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Wenyard Business Opportunity Overview



http://blog.funlifestylesolutions.com ...


Learn how to have fun and make money marketing and playing the Wenyard Financial Game that teaches people how to create wealth with shares, forex, commodities and property in a virtual world.

The game simulates the real world financial environment and provides a way for people with NO investment knowledge as well as well experienced investors with a fun world where you can build a portfolio of stocks and convert these into real cash payouts.

If you ever played monopoly and won and wish the winnings were real cash then enjoy that feeling with Wenyard.

Even if you do not play online games or are a complete novice this is your opportunity to get a share of the $20 billion dollar gaming industry which is exploding in growth globally.

More and more people are turning to games online for recreation and for educational purposes.

You can make money marketing the game to others or by trading your virtual currency called WFOs (Wenyard Future Options) for real cash. All earnings are available instantly.



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    Wenyard Business Opportunity Overview Wenyard Business Opportunity Overview Presentation Transcript

    • OUR VISION Financial success for you. Fast. Our arena is a financial game of skill. 
 A world of excitement and possibility with unlimited opportunities awaits - nothing you've ever experienced before will even be close. ! The result is an online experience in a class of its own.
    • OUR VISION Financial success
 for you. Fast. With the most generous bonuses, promotions and real-time platforms, our vision is to create financial security for the type of entrepreneurs who can see an opportunity and take action. ! Wenyard is the Internet, Network Marketing, Gaming and Investments in perfect harmony!
    • HOW WE DO IT Today Right now we have a 100-day exclusive period of expansion. ! During this period, Wenyard will lay the foundation for global expansion offering all pioneer members an opportunity to capitalize on this future growth. ! Exclusive limited edition bonuses and dividends are also carried out during this period and delivered in real time to all. 0 0YS 1A D XCLUSIVE E N PERIOD EXPANSIO
    • Why this changes everything Now. Wenyard stands out from anything previously seen on the market! ‣ Payouts in real time. ‣ Attractive to beginners and top industry leaders. ‣ Simplicity that allows new members get fast on track. ‣ The most generous bonuses, prizes and promotions. ‣ Build your Wenyard business from home, work, anywhere you want. ‣ Online platforms with first class, real time software ‣ The best compensation plan in the industry, ever.
    • NASGO Trading World ‣ The Wenyard Stock Exchange Game - NASGO - uses unique algorithms and parameters simulating the real economic world. One event in the game creates different reactions in exactly the same way as in the real financial world. ‣ With a number of virtual trading platforms combined with first-class software it provides a gaming experience in an epic trading world where everything is possible! ‣ Prepare for a elegant and exciting world, in a safe, reliable and high quality online environment. Members are offered the best bonuses, promotions and gaming platforms. ‣ Play on your computer, tablet or smart phone.
    • NASGO is a game of skill, designed with new features that will take the concept of Stock Market Games to unprecedented heights.
    • ‣ NASGO is a fundamentally new concept game of skill. ‣ NASGO creates a virtual world where real world, real time input affects the virtual actions. ‣ NASGO and the companies listed on NASGO are products of the virtual world, the elements driving the game are a fantastic blend of real events and fiction. ‣ Every company will report to the stock market about their activities and plans. ‣ The stock price on the virtual stock market will be affected by real world events.
    • ‣ The stock price on the virtual stock market will be affected by real world events. ‣ The players who will understand these events and how they may affect the game will have an opportunity to optimize their winnings or cut their losses. ‣ On NASGO you can trade your stocks at any time. ‣ The closer you follow the trends, the better is your chance to maximize you profit. ‣ There is a possibility to lose money and to earn money.
    • NASGO is truly unique because of the multiple factors bringing liquidity to the stock market. Liquidity is the single most important factor in any market places for prices to increase. ! The synergy between the Wenyard network marketing program with its real time bonus system and the way this is linked to the NASGO stock market game creates instant liquidity as part of the bonus paid to a Mandatory Account where fund must be used in the game. The strong marketing power from thousands of active players being rewarded to create interest and activity in the NASGO game of skill is a strong reason why NASGO has potential for growth beyond most other online games or virtual financial possibilities.
    • COMPANIES Arctico - Clean, healthy water is what the company was built on, and it is the number one priority. Water is the source of all life. That is why consuming clean, pure, bottled water has become crucial to those seeking a healthy life. SkygoMobile is a research and development company. The company has previously developed and manufactured a series of advanced mobile telephones, but is today specialized towards user interface development for smartphones and software. Microon’s teams of visionaries and scientists have redefined innovation—designing and building some of the world’s most advanced memory technology products.   Welogic is a social web and mobile entertainment company. It develops and publishes social games. These are free-to-play games for social networking services.
    • The Network ‣ Build a Global Team of members rewarded for helping each other succeed. ‣ Earn from thousands of people and their activity every day. ‣ Enjoy real time communication with your team wherever you are. The best compensation plan in real-time and long-term networking!
    • Start Packages €95 €295 €795 WFO’s for €100 WFO’s for €600 WFO’s for €2400 Signup bonus
 Oneliner Bonus Level 1-3
 Momentum Bonus Signup Bonus
 Oneliner Bonus Level 1-5
 Momentum Bonus
 Matching Bonus Signup Bonus
 Oneliner Bonus Level 1-10
 Momentum Bonus
 Matching Bonus
 Team Momentum Bonus
    • Wenyard Future Options (WFO’s) Broker €95 gives you €100 worth of WFO’s Pro Broker €295 gives you €600 worth of WFO’s Executive Broker €795 gives you €2400 worth of WFO’s
    • SIGNUP BONUS When you build your team the players are placed into two teams, right and left. When you balance the team, you get paid according to the bonus plan. ‣ Bonus is paid as 1/2, ie you have 400 points in one leg and 800 points in one leg, you get paid for all of these points. ‣ Broker gives 100 points
 Pro Broker gives 300 points
 Executive Broker gives 800 points ‣ Payment is made in Steps on 400 points. One step is €40. ‣ You keep yourself qualified by buying WFO’s for €10 per week. These credits can be used to buy w-shares and other products / services. (not applicable during the Prelaunch period) ‣ Maximum Signup Bonus is €100.000/week and position.
    • MATCHING BONUS Matching bonus is a bonus to motivate "you to help" your personally sponsored people "succeed". This bonus pays out percentage based on your personally sponsored teams SignUp Bonus. ‣ 3 personal members registered - you receive 10% of their Signup Bonus ongoing. ‣ 6 personal members registered - you will receive 20% of their Signup Bonus ongoing. ‣ 9 personal members registered - you will receive 20% of their Signup Bonus and 10% on THEIR personal players Signup Bonus ongoing.
    • ONELINER BONUS Your Oneliner Bonus starts at the time and date you register. Payment is done in WFO’s. Level Qualification Step Frontline Members Payout/week 1 Active membership 1 0 250 5 € 2-3 Active membership and 3 personal signups 2 3 500 50 € 3 3 750 75 € Active membership, upgraded to Executive Broker and 6 personal signups which are also Executive Broker 4 6 1 000 100 € 5 6 1 500 250 € Active membership, upgraded to Executive Broker and 9 personal signups which are also Executive Broker 6 9 2 500 500 € Active membership, upgraded to Executive Broker and 12 personal signups which are also Executive Broker 7 9 5 000 750 € 8 9 10 000 1 000 € 9 9 15 000 1 500 € 10 18 25 000 3 000 € 4-6 7-9 10
    • MOMENTUM BONUS Early momentum is the key to get your income growing quickly. Wenyard created the Momentum Bonus to help you build momentum. When you sign up a new person you will get the same amount of WFO’s as the one you sponsor. When you signup you get 72 hours of Momentum Bonus, and when you keep on sponsoring people you extend the time for getting the bonus so you can get it continuously. ‣ Sponsoring a Broker gets you 24 extra hours on your Momentum Bonus timer. ‣ Sponsoring a Pro Broker gets you 48 extra hours on your Momentum Bonus timer. ‣ Sponsoring a Executive Broker gets you 72 extra hours on your Momentum Bonus timer. ‣ As Executive Broker with at least 9 personal signups you also get Team Momentum Bonus, This means you get 10% of the Momentum Bonus your sponsor downlines receive.
    • Payments ‣ All production in your team overall will get paid to you instantly. ‣ Your bonus is paid by 70% to your Account and by 30% to your Mandatory Account. ‣ The shares you buy using your Mandatory account are locked for 30 days. After this period you can turn your profits in to cash To your account ‣ Buying Gift Certificates can be done directly. ‣ Buying WFO’s can be done directly. ‣ Transfer of funds to your Towah wallet takes 3 weeks ‣ During prelaunch you receive WFO’s for double the amount!

    • GOOD LUCK!