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Tarakilishi intro


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Introduction to Tarakilishi

Introduction to Tarakilishi

Published in: Education
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  • Transcript

    • 1. TARAKILISHI Empower - Educate - Inspire
    • 2. Outline • Introduction to Tarakilishi • What is it all about? • How exactly? • Why now? and What we have so far? • Our request and Who should be Involved? • Join Us • Comments/Questions
    • 3. Introduction • Tarakilishi is a PLATFORM for doing things. • Sharing is the core idea. • Spreading of knowledge among each other. • Discussing ideas among each other. • Learning together. • All for in an Open and Free atmosphere.
    • 4. What its all about • Improving knowledge of Science and Technology in East Africa by sharing the knowledge. • Special emphasis of Mathematical and Computational Sciences - To catch up with IT Revolution. • Idea: Learned population talks, explains and answer questions on ideas to the learning population over an informal interface (Web Forum, Online Courses, Blogs, Seminars, Workshops)
    • 5. How Exactly starting • The Region’s knowledge base(intellectuals) from Universities get to educate High schoolers. Higher level intellectuals educate college students all on one platform informally. • Utilize the recent developments in Internet connectivity to improve lives of youth by informative and engaging tech discussions. • Contests between schools and colleges of tech ideas to improve region’s competitiveness. • Focus on high schools to guide talent into tech related careers needed for development in the 21st century.
    • 6. Why Now? • Technology has changed the nature of development in the present World. We need to to adjust accordingly. • Our regions current global competitiveness in computing related technologies is needs great improvement. • The future has been kidnapped by technology yet less and less students enroll for tech careers. We need to act now. • Our region is approaching industrialization turn point. We cannot make it through without
    • 7. What we have so far • A Web Forum [] open to all to discuss and and share knowledge • A Virtual Learning Environment(VLE) [] for creating educational material and organizing contests and competitions • A Website [] with blogging capabilities to share info and whats happening. • (Coming up) Workshop and Seminar systems
    • 8. Who should be Involved? • Students(All levels esp. high school and colleges) • Teachers(All levels) • Graduates and other experts • Governments, Societies • Media, Parents - spread the message
    • 9. Our Request • To Students and other learners, get registered on the systems and engage in knowledge sharing, ask questions... • To Teachers, experts help up create content, answer questions • To Media, Parents, Societies... spread the word, support out work. Do it for our region’s development and future.
    • 10. Join Us • Email Us on [] or just leave a comment on the Tarakilishi website. • Or talk to one of us: Billy, Dipesh, Hozefa [okal, dmistry, hindorewala,]
    • 11. Comments? ??? Thank You ;)