Geographic information systems


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GIS for Wet Infrastructure and Utility Domains

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Geographic information systems

  1. 1. Geographic Information Systems GIS for Wet Infrastructure and Utilities domain Mukund Harne
  2. 2. Pain Points for Utility and Water Infrastructure Domains Utilities: • Lack of Asset Information Systems • Lack of Transparency in O&M Work Water, Wet Infrastructure: • Worldwide water crises • Quality of Household Water Treatment and Storage • GIS data is not adequate or it is not properly managed
  3. 3. What GIS can offer? • GIS applications and maps can enable everyone at the utility domain to interact with a centralized source of data in the way the best suits their daily work. • GIS solutions will fulfill the need for a data gathering effort to learn as much as possible about the demographic, health, and water and sanitation infrastructure status within the region.
  4. 4. What GIS can offer? • GIS allows for geographic locations to be connected to relevant information about the features shown on the map • GIS solutions will enable the staff to work in collaborative way, for e.g. group of civil engineers can discuss, edit and share the engineering drawing over the web using geo- conferencing.
  5. 5. GIS Products and Solutions • Proprietary COTS – ESRI ArcGIS suite of products – Rolta Geomatica GIS suite – Integraph Geomedia Suite • Open Source GIS Products – Minnesota Map Server – GeoServer • OGC Standard Specification for GIS usage • Geospatial Solutions, web based or standalone and handheld applications
  6. 6. A Case Study: New Barrackpore Municipality, West Bengal, India  Link to web site: Benefits:  Better Municipal Administration and eGovernance using GIS applications  Better Information management of assets  Transparency in operations and maintenance activities  Easy access to information for citizens of the municipality
  7. 7. Mapping and Managing Potable Water Infrastructure Assets  Link to web site: Benefits:  Staff collected GPS points and edited GIS features in real time in the field  With ArcPad, staff can access their GIS data wherever they drive, and the map moves with them  The process was so efficient that money remained in the budget to continue the inventory for other areas  After GPS inventory, aboveground features are accurately located
  8. 8. EGIS in Wastewater Management  Link to web site: Benefits:  Key to the enterprise GIS program is the integration of external data systems, which maximize opportunities to visualize information.  These links are extremely beneficial to effective decision making.  Foundational elements, both data and application development tools, have priority in managing and implementing enterprise GIS.  The strategic focus of the EGIS staff has been to acquire and implement the sewer geodatabase,  Orange County’s parcel land base, high-quality aerial orthophotos, and a GIS Web services software development tool.
  9. 9. Example: Operations Dashboard
  10. 10. Example: Operations Dashboard
  11. 11. THANK YOU… Presentation by Mukund Harne