Animal feed production plant


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Plant for animal feed production for cows, bulls, calves, chicken, hens, ducks, turkey, ostriches

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  • Dear sir,

    We are a large supplier for fish meal in Viet Nam with more than 10 year experiences in exporting, pls visit our website website:

    Our main products:
    - Fish meal 50-65% protein for animal feed
    - fish meal 20-30 % protein for fertilizer.
    - Fish oil (AV 2-10)
    - Raw material for animal feed

    If you have attention, pls don't hesitate to let us know or contact us via email:

    Thanks and Best regards,

    Ha Nguyen (Ms.)
    Export manager
    20/5 Dinh Bo Linh Str, Ward 24, Binh Thanh Dist, HCMc., Vietnam
    Tel: (84) 835.117.925 / Fax: (84) 835.119.559
    HP: (+84) 975.142.541
    Skype: thuha0302
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  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    We, HKN EXIM CO., LTD, We are recognized and well-known as one of leading about agriculture products in VIETNAM. The company has established trading and manufacturing links with global partners and it is famous for its high quality products and services. Our price is competitive and we take responsibility to any quality uncertainty.
    Our commodities have been exported to many countries all over the world, main market are Asia(especial Korea, China, Japan, India, Thailand…) and Europe countries. And we would like to widen our market into your country as well as to make the relationship between our countries better and better.
    Our enterprise specializing in manufacturing and exporting, with the main products such as also:
    -Tapioca Residue
    -Tapioca starch
    -Tapioca chips
    -Yellow Corn
    -Sugarcane Bassage
    -ChitinCrab/Chitin Shrimp
    -Crab Shell/ Shrimp Shell
    -Corn Cob Meal
    -Corn Silage
    · If you are interested in our products, kindly send us your detailed requirement to get best rate quotation.
    · We do hope have chance to cooperate with worldwide customers.
    · Our company are pleasure to service to customers. Don’t hesitate if you need at your any convenience time!
    Thanks for your consideration!

    Mr. Phillip
    Add: 41-43 Tran Cao Van, Ward 6, Dist 3, HCM City
    Tel/Fax: 084.83514.7675
    HP: 084.1694978803
    Skype: sales1.hknexim
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  • We are looking to import Animal Feed.
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Animal feed production plant

  1. 1. The reason to build mini plant of animal feed productionCompanies choose to build mini plants of animal feed production if they have to deliver animalfeed from big distances far from their major livestock location.If the distance between farm and factory is more than 70km, the transportation of animal feedbecomes unprofitable and it is more economically effective to produce it by themselves at the site.Mostly, farmers erect feed production plants of small capacity - 5-15 tons per month, but withmodern facilities and infrastructure.Having own feed plant is a guarantee of high quality forage. Since each household canindependently make the composition of animal feed in accordance with their needs.
  2. 2. General view of animal feed production mini plant:
  3. 3. Our mini plants can produce feed for the following livestock: Cattle Calves, dairy cows, bulls Chickens, ducks, hens, turkeys, ostriches
  4. 4. Our company performs the following operations:- Manufacture of weighing equipment, scales for micro-dosing (weighing error of weighingequipment is ± 0,25% of the maximum mass of the weighing).- Manufacture of augers for dispensing of raw materials, installation of gear motors ofleading international manufacturers.- Manufacturing facilities for micro-dosing with the local management system.- Making recipes for animal feed according to the Customer requirements.- Possible to produce specific bins, valves and process equipment according to therequirement of the Customer.- Drafting of the technological scheme of the plant, workshop for production of feed ,selection of process equipment.- Installation, erection of technological equipment and process control systems for theproduction of animal feed turn-key of any complexity and configuration in accordance withthe requirements of the Customer.- Technology and engineering support during the operation of the plant.- Training of technical staff of the Customer.
  5. 5. Major advantages to use automated process control systems in production ofanimal feed: Range of operations and services- Development of technical documentation for the site in accordance with requirements ofthe Customer.- Development, procurement of the process control system with complete line of fieldequipment.- Installation and setup of process control systems.- Pre-commissioning.- Customer staff training.- Engineering support for the industrial plant operation.
  6. 6. Major advantages to use automated process control systems in production ofanimal feed: Unique features- Simplicity and reliability in installation and exploitation.- The control system is adaptive to dosing algorithm, works with different types of rawmaterials, provides high accuracy of dosing.- High technological performance at optimum cost of system maintenance.- Adapting facilities to the technical requirements of the Customer. Economic performance of the line- Optimal energy consumption- Estimation for consumption of raw materials for production.- Minimum number of attendants.- High efficiency of the process equipment.- Minimizing overhead costs, reducing production costs.
  7. 7. Major advantages to use automated process control systems in production ofanimal feed: To reach effective operation of the basic processes at the elevator (storage, redistribution of flow inreceiving, routing and drying) we solve the following tasks:- Automating the process of wetting of grain in the preparatory department.- Forming lots of grinded grain.- Continuous conditioning of grain.- Formation of flour grade.- Routing of finished products in stock.- Weight control for shipped product. Automatic process control system provides the following:- Automatic control of the plant.- Process control.- Control of all process equipment in real time.- Data archiving.
  8. 8. Micro dosing lines:Mixing system for micro dosing may contain up to 34 dispensing storage bins, each withablade scrapers and screw feeder.Depending on the number of ingredients screw feeders supply them to the scales 1,2 or 3,located at different levels and working together.In this case, the top feeder has a weight capacity of 5 kg, the average one is 10 kg and thelower one is 50 kg. The error does not exceed, respectively, every 5, 10 and 50 grams. 1 - Mobile downloader 2 - Bins to micro ingredients 3 – Scales for 5 kg 4 - The paddle scrapers with a screw feeder 5 - Pneumatic valve 6 - Scales for 10 kg
  9. 9. General view of the plant:
  10. 10. Operator’s workplace:
  11. 11. Flow chart of the plant:
  12. 12. Flow chart of the plant:
  13. 13. Flow chart of the plant:
  14. 14. Flow chart of the plant:
  15. 15. Contact Details:01014, Ukraine, KyivKurhanivska str., 3, 40Tel/fax +380442864479Tel. +380445317843, +380445617340Tel. +380688091378 (Eng./Ar. speaking)Email: