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Plone is a difficult environment for non-Plone experts. Plomino provides a fast learning curve, fast prototype building, and fast adjustment to new needs, so that beginners and advanced web developers …

Plone is a difficult environment for non-Plone experts. Plomino provides a fast learning curve, fast prototype building, and fast adjustment to new needs, so that beginners and advanced web developers can increase their productivity dramatically.
By Eric Brehault @ebrehault - PloneConf2012

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  • 1. Solid as Zope, clean as Plone, easier than Django: Plomino Plone Conference 2012 Eric Brehault @ebrehault  
  • 2. Is Plone difficult?The entire Python community thinks that :“Plone is difficult”“Django is easier”Lets see.   
  • 3. Is Plone difficult?Plone deploymentUnified installer, buildout EASY!   
  • 4. Is Plone difficult?Plone skinningDiazo (+jbot) SO EASY!   
  • 5. Is Plone difficult?Develop custom content typesDexterity FANTASTICALLY EASY! (can be done without coding!!)   
  • 6. Is Plone difficult?So, Plone is easy. Good news!Ok, but thats about building web sites.What people usually do with Django is building web applications.   
  • 7. Is Plone difficult?Building applications with Plone DIFFICULT :(   
  • 8. Is Plone difficult?We need an equivalent to Diazo for application development. Plomino   
  • 9. PlominoPlomino is a web application builder.100% through-the-web.Very simple concepts.Entirely scriptable.   
  • 10. PlominoCreate forms in minutesYou edit forms directly in TinyMCE.No model association, the form will work immediately. You canchange it, it still works. DEMO   
  • 11. PlominoMassive import from CSVDirectly from the web interface. DEMO   
  • 12. PlominoRich interface elements ● Accordions ● Datatables ● Charts ● Maps DEMO   
  • 13. PlominoAll features are ready-to-use, offering a correct defaultbehavior.Everything can be customized through formulas.   
  • 14. FormulasFormulas are written in Python from the web interface.Use cases: ● Create specific actions, ● Events, ● Computed fields,  ● Many, many more.  
  • 15. FormulasHow Plomino makes formulas coding easy: ● Inline code editor, ● Error messages, ● Inline step-by-step debugging, ● Performance profiling. DEMO   
  • 16. FormsForms are not necessarily used to enter data.They can be used to display anything.A search page, a report, a map, a picture… or any dynamic HTMLcontent you might imagine.   
  • 17. FormsUsing computed rich text fields, a form can display any dynamic HTMLcontent you might imagine.And that is a fantastic way to insert JavaScript wherever you want.(and Plomino provides a JSON API) DEMO   
  • 18. FormsForms can be inserted as portlet anywhere in the Plone portal.Quick search form, reminders, shortcuts, dynamic navigation,weather forecast... DEMO   
  • 19. PlominoDeploy in secondsDirectly through HTTP from server to server.Or via XML import/export. DEMO   
  • 20. PlominoXML import / export allows to manage Plomino developments in anysource versioning system (Git, SVN...)   
  • 21. PlominoXML import / export allows to test Plomino applications.Note : Plomino samples databases are tested on Travis-ci.   
  • 22. Who can use it?Plomino can be used by anybody: ● I have trained people who had no idea how to open a new tab in their browser. Two days later, they were publishing their database online. ● I do use it in my everyday work.   
  • 23. Use casesOpenERP Experts: collect information on visitors.POSOW: create a volunteers database.Gent University: diplomas information tool.ViaCarto: trek planning application.   
  • 24. PluginsPlomino is pluggable. ● Add you own field types. ● Add your own PlominoUtils.Examples:plomino.leaflet, plomino.exhibit   
  • 25. Whats next?Increase capacity: manage 1 millions of documents?Support relations between documents.Offline usage.   
  • 26.