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ENG: Wiki Gaming

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More detailed slides on wiki-gaming as it was described at WikiSym

More detailed slides on wiki-gaming as it was described at WikiSym

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  • 1. WikiSym 2008 Wiki-gaming Just discovering what are wiki-games While 6 yo kids are playing wiki-games already
  • 2. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming
  • 3. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming What is this “wiki”?
  • 4. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Wikipedia? Many people put it like this.
  • 5. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Software?
  • 6. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Wiki Is An Adjective!
  • 7. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Wiki means • Quick and Instant • Open and Observable • Organic and Incremental • Collaborative ещё: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiDesignPrinciples
  • 8. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming There could be wikis without text: • wiki-images, • wiki-movies (on YouTube already)
  • 9. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Jazz is a wiki-music • improvisation: composition is created during performance • played by jazz-band — a group of fellow musicians, a team • rich, diverse music is built upon a simple basic rhythm
  • 10. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Now for wiki-games
  • 11. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Define gaming? • game — playing with rules • play — focus on process of play • performance — like theatre
  • 12. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Gaming • game — playing with rules • play — focus on process of play • performance — like theatre
  • 13. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Wiki-game Multiplayer gameplay, focused on repeatitive collaborative change of rule set during the game.
  • 14. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Nomic • most known example of wiki-game • http://www.nomic.net • Each move in Nomic is an attempt to set up new rule of game. Players propose new rules and vote for them (even this rule could be change also)
  • 15. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming 1000 Blank White Cards • more “social-oriented” game • game cards are drawn by players during the gameplay, gathered in deck and distributed between players http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1000_Blank_White_Cards
  • 16. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming “Week Of Changes” • Economic-oriented game, consists of 7 turns called “days”, basic ruleset is about owning & trading several kinds of resources • Players introduce new rules as “events” and “chances” cards and vote for permanent rule set change • “Chance” card can be used once in any moment • “Event” card works only on particular day (which is written on card)
  • 17. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Why people play wiki-games?
  • 18. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming
  • 19. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Use it as a model Collaborative rule set change is a model of shared future creation
  • 20. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Shared future appears People with personal aims and private visions of future can work on shared rules together.
  • 21. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming What could be modelled? Processes that require frequent changes of rules • iterative development in “Agile” style • other group processes • even political systems (Nomic is all about that)
  • 22. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming What could we learn? • You can’t win in wiki-game if you are not acting on changing rules. • You should assign dedicated time and attention frame to work on rules. • New rule could be accepted only if it is someway of interest for other players.
  • 23. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Speaking on “Spyral Dynamics” Yellow memes Wiki-gaming helps to develop social integrational skills, which allows to integrate intents of different people in a single vision with profit.
  • 24. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Making your wiki game? • What is more important • “gaming with rules” • “gaming on rules” • What’s in basic ruleset? • How new rules are introduced?
  • 25. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Choose focus Gaming with rules Gaming on rules • rich basic ruleset • simple way to introduce new rules • metaphor • minimize basic ruleset • for example, “Week Of Changes” • for example, “Nomic”
  • 26. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Basic rules • Game resources: scores, money, “stocks”, levels • Win criteria: score maxing, achievement of level • What player could do: particular actions, moves • Game scenario
  • 27. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Metaphor
  • 28. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Introducing rules • prohibit instant win/loss • introduce new rules mediated by some random or other factor, new rule should have possibility to affect any player
  • 29. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Next time Using wiki-gaming as an organisational tool in online multiplayer games
  • 30. WikiSym 2008: wiki-gaming Who’s talking about it? • Nikolay Yaremko, Konstantin Kolomeetz and other WikiSym 2008 participants • Alexey Kulakov and other developers of wiki- games http://wikisym2008.humanemagica.com/wikigame.html