RittmanMead BI Forum - 2012 (Daan Bakboord)
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RittmanMead BI Forum - 2012 (Daan Bakboord)



When Oracle introduced the Oracle BI Applications (Oracle BIA), this introduction has been accompanied by the slogan; ‘Buy versus Build’. From a Sales point of view, this sounds like a good ...

When Oracle introduced the Oracle BI Applications (Oracle BIA), this introduction has been accompanied by the slogan; ‘Buy versus Build’. From a Sales point of view, this sounds like a good statement. Either you buy something or you build it yourself. If you ask those who are responsible for the implementation of Oracle BIA, you will get a different insight. In real life things are never black or white. There are always some shades of gray.
I will take you on a short journey along a few areas of a Oracle BIA implementation. This journey will cover the time and money savers, the user adoption, customization, training and the pitfalls of such an implementation.
This Ignite-style-presentation will explain why; ‘Build versus Build Less’ will be a better statement. On top of that, this presentation should give the audience a picture why ‘Build Less’ is the best option.



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RittmanMead BI Forum - 2012 (Daan Bakboord) RittmanMead BI Forum - 2012 (Daan Bakboord) Presentation Transcript

  • Oracle BI Applications“Can we make it worth the Purchase?”
  • Introduction §  Oracle Gold partner én Specialized Partner §  CRM On Demand, §  Oracle BI Applications. §  Oracle Business Solution partner §  Oracle’s Siebel CRM, §  Oracle BI Application, §  Oracle CRM On Demand, §  Oracle Middleware, §  Oracle Knowledge (Inquira)Oracle BI (Applications) Consultant §  Oracle BI EE - Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Certified Implementation Specialist - 1Z0-526‘ §  Oracle BIA - Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 7 for ERP Certified Implementation Specialist - 1Z0-525‘§  Oracle BI By Bakboord (http://obibb.wordpress.com)§  Twitter (http://twitter.com/daanbakboord)
  • “Buy versus Build” §  Buy to standardize §  standard every-day processes §  Build to compete §  processes make a difference
  • Tools vs Applications
  • Oracle BI Applications“Pre-Built, Pre-Mapped, Pre-Packaged”Pre-Built §  Reports & Dashboards (Best Practice Library) §  Repository §  Schemas §  ETL
  • Oracle BI Applications“Empowerment”Oracle BI Applications enables you to….§  …. reduce query impact on (ERP / CRM) source environment§  …. create a self-service analytic environment §  focus on business §  high performance §  reduced IT involvement§  …. provide interactive analytics §  drill-down §  guided navigation §  pre-built workflows
  • Devil’s Triangle
  • Faster Time to Value
  • Oracle BIA Implementation“Objectives”§  Application §  gain insight §  better… §  … decisions §  … actions §  … business processes§  User Adoption & Acceptance§  Ability to Support & Maintain the Implementation
  • Oracle BI Applications“Simplified”§  Hard Side (Technical) §  Acquire & Combine §  Transform to Information & Knowledge §  Distribute Data§  Soft Side (User) §  Use §  Culture
  • Focus on the Business (User)“Softside of BI”§  Willingness to Change§  Sponsorship §  20% saboteurs §  60% followers §  20% pioneers
  • Save Time“Weeks & Months vs Months & Years”§  Install§  Configure§  Load§  Demo §  Oracle BI Dashboards §  Oracle BI Answers
  • Oracle BI 11g (“Seeing is Believing”New features §  Master Detail Linking §  Chart Sliders & Zooming §  Hierarchical Columns §  View prompts §  Cascading Prompts
  • Validate§  Data Validation§  Fit / Gap Analysis §  Deployed Applications §  Business Reporting Requirements §  Customizations in the Source Application §  Required (ETL) Customization
  • User Adoption“Business vs IT”§  IT supports the Business§  Business needs IT§  Communicate §  better understanding §  why do I need data? §  request in relation to its development cost §  questioning Business needs
  • Acceptance“Build vs Build Less” 100% Standard doesn’t exist! §  Source System Customized §  Every Customer is ‘Special’Customize & Extend §  columns (dimension metrics) §  tables (dimension, fact, aggregation) §  granularity §  hierarchy §  front-end (reports , dashboards) §  new source (system)
  • Training“End User”Understand …… §  …. (possible limitations) of the content of the out-of- the-box Oracle BI Applications; §  Financials, §  HR, §  Procurement §  Spend and Project Analytics §  …. how dashboards can be built and distributed §  Oracle BI Dashboards §  Oracle BI Answers §  Oracle BI Delivers
  • Training“Support & Maintain”Understand …… §  …. the Oracle BI Applications proposition §  …. the technology behind Oracle BI EE / Oracle BI Applications §  setup §  configure §  manage §  …. planning and implementing customizations / extensions
  • Oracle BI Application“Benefits” §  Time  to  Value   §  Quick  install   §  customer  data   §  ‘Vanilla’  installa2on   §  Standardiza5on     §  architecture,     §  setup   §  methods   §  naming  
  • Oracle BI Application“Pitfalls”§  Oracle BI A = Application §  Customization is possible §  ETL can be complicated§  Define the Needs§  Oracle BI Applications as a new…. §  …. philosophy §  …. approach for business improvement
  • BI trends for 2012BI in the CloudMobile BIAnalyticsIn-memory analyticsThe Agile approach to BIBig Data
  • Summary §  Time is the gateway to success §  Oracle BI Applications provides the Technology §  Business & IT are on the same Team §  Use the time to support the Business
  • Questions?