Wake Up Now Full Review 2014


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If you’re searching for an honest Wake Up Now Review, then you’ve landed on the right blog. I would not recommend joining until you’ve read my entire Wake Up Now review!

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Wake Up Now Full Review 2014

  1. 1. Wake Up Now Review 2014 – Is it a Scam or Not? Posted In Wake Up Now Review If you’re searching for an honest Wake Up Now Review, then you’ve landed on the right blog. I would not recommend joining until you’ve read my entire Wake Up Now review! There are thousands of business opportunities that you can work from home out there today, with new opportunities sprouting up almost daily. With so many business opportunities to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones to join and which ones to avoid. This Wakeupnow review will help you gain a better understanding of both the Network Marketing/MLM industry as well as the WakeUpNow business opportunity. It allow you to make an educated decision on whether or not WUN is the perfect business for you and your family. This Wake Up Now Review is my honest opinion along with the facts. It also entails why I chose to join and become an affiliate. I have been marketing online since 2008 and have invested hundreds, and even thousands in every type of business opportunity and internet marketing training know to man. It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I begin to “crack the code” to success online. I can confidently say that I’m now generating anywhere from 20-40 leads a day online, as well as earning anywhere from $60 – $100 daily in my online business. Now that I’ve added the WUN opportunity to my entree of business opportunities, I feel certain that my monthly earnings will double and possibly even triple. My desire in writing this Wake Up Now Review was simply to provide information on you can make a real living online from home.
  2. 2. Wake Up Now Review – What is it? Former corporate executive and leader Troy Muhlestein founded Wakeupnow in 2009. He created the company after losing his corporate job. Today the company is headquartered in Provo, UT and is one of the fastest growing home based businesses in the world. Mr. Muhlestein founded the company on the idea that everyone who joins WakeUpNow as a distributor would have the opportunity to make money. Troy was tired of only seeing the big dogs at the top having success when it came to the traditional MLM model, and his mission was to help America’s struggling families. His goal was to use the Wake Up Now business to help people “find a legitimate way to help people in their financial hardships.” Wake Up Now Review – What are the Products WakeUpNow claims to provide “software solutions for a better life” through their proprietary software platform called the HUB. Simply put, the HUB is a web-based search tool that helps you find deals on almost everything. i.e. Vacation discounts, health and wellness products, household items, electronics, entertainment, etc… WUN provides the opportunity of getting paid for purchasing items that many of us use every day. This is done simply by buying through your Wake up now HUB instead of other places like Amazon. Furthurmore Wake Up Now is a lot more than just another savings club. They provide software solutions that can dramatically change the way you live your life: 1. Tax Bot: CreatedbyformerIRStrainingand currentCPA and tax attorneySandyBotkin,Taxbotis a iOS,Androidandwebapplicationthatkeepstrackof businessspending. Itis100% IRS compliantandtaps intoyourphone’sGPSsystemtotrack businessmilesdrivenaswell asuses your phone’scameratotake picturesof receiptsforfilingpurposes. 2. Finance:A revolutionaryprogramthatintegrateswithyourbankaccountsanddebtaccounts and createsa planto get outof debtinhalf the time. 3. TellMeMore:Awardwinninglanguage learningsoftware usedbythe likesof Coca-Cola,Barclays, Adidas,Fordandother fortune 500 companiesfortrainingtheiremployeestolearnanew language. 4. InvisusProtect:Whole identitymonitoringandrestorationservicesaswell asvirusprotection for yourPC.
  3. 3. Wake Up Now Review – Compensation Plan It is important to note that Wake Up Now IBO’s or Independent Business Owners, do not receive commission for signing up new distributors. Rather the commissions are based on the sale of products to customers who purchase the Wake Up Now products. There are three customer subscription levels, Silver ($24.95/mo), Gold ($49.95/mo), and Platinum ($99.95/mo). See the chart below: In order for WUN IBO’s to receive commissions, they must be a qualified. The only 2 requirements to become qualified are that you be enrolled as an IBO and that you achieve 90 Personal Volume (PV). The unique part of Wake Up Now’s compensation plan, is that no product purchase is necessary to earn your 90 PV. Any combination of products and services sold to customers or purchased for personal use can used towards the required PV.
  4. 4. Wake Up Now’s compensation plan includes several different ways to earn commissions. i.e. retail payouts and team payouts. Watch the video below for a full compensation plan breakdown: Wake Up Now Review – Is it a Scam? So the million dollar question is… “Is Wake Up Now a scam?” I can only answer that from my perspective, and my conclusion is that it’s not. Not only can you can make money with Wake Up Now, but you can be part of a company that has ethical and strong moral values. Their HUB platform is legitimately helping people save money on the various products and services they buy daily. Once again, this is my opinion and you have to find the business opportunity that is right for you. Click on the image below and learn how my personal Wake Up Now team is helping new people build their teams. You can read my original article at my make money online blog here: http://www.makemoneyonlinewithrob.com/wake-up-now-review-2014-is-it-a-scam-or-not/ Make Money Online with Rob © 2014