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The REAL All Magic Spells Uncovered Manual PDF | Not a B.S. Review!

The REAL All Magic Spells Uncovered Manual PDF | Not a B.S. Review!






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    The REAL All Magic Spells Uncovered Manual PDF | Not a B.S. Review! The REAL All Magic Spells Uncovered Manual PDF | Not a B.S. Review! Document Transcript

    • Magic spells are a controversial subject. Some people say theyreworked real magic and incredible and amazing things have happened.Other people say its all fake, or that its too dangerous and weshouldnt be messing with things we dont understand. But itsimportant that you make up your own mind.In this short eBook well discuss some common myths about magicspells, and show you some real benefits that you can experience assoon as you start casting spells.So without further ado, lets get going.This eBook Is Brought To You By www.AllMagicSpells.com
    • 10 MYTHS ABOUT MAGIC SPELLS1. They are not realWhether or not magic is real is difficult to prove. For people who believe in magic,no explanation is necessary. They already know in their heart, mind and soul thatmagic exists and that the spells they have cast have helped them achieve their goals.For people who do not believe in magic, many are stubborn and do not believedespite being shown good evidence to prove it does exist. They do not believebecause it goes against their religion or other already existing beliefs.I cannot prove to you that magic does exist, all I ask is that you give it a try foryourself and see what sort of powers you have within yourself (we all have strongmagical powers and natural energies within ourselves that we can call upon in timesof need), and see what sort of results you can achieve.Dont let other people tell you what is right and wrong, true or false. Decide foryourself. If you want to try magic to see what it can do for you, then go for it anddont let anybody hold you back.2. They are dangerous and can hurt peopleMagic spells are not inherently dangerous. Dark (or black) magic is powerful andstrong magic, and many dark spells contain much graphic and violent language, butthe magic itself cannot do physical harm to people.Magic spells simply help us channel our thoughts, desires, intentions and wishes, anduse the power of the universe, gods, goddesses and natural spirits of the world to helpus achieve those wishes.You cannot cast a spell and turn someone into a frog, or cause their arms or legs tofall off, despite what some people might say.3. They can go wrong and backfireMagic spells cannot go wrong, or backfire. Spells are an expression of your owninternal power, so theres no chance of that power escaping somehow and beingrandomly redirected back towards you in a harmful way.The power originates inside you, and is a part of you. It cannot harm you.If you do get a spell wrong mid-cast, you can just stop the casting, gather yourThis eBook Is Brought To You By www.AllMagicSpells.com
    • thoughts, re-center yourself and begin the casting again. In this way spells will not"backfire" or cause an unexpected reaction or opposite negative effect on you or onanyone around you.4. You need to be born a witch or wizard, or have lots of experienceThis one is absolutely untrue. Anyone of any age or gender can learn magic at anytime in their lives, and cast magic spells successfully with very little practice.We all have the capability to become powerful witches and wizards within ourselves.All you have to do is unlock your natural ability and believe in yourself and yourmagic, and the universe and nature will do the rest.5. Practicing magic means you worship SatanAgain, absolutely untrue. Much of witchcraft is based on Wicca, a semi-religionfounded in England many hundreds of years ago. They taught that we should be onewith nature, respect and love each other and all live together in harmony.Doesnt sound like Devil worship to me!Witchcraft is about being in partnership with nature and the natural spirits and powersthat exist in the world around us and in the wider universe which we cannot yetunderstand.It does not mean you automatically worship Satan, the Devil, or wish bad things tohappen to people. In fact, it means quite the opposite.Plus, if you already follow a particular religion there is no reason why you cannotaccomodate witchcraft alongside that religion since the fundamental part of being awitch is usually a fundamental part of most religions: peace, harmony, loving eachanother and living as one with nature.6. Magic spells have visual and sound effects like the moviesAs exciting as it would be to experience whizz-bangs and kapow-flashes while yourecasting your spells, dont expect that to happen like it does in the movies. What youreseeing on screen is a souped up fantasised version of something much more seriousand powerful to make it suitable for TV and movies.However, with that said, you may experience profound changes to yourconsciousness, mental state, physical body and perception of the world while yourecasting spells.This eBook Is Brought To You By www.AllMagicSpells.com
    • Spell casting is a mystical process and requires concentration and focus, and theenergies and power flows that mix in and out of your body and mind, and run throughthe air around you can make you feel quite euphoric and magical – its fun!7. Magic spells require expensive equipment or materialsNot at all. While some teachers might suggest you buy a wide range of clothes,crystal balls, cauldrons and so on, the truth is you can get away with using simpleeveryday items in your magic with great success – candles, crystals, stones, herbs,mirrors, scarves and so on.Once youve progressed in your magical career and you feel your skills are movingup, then you can decide for yourself to expand your experience with a few extra morelavish items to increase your own powers of concentration and focus.8. You must pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a single spellDefinitely not. Many spell shops charge huge sums of money for individual spells –as much as $50, $100 or even $1,000! We feel this is unfair.Magic should be available to everyone at minimal cost, which is why the spells atAllMagicSpells.com are priced very low with heavy discounts on multiple purchases.But dont be fooled into thinking that price is the same thing as quality. Many of thespells you could spend 3 or 4 figures on are the same spells you will find on manyfree spell websites!All our spells are unique and exclusive to us, and are carefully researched anddeveloped by an experience member of the magical community, so you get topquality magic and top quality results.9. You should get other people to cast spells for youThis is a tricky one, because while you dont have to get other people to cast spells foryou, it is possible and can be a good idea. Its a wide ranging argument, so Ill sum itup as best I can.Magic spells are usually most effective if you cast them yourself. The process of thespell casting is what turns your wishes and intentions into reality. If someone else iscasting the spell for you, they may not have the same passionate deep desires andbeliefs that you do, which will make the spell less effective.This eBook Is Brought To You By www.AllMagicSpells.com
    • However, on the other hand if youre not very experienced at magic and you dont feelcomfortable casting your own spells, hiring a spell caster to do it for you can be theright thing to do.Have a go on your own first and see how it goes.10. Casting magic spells is difficultSpell casting is easy! You dont need to learn any complex new languages, operatecomplex machinery, follow complex instructions, spend tons of money or travel toforeign countries.You can do it all at home in your bedroom, or in your garden if you prefer to work inthe fresh air. Most spells take around 5-10 minutes to cast properly, and will notdisturb the neighbours or anyone else in the house.Magic really is very easy to do, and you can get started today.In the next chapter, well look at some of the real benefits of magic spells.This eBook Is Brought To You By www.AllMagicSpells.com
    • THE REAL BENEFITS OF MAGIC SPELLSSo now you know the truth about magic spells, youve discovered the myths thatpeople have created to stop you from doing magic, youre probably wondering, "Sowhat can magic actually do for me?"Well, magic spells can bring real change to your life. Positive, immediate andeffective change to bring about whatever you want to achieve.Magic spells can protect you from emotional torment, negative energies, and peoplewho will try to do you harm and ruin your day.They work by helping you to channel and focus your own internal power, and align itwith the spirits and energies in nature to work together as one being and get what youwant.More specifically, magic spells can help you:• Increase your concentration and focus – having an active and energisedmind will help you to narrow in on what you really want, and you can usemagic to keep your mind centered so that you get it.• Improve your mental wellbeing – magic will help keep your mind in apositive, calm, serene, balance and happy state. A healthy mind is key tohaving a successful and fulfilling life.• Boost your motivation, energy and drive – you will be able to go after yourgoals with confidence and strength, knowing that the power of the magic spellsyou have cast is there to back you up.• Protect you from evil – evil comes in many shapes and forms includingnegative energies from people around you, jealousy, anger and so on. Magicspells can help you deflect and disperse these energies to keep you pure andfocused.• Help you achieve your life goals – above all magic can help you get what youwant out of life, whether thats money, career success, love or anything else.This eBook Is Brought To You By www.AllMagicSpells.com
    • TIPS FOR SUCCESS WITH MAGICSo now you know magic is for you, and you want to get started. I would firstrecommend going to AllMagicSpells.com and grabbing a few spells that look likethey interest you, and just get going. Theres no time like the present!Heres a few tips to get you going on the road to magical success.• Dont expect anything too dramatic too soon. Magic takes a bit of time to getgood at and to discover how to really unlock and unleash your power. Afteryouve cast a few spells youll get a feel for how it works best for you.• Dont cast too many spells at once. You need to be able to focus your mind andchannel your power and keep that up while a spell is "active", and if you have20 spells all running at once you wont be able to do that effectively.• Set clear goals for your magical career. Start with casting an easy spell andwatching for the results. Then move on to more complex magic, getting someextra magical items and so on.• Stick at it. You may not see instant results on day 1 (although you might beamazed at your own power!). Its important to stick at it and keep going andfirmly believe in what youre doing. Keep going, and you will see results.• Be serious about magic. Take your spell casting seriously – while magic spellsare definitely a lot of fun, they are a serious business too! Give magic therespect it deserves, and you will feel the power within yourself and see theeffects in your life.This eBook Is Brought To You By www.AllMagicSpells.com
    • WHAT TO DO NEXT...First of all, Id like to thank you for visiting my website and taking the time todownload this eBook and learn about magic. I hope youve enjoyed it, and I hopeyouve learned something. And most of all, I hope youre going to give magic a go!Let me quickly tell you about what AllMagicSpells.com can offer you.We have 5 books of magic spells: Love Spells, Money Spells, Protection Spells,Power Spells and Healing Spells, each with many spells inside to fit all sorts ofdifferent situations.We do have a small charge on our spells, but its nothing compared to what other spellshops will charge you, and our spells are much higher quality and completely originaland exclusive to our site.We charge for our spells so we can continue to keep the website running, keep thequality of our spells high, and provide top quality customer service and support toyou.Along with every purchase you will receive a set of 5 free eBooks (including thisone) to help you get the most out of your spells, and magic in general.The eBooks include topics such as: common mistakes in spell casting, how to seeresults quickly, what to expect and how to get results, preparing your magicalequipment for success, and much more.If you have any questions I have tried to answer the most common questions peopleask on my "Frequent Questions" webpage: http://www.allmagicspells.com/faqIf you still have questions, there is a contact link on that FAQ page to send me anemail through my website.Thanks again for your interest in magic. I hope that we can get to know each other abit more, and work some wonderful and powerful magic together!Blessed be,AllMagicSpells.comThis eBook Is Brought To You By www.AllMagicSpells.com
    • GuardianAngel SpellA Guardian Angel is a lifetime companion thatwill keep a lookout over your life. They willkeep you safe from misfortune, and steer youtowards opportunities and success. Cast this spellregularly to keep your Guardian Angel on task.EQUIPMENT• A white candle• A small white or clear crystal• A small velvet or cloth bag to place the crystal inPREPARATIONPrepare your casting circle, altar and any equipment.Dim the lights very low or turn them off completely, light the candle, and set thecrystal and the bag in front of the candle.CASTINGBegin by taking a quiet moment, with your eyes closed and your body still, toconcentrate and summon all your power and energy from the universe around you.Take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly, feeling your power grow inside you andspread throughout your body, and into your arms and legs.You are going to use the crystal as a magical magnet to attract a Guardian Angel spiritto watch over you. Angel spirits need to be regularly re-attracted with the crystalmagnet otherwise they can get bored or tired or distracted and wander off.First you have to visualise the power of the crystal as a magnet.
    • With the candle alight, hold the crystal in front of the candle about 2-3 feet away soyou can see the flame through the crystal.See the light flickering behind the crystal, flowing through the crystal and sparklingand dancing around the room. This is the magical magnetic power in its visible form.Watch as it moves and flows and ebbs, and feel the power washing over you.Once you can feel the magical energy, recite the following to begin to release thepower of the crystal magnet:Crystal magnet in the candle light,Your powers so strong, your magic so bright,Release your energy to the universe wide,And draw a Guardian Angel here to my side.At this point, move closer to the candle flame so the light becomes brighter andstronger, and the sparkles and reflections of the light through the crystal are clearerand more powerful.Turn the crystal in the light to find the best angle to express the magnetic and magicalenergies. See if you can get the light to cast mystical shadows on the walls, and thensee if you can see any meaningful shapes or signs in the light patterns.Recite the chant above again, twice more, each time moving a little closer to thecandle.By now any nearby Angel spirits will have been attracted to you by the crystal andthe magic in the room, so it is time to command them to watch over you.Guardian Angels who be here with me,I command thee to watch me and keep me safe,Blessed with luck and gifted with success,So mote it be.AFTERMATHClose your eyes and take a moment to visualise your wishes and desires, and theintended outcome of your spell. Make bright, sharp, vivid and loud pictures in yourmind to see exactly what you want to happen.Place the crystal into the bag you have, blow out the candle and the spell is complete.Carry the crystal with you to keep the Guardian Angel with you.
    • Break UpSpellIf youve broken up with an ex lover or partner youmay be left with negative feelings that are holdingyou back in your life. Clear those feelings withthis spell – cast it any time you feel them buildingup again.EQUIPMENT• A photo of your ex• A black candle• A fireproof dishPREPARATIONPrepare your casting circle, altar and any equipment.Light the candle, and place the fireproof dish (any glass or china plate or bowl willdo, or an ashtray, a saucepan lid or anything similar) to the side of the candle.CASTINGBegin by taking a quiet moment, with your eyes closed and your body still, toconcentrate and summon all your power and energy from the universe around you.Take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly, feeling your power grow inside you andspread throughout your body, and into your arms and legs.Hold the photo of your ex inbetween both palms, and stare deeply into the heart ofthe flame of the candle.Visualise in your head all the bad and negative things that are bothering you aboutyour past relationship (and even older relationships or exs too if you want), the
    • breakup, and anything that is stopping you from moving on with your life.Inside your head, collect all those things together and transfer them down your arms,into your hands and into the photo of your ex. Once everything is inside the photo,say the following:Spirits and gods of the universe here tonight,I call upon thee to help me in my plight.Take these thoughts and energies negative in mind,And receive them and destroy them and all of their kind.Now hold the corner of the photo in one hand and place the photo into the flame ofthe black candle. Allow the photo to set alight, and drop it into the fireproof dish. Asit burns to ash, speak the following:As the flame burns brightly I ask this of thee,To take up my bad thoughts and set my heart free.This relationship is over, but of that I am pleased,For my soul is now re-opened to wonderment and glee.No more will I feel anger or jealousy or sadness,I will move to the future with happiness and gladness.Keep repeating this chant until the photo is completely burned to ash. As you sayeach word and each time you repeat the chant, feel your heart lifting and let yourselfsmile with pleasure as your negative energies and bad thoughts dissipate.AFTERMATHClose your eyes and take a moment to visualise your wishes and desires, and theintended outcome of your spell. Make bright, sharp, vivid and loud pictures in yourmind to see exactly what you want to happen.Take a deep breath and relax. Its like a weight off your shoulders - you dont have tothink about these bad things any more because theyve all been burned away. Take theashes and bury them in your garden or somewhere in nature to complete the spell.