accredidation Scholarship for Europe Semester Abroad Skills: AutoCAD, Adobe Phohotshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketchup, Hand drafting, Microsoft Office, MAC and Windows Systems, Retail Window/Showroom Design and Merchandising, Limited Spanish Resume