Post extraction care


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Post extraction care

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Post extraction care

  1. 1. University of Aden Faculty of Dentistry Department of Oral Surgery Oral Surgery Third Year Post-Ex. CareAssociate Prof. Dr. Muhgat Abdo 2011
  2. 2. (Tooth Extraction (Exodontia What are the steps in postoperative management of an extraction site?1. Frigate the site with sterile saline.2. Remove tissue tags and granulation tissue from the soft tissue of the site.3. Aggressive curettage of the socket is contraindicated. Pathologic tissue should be removed by gentle scraping of the socket .
  3. 3. (Tooth Extraction (ExodontiaWhat are the steps in postoperative management of an extraction site?
  4. 4. (Tooth Extraction (Exodontia What are the steps in postoperative management of an extraction site?4. Compress the alveolar bone with finger pressure.5. Suture if necessary at the papillae bordering the extraction site and across the middle of the site.6. Review postoperative instructions with the patient.
  5. 5. Establishing haemostasis: stop the bleeding,establishment of a stable blood clot. (by placinga gauze pack cover the socket and instruct thepatient to apply gentle and continues pressure bybiting on the gauze at least for 30 minutes.Do not spit, or suckthrough a straw,since this willpromote bleeding.
  6. 6. Review post extractioninstructions with . the patientMuhgat Abdo
  7. 7. What to do After Tooth Extraction Control Bleeding Bite firmly the gauze pack over the surgical area for, at least, 1/2 hour; then discard it gently. Some blood will ooze from the area of surgery for several hours and it is normal. Do not spit, or suck through a straw, since this will promote bleeding. When bleeding persists at home, place a gauze pad or cold wet teabag over the area and bite firmly for 30 minutes.
  8. 8. What to do After Tooth Extraction Avoid rubbing the area with your tongue. Keep your head elevated on several pillows or sit in a lounge chair for 12 hours. DO NOT SMOKE for 24 hours after surgery because this will cause bleeding, pain and interfere with healing. DO NOT CHEW KAT
  9. 9. What to do After Tooth Extraction Do not rinse your mouth or brush your teeth for the first 12 hours after the surgical appointment. Brush the teeth gently after 24 hours and Avoid the surgical site. Rest: Avoid strenuous exercise during the first 24 hours, and keep the mouth from excessive movement. Physical activity may increase bleeding.
  10. 10. What to do After Tooth Extraction Diet Use a liquid or soft diet high in protein. Drink a large volume of water and fruit juices no Milk. Avoid hot food for the first 24 hours after surgery because this may promote bleeding. Eat a soft diet for the first 24 hours after tooth extraction. Avoid foods that require excessive chewing. You can resume a normal diet the day after tooth removal.
  11. 11. What to do After Tooth Extraction Pain relief Some Discomfort is normal after surgery. It can be controlled by taking the pain medication your dentist has prescribed or recommended. Start taking your pain pills before the numbing medication has worn off. Avoid Asprin. Warm salt water helps to clean and sooth,reduce swelling (4 times a day starting the day after tooth Extraction ( Mouth Wash)
  12. 12. What to do After Surgical Extraction Antibiotic therapy: because bone was removed. Post surgical review. Suture removal: after 7 days.
  13. 13. Computer Lab. In the Faculty