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    Kumamoto Artpolice Kumamoto Artpolice Presentation Transcript

    • Kumamoto Artpolis Yuki I Kiwa U Satoko K
    • Introduction
      • Object
      • The Artpolis Project was started since 1988 in Kumamoto.
      • Consists of 74 buildings of Artpolis.
      • Artpolis considered design.
      • Some foreigners visit in Kumamoto to watch Artpolis.
    • Kumamoto Grasslands Stockbreeding Research Institute
      • This building is a farm in Aso.
      • This building has a gradual wall, good ventilation and harmony with landscape.
      • It is very useful.
      The part structure of roof Barn It is very bright.
    • Tamana City Observatory Museum
      • This observatory museum was built as “environmental organism”.
      Symbol of Tamana’s development Fortune symbol of lotus flower “ Room of Zero” Symbol of galaxy
    •        Nagasu Koban
      • This is in Tamana.
      • This police box has a changeable shape.
      This is a round roof and a low building.
    • Mamihara Bridge
      • This is in Kamimashiki.
      • This bridge is on the prefectural boundary with Miyazaki.
      • This is not only a monument but also a symbol that raises the minds of people who live in this region.
    • The monument of New Yatsushiro Station “Kirari”
      • This building is a symbol
      • of New Yatsushiro station.
      • The material is a special
      • concrete and very thin
      • than other buildings.
      There are many big and small holes. We can take a rest for waiting time.
    • The regulation office of Fishery
      • This is in Misumi, Uki city.
      • It’s a place where
      • protects the safety
      • of seas.
      As the scenery, it also contribute to reproduce towns. There is also other artpolis, “Misumi port terminal” near this office. Misumi port terminal
    •      Reference Book
      • Kumamoto Artpolis
      • http:// www.pref.kumamoto.jp/traffic/artpolis/english/index.html
      • The other
      • http://arc-no.com/arc/kuma/bokuken1.htm
    • Comments
      • Yuki
      • I think that there are many building of Artpolis in Kumamoto.   I want to go to these buildings someday.
      • Kiwa
      • I thought there are many unusual shapes of buildings. I’ve just wanted to know what the architects think.
      • Satoko
      •    I find that each building has its own characteristics. We should advertise Artpolis more.