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Nos projets - Projets 3A - Challenge Zodiac - Projet 6 – Dossier
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Nos projets - Projets 3A - Challenge Zodiac - Projet 6 – Dossier


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  • 1. 2011 ZodiacAxelle Biousse, Jade Clouet, AmandinePriez, Marie Ferlay, Benjamin Honegger,Hugues de VregilleESDES, Group E.B13/10/2011 1
  • 2. Contents Contents ____________________________________________________________________________2 Executive summary ___________________________________________________________________4 Noticed problems_____________________________________________________________________________ 4 Recommended solutions _______________________________________________________________________ 4 Marketing Mix _______________________________________________________________________5 Product/Price ________________________________________________________________________________ 5 Place _______________________________________________________________________________________ 5 Promotion __________________________________________________________________________________ 5 Process _____________________________________________________________________________________ 5 Public ______________________________________________________________________________________ 5 Perception __________________________________________________________________________________ 5 Profile ______________________________________________________________________________________ 5 Participation _________________________________________________________________________________ 5 Market positioning ____________________________________________________________________6 Benefits of Nature² and Fusion vs Competitors _____________________________________________________ 6 Brainstorming ________________________________________________________________________6 Ideas to add value to the marketing mix __________________________________________________________ 6 Zodiac’s communication should also be based on the undesirable effects of too much chlorine for our health. _ 7 SWOT analysis _______________________________________________________________________________ 7 Background analysis___________________________________________________________________________ 8 Marketing objectives: _________________________________________________________________________ 8 Financial objectives: ___________________________________________________________________________ 9 Marketing strategy ____________________________________________________________________9 Target market segments _______________________________________________________________________ 9 Differential advantages _______________________________________________________________________ 10 Marketing plan ______________________________________________________________________11 Our propositions regarding the marketing plan are concentrated on the resellers. Indeed, we believe that theyhave the key to successfully sell the Nature² Fusion. It is why we didn’t focus on the final customers. _______________ 11 Product decisions: ___________________________________________________________________________ 11 Pricing decisions: ____________________________________________________________________________ 11 Promotion: _________________________________________________________________________________ 11 Distribution: ________________________________________________________________________________ 12 Services: ___________________________________________________________________________________ 12 Staff: ______________________________________________________________________________________ 12 Action Plan _________________________________________________________________________12 Conclusion _________________________________________________________________________13 Appendix 1 _________________________________________________________________________14 Chronology of the action plan __________________________________________________________________ 14 Appendix 2 _________________________________________________________________________15 Communication budget _______________________________________________________________________ 15 Event in Biarritz: __________________________________________________________________________ 15 Event in Aix-en-Provence : __________________________________________________________________ 16 Summary budget __________________________________________________________________________ 17 Appendix 3 _________________________________________________________________________18 2
  • 3. Marketing materials: Stickers and flyers __________________________________________________________ 18 3
  • 4. Executive summary A better understanding from its resellers for better sales to its customers. Our entire marketing plan is based on the integration and on the federation of the resellers on thedistribution and selling process. We believe that they are the main privileged speakers between us (Zodiac) and thefinal consumer. By facilitating and guiding the resellers in the sale’s process it allows us to sell more products in amore professional and efficient way, and to install a long term relationship. Noticed problems First of all, we noticed that there is a lack of knowledge on the product Nature² Fusion from the resellers.Only 400 resellers have sold the product this year, knowing that there are 2000 pool retailers which have the productin their catalogue. There is a communication issue; the resellers don’t put enough in evidence the Nature² Fusion. Second of all, the installation of the product is perceived as a problem. Indeed, the resellers advise thecustomers to install the product themselves saying “it is as easy as cutting tubes”. But they also propose theinstallation at expensive prices. The “do it yourself” does not always give the customer the best experience withtheir new product. This duality creates incomprehension from the customer. Third of all, there is no exchange between the customers. It could be a strong advantage for Zodiac to doindirect advertising via various events and an internet community for the customers. Finally, Zodiac’s advertising is more focused on Zodiac Corporate, meaning that it gives moreimportance to its two other divisions: the boats, and the robotic. The brand Zodiac is not enough associated to theproduct Nature². The public perceives Zodiac more as a boat builder than as a pool care provider. Recommended solutions We noticed that most of the people selling the product are either pool technicians or pool builders thatdo not have a sales background. According to that, we have decided to design flyers to add to the Zodiac cataloguedelivered to the resellers. This brochure will define clearly the technical characteristics of the product, five mainarguments to sell Nature² Fusion to the customer, and the final financial advantages that the resellers will earn fromthe sale. For the installation, we strongly recommend to the resellers to sell their installation service by aprofessional for each sale of the Nature² Fusion (instead of the “do it yourself”). This would allow the resellers toincrease their margin on the sale of the product (because it is on the installation that their margin is the highest).This decision has been made to increase the professional image of the Nature² Fusion (related to Zodiac). Theproduct does not appear as a gadget if installed by a professional. To build an exchange between the customers we chose to create events and to set up an internetcommunity. To reinforce Zodiac’s network and to create long term relationships with its resellers, we opted forfirm gatherings around the pool universe. Moreover, we decided to create an internet community. It would be on thescheme of an internet forum where the customers could share their advice, their degree of satisfaction, and globallytheir experience. To resolve the reputation problem of Nature² Fusion, we came up with different solutions. 1/ Add stickersof Zodiac on every Nature² product (as a solution to associate the product to the brand). 2/ On the flyer previouslygiven to the resellers to sell the product, we have to mention that the product uses natural components (to surf onthe green tendency), and is easy to use (facilitates the use of the pool). 3/ Allows an enjoyable swimmingexperience similar to very expensive purification systems. 4
  • 5. Marketing Mix Product/Price Not our call to make. The body product is expensive and then there are two cartridges, both around 100€.Zodiac could create a pack for the buyers (body + 2 cartridges + chlorine) Place Corporate website of Zodiac doesn’t sell directly product, nor does it redirect to online sellers. Thedealer/retailers scheme is restrictive and induces high prices because of the margin these dealers make on product.From calls made to some retailers, these prices ranges can be as high as 200€. Also, the installation is veryexpensive: 500-600€, or almost 2 times the product price. This is a weakness for Zodiac Pool because this hidden“surprise” cost may have a negative impact on sells made by retailers. Promotion Not enough promotion on the new product Nature² Fusion 2011. The advertisement (as in, attract newcustomers) is focused on Zodiac Pools, Zodiac corporate as a whole at the moment. Leaflets are not enough put inevidence, both on the customer-focused website and in retail shops. One of the retailers contacted didn’t actuallyknow the product. Process Sellers are not really informed on this technology (Nature 2). In fact, they knew better the other products ofZodiac’s catalogue Public Zodiac has to base his sales pitch for customers, retailers and wholesalers Perception Zodiac has invested a lot on their boat and robotic but not enough on its water treatment technology. Theyneed to develop the communication on the range Nature². Profile They are only seen in special magazines, special stores, they should be more present on the market byinvesting in communication. Participation Zodiac could sell by itself its products on the Internet (for example) instead of asking some retailers to sellthe products and avoid the margin they do making the product more expensive. 5
  • 6. Market positioning Zodiac, with its Nature² Fusion product, positions itself as an outsider, with more attractive prices than itscompetitors, but with an ecologic positioning thanks to its mineral cartridge. Benefits of Nature² and Fusion vs CompetitorsCharacteristics Nature² Chlorine Bromine SaltHealth + No odor, no + Most efficient + No bad odors + No allergies skin dryness to eliminate Very soft for the Good quality of and no red bacteria skin and the eyes water eyes -Skin dryness, red eyes, irritationsPrice - Expensive : + Cheapest - Expensive - Most 300€ for the solution ~50€ a (~100€ a year) expensive: need product + year to buy salt ~100€ a year electrolysis (1500 to 2500€)Simplicity - + Easy, one - High -High +TotallyMaintenance cartridge a maintenance, maintenance, automatic year. Almost necessity to necessity to totally change tablet change tablet automatic every week every weekEco- +Mineral -Chemical -Chemical - Not ecologicalresponsibility products products products Compared to chlorine the Nature² Fusion is expensive, however, in terms of swimming experience it isperceived as cheaper than our competitors. Nature² seems to be an interesting solution for pool maintenance compared to its competitors, except for itsprices, the product range is better on criterias of health, price, simplicity of maintenance and eco-responsibility. Brainstorming Ideas to add value to the marketing mix When we start analyzing Zodiac’s Nature² Fusion and the way it is sold we came up with many ideas invarious domains to help them improve their marketing strategy. 6
  • 7. We firstly thought about a new way of selling the product either directly on Zodiac website or via specializedwebsites. Neither of the two ideas are realizable. We then started thinking about a way to reduce the sale’s price of Nature² Fusion by setting up a limit marginto every reseller but it was not possible. We thought about solutions that matched Zodiac’s objectives. We thoughtabout the creation of a pack regrouping Nature² Fusion and the two cartridges (mineral and chlorine cartridges). To improve the knowledge of Nature² range by the resellers we had a few ideas:  Creation of a flyer that would be distributed to every reseller giving them a pitch to sell our product  Goodies given to the resellers to motivate them to sell more our product and then know more about it.  On the catalogue that each reseller receives once a year, Zodiac should give them more details on all their products’ advantages and especially on the Nature² range, so that resellers will be well informed on the products. As far as Zodiac’s communication is concerned they have many improvements to make. It should use theactual trend of going green. As Nature² Fusion mostly uses minerals products in their cartridges it is a differentiationon which they should really insist. Zodiac should also be more associated to its pool care activity: potential customers would be more willing totrust the Nature² range as Zodiac is well perceived in its other activities. Furthermore we think about creating a firmgathering where most of the resellers could come, have a good time and get a better knowledge on Nature²’sproducts. Zodiac’s communication should also be based on the undesirable effects of too much chlorine for our health. SWOT analysis S W  Less chlorine uses for the same efficiency  Maintenance constraints (cartridges have to be  Natural product (uses minerals) changed every 6 months)  Strong brand image of Zodiac  The cartridges are not provided with the product  Big satisfaction of the customers who use the product  Still uses chlorine (91% satisfied)  9% of unsatisfied consumers  Facility of the product  Poor impact on the market  Easy to use  Mineral treatment represent only 2% of the  Less maintenance than the other chlorine market shares treatment  No advertisement at all on these product  Professionalism (sold by pool professionals in treatment specialized stores)  Relatively high price compared to sample chlorine  Allows enjoyable swimming experience at an treatment accessible price  Expensive installation, and installation not always  Installation of the product proponed proponed by sellers “you can do it yourself”  Nature² Fusion is not associate to Zodiac  No homogenization of the merges (prices varies from 7
  • 8. a retailer to another) O T  Changes the way of life : People are more and more  Other antibacterial treatments less costly looking for well-being (the swimming is more  Pool users are looking for pool entirely treated by bio enjoyable with natural products) products  Quest for well being and health : Constant research  Huge competition between the retailers which draws for less chemical products to big difference of Nature² Fusion’s prices  Huge opportunity to develop mineral treatments because it represents only 2% of market shares Background analysis In order to have a view of Zodiac’s positioning on the market, we chose to present a SWOT analysis. We analysed the background surrounding the pool care industry to determine what were the issues and trendsZodiac could have to deal with in the future with its product Nature² Fusion. The two major factors concerning the external environment at the moment are:  The economic crisis and general instability among the Euro zone install fear in investors’ minds but also for customers in the high revenue range, less affected but still nonetheless: pool are a luxury product and for many it would be an easy and painless way to save money by cutting on these expenses.  Ecological considerations are very trendy at the moment and consumers are starting to really want products which are respectful both to the nature and to them as individuals. The mineral cartridge aspect is a strength compared to products such as chlorine because the Nature² Fusion product is eco-friendly in its utilisation An analysis of the pool care industry and of Zodiac’s positioning shows that the distributors, in their crucialroles as not only resellers but also purchasing advisers, are very important to the company and that they are the onesdeciding indirectly if the product will be bought or not by the customer. We came to this conclusion using the Porter5 forces analysis:  The threat of substitute is high: chlorine is a cheaper alternative and currently dominating the market with 95% of market shares, and salt electrolysis is healthier, not using any chlorine.  The bargaining power of customers is high as well: the customers being the dealers in this case, they decide if they propose the product to their clients or not, if they include it to the catalogue or decide to put it in a front position.  On the mineral cartridge, Nature² is the only actor on the European market and the threat of entry is low, given the infrastructure and R&D necessary to develop such technical products. We don’t have any information on the bargaining power of suppliers and the threat of new competitors but itis not relevant to the business issue we are dealing with. Marketing objectives: Thanks to our executive summary we can really highlight our marketing objectives. We have specified fivemain objectives which are: - Fix the knowledge of the product 8
  • 9. - Improve the communication on Nature² Fusion - Build a strong relationship with the resellers - Encourage resellers to sell the installation of Nature² Fusion - Associate Nature² Fusion to Zodiac Financial objectives: In terms of financial objectives we have one objective which is to stay in the allocated budget Zodiac gaveus, € 75000 Marketing strategy As an internal strategy and to boost our sales, we have decided to stimulate our Zodiac sellers by setting up acontest. Indeed the idea is to reward the best seller with a prize. The prizes would vary and the contest would last atleast a month. Target market segmentsThe target markets of Zodiac are the resellers and actual plus future/potential pool owners.Resellers can be segmented in two parts:  Physical shops: 2000 active dealers are included, with only 400 which effectively sold Nature2 products in 2010. This is a problem: Nature2 range is less proposed than competitive products. Physical shops want to make money, and Zodiac wants its products to be sold. Zodiac could insist on retailers to communicate more on their products or propose them a commission if they sell a certain number of Nature2 Fusion in the year. Those shops are: 90% of pool specialists and the 10 other percent represent heating specialists.  Websites: there are actually active online retailers. The point is that they are not determined: there is not an exhaustive list of them. Internet is a very cheap way of communicating. If one is looking for information on pool treatments, it could be great that they find Nature2 range first. This way, online retailers can have a great opportunity of increasing online communication. Pool owners who do not have Nature2 Fusion are a big opportunity: they can be unsatisfied by the treatment theyare actually using and willing to find a solution which is not too expensive. Those persons do not every time go bythemselves for solution. Zodiac, by the retail way, should create this need for a better swimming experience so that itwould be evident for the customers they do need something better than simple chlorine and less expensive than UVor saline treatments. Potential pool owners are harder to reach. But, if they want to build a pool, they will get informed thanks tophysical shops, the Internet or specialized magazines. Zodiac should be working on communication there. Forexample concerning the Internet, Zodiac could buy the right to appear first when someone is looking for a pooltreatment. Below, you will see a table resuming all the targets and what should be done in order to optimize the sales ofNature2 products. 9
  • 10. 400 effective sells out Physical shops of 2000 active dealers Retailers Cheap communication Websites People will first get informed on the Target market Internet : Nature2 must May be willing to be highlighted Pool owners change their pool treatment Will want to get informed on the most Potential pool owners interesting treatment for their pool Differential advantages Minerals, price, reputation and relationship with retailers are the big forces of Zodiac concerning Nature2range. Minerals permit a healthier way of swimming and allow less bad effects on people. This is one of the focusesZodiac has to communicate on. Concerning price, Zodiac is placing itself as a luxury good but at a fair price. It IS an advantage as personsare willing to buy the best quality at a lower price than luxury goods and also because Nature 2 range is the only oneto be positioned in this way. Communication has to insist on it as much as possible. The reputation of Zodiac group is certain and Zodiac, as well as we will say below, could use it to negotiate abetter highlighted of Nature2’s products. Finally, a close relationship with retailers is the best way of negotiating a better emphasis of the Nature2range. It is an opportunity Zodiac has to develop; it has to use this close relationship to get a better communicationthan its competitors. 10
  • 11. Marketing plan Our propositions regarding the marketing plan are concentrated on the resellers. Indeed, we believethat they have the key to successfully sell the Nature² Fusion. It is why we didn’t focus on the finalcustomers. Product decisions: According to our ideas, we have decided to improve the packaging of the product. Adding Zodiac stickers onevery Nature² product would allow the customers to associate more Nature² products to the brand Zodiac. Pricing decisions: Regarding the pricing decisions, we came up with various ideas:  Create a pack in which there would be the body of the product, a mineral cartridge and the chlorine cartridge. It would be more interesting for the customer, instead of buying the components separately. Even if this idea does not answer to our recommendations, it seems fair to us.  Set up a loyalty card for the customers. For example after six mineral cartridges bought, the seventh one is offered, and the same system for the chlorine cartridges. Promotion:  To improve our sales forces we chose to include flyers to every catalogue given to the resellers. This brochure will define clearly the technical characteristics of the product, five main arguments to sell Nature² Fusion to the customer, and the final financial advantages that the resellers will earn from the sale. This flyer should be short, concise and possible to read in a short amount of time. The five arguments a reseller should use to sell Nature² Fusion are: 1. Uses 10% of chlorine. From now on, there are no more red eyes and no more skin dryness. Knowing that above 90% of chlorine those inconveniences are present. 2. Uses natural components with its mineral cartridge made out of ceramic balls, coated copper balls and coated silver balls. These natural components have the same functions has a high level of chlorine and has clarifying effects on the water. This technology is used by hospitals, thermal centers and for cosmetics. 3. Is an automatic disinfection system. Meaning that thanks to the cartridges you do not have to take care of your pool often. For example, during the holidays you can leave your pool without adding any other products. At your return, the pool will still be healthy and clear. 4. The satisfaction rate from the users of Nature² Fusion is high. Indeed, there are 91% of them are satisfied with their product. Moreover, 91% of them will recommend this product to other pool owners. The liability of the product is proven by the satisfaction of the clients. 5. The swimming experience. In fact, the mineral cartridge provides wellness and a swimming comfort. Using Nature² Fusion makes swimming a more enjoyable experience. The final financial advantages are first of all the personal margins of the resellers. And secondly we chose toset up contests for the best sellers (based on their personal network) and resellers of the Nature² range. It would bebased on their number of sales, and the best is rewarded with a prize.  To reinforce Zodiac’s network and to create relationships with its resellers, we opted for firm gatherings. The idea is to rally the resellers to Zodiac to encourage them selling Zodiac’s products. It could for example cocktail parties, invitation to various events (swimming championships, free passes to aquatic leisure centers…). Those events could also be extended to other professionals in the pool sector. We have decided to 11
  • 12. set the firm gatherings in the geographical zones in which, we thought, pools are mostly sold, meaning the South-East, and the South-West of France.  We thought that creating an Internet community around the product Nature² Fusion and more globally around Zodiac’s pool care products, would allow the customers to exchange on their experience with Zodiac’s products. It would be based on the scheme of an internet forum where the customers could share their advice and their satisfaction.  To maintain the relationship between Zodiac and its resellers, Zodiac could set up e-mailings. That way, the resellers would be aware of the latest Zodiac news and have professional advice in case it is needed. Distribution: The distribution firstly takes place with the resellers, and secondly directly with the customers. We cannotpropose any other places to distribute the Nature² Fusion and the other Zodiac products. Services: We have previously spoken about the pre-sale process thanks to the flyers we would like to set up. And ourproposition of post-sale service is not quite possible, because we already propose installation by professionals. Staff: Regarding the staff, we recommend for all our resellers to strongly advise a professional installation for theirZodiac products. Action Plan As previously seen, our entire Marketing plan is based on the integration and federation of the resellers onthe distribution process. The elements of the Marketing Plan lead to build a long term relationship with the resellersbut also to create a community around the product (that can be extended to the entire Zodiac pool care products). 1. Design and send the flyers (October to November 2012) The first thing to do to set up the marketing plan is to design the flyers and then to send them in a shortperiod of time to all the resellers (by the end of January, all the resellers should have the flyer in Zodiac’s catalogue).We advise you to send them as soon as possible because it will allow you to make sure that all the retailers knowyour products. If they have Nature² Fusion in mind, they will be more willing to propose it to their customers at thebeginning and during the entire season. The product will be highlighted by the retailers and the sales will increase. This action is crucial because you have to keep in mind that the people who sell your products are notcommercials but mostly pool technicians. The flyers will cost you approximately 160€ if the flyers are half a page. 2. Installation by your retailers (October to November: with the flyers) In the marketing plan, we advised you to recommend to your retailers encourage the customers not to installNature 2 themselves. This choice has been made to improve the image of Nature² (because by the past, the liabilityimage had been destabilized). Indeed, if installed properly, there will be less problems with Nature² and thecustomers will continue to use the product and buy other cartridges (which is one of your main objectives).Moreover, even if it will increase the price of your product (because most of the customers care about the final,global –product + installation- price), this has to be taken in the right way. Customers will feel that it is a high qualityproduct and not anymore a gadget. In their minds, this product will get closer to the expensive systems but will stillremain affordable. 12
  • 13. After doing the mailing of the flyers you may have to start sending emails to your retailers repeating that(because it will have already been mentioned on the flyer) the installation has to be recommended. In that way, youwill have at least two contacts with your retailers before the season. Those contacts are really important because theywill show your interest on them (which is necessary to build a long term relationship) and will keep your product intheir minds. But, it is true that you will not get any direct financial returns out of this action. But, your retailers willand they may buy more products if they know that they can make a big margin out of the installation. Those emails won’t cost you a lot because the only thing you will have to pay is the person that will writeand send those emails. 3. The reputation problem (starts in October 2012) E-Mailing: As previously seen, the image of your product has been spoiled by the past because ofunsatisfied customers and retailers. In order to change it, you have to start now to rebuild a strong image of Nature 2while associating it with your group Zodiac. Let me advise you to keep communicating by email throughout the yearwith your retailers. It is a very cheap way to build relationship and to communicate about your products. You maynot forget while sending those emails to talk about your Nature 2 contest. Receptions: (for 800 guests, approx €25000/event): You may organize receptions, meetings for yourresellers to present your products. Those meetings should take place in areas where most of the resellers are (we donot have your geographical statistics this is why we are not able to advise you on it). You may organize those eventsduring the selling season (October.2012 to September 2013). Stickers (for 20000 stickers, €2760): We came up with the idea of adding stickers on your existing productsin order to visually associate Nature 2 with Zodiac. We think it could improve the liability of your products. But thishas to be discussed with your group this is why we will not write it on the chronology of the action plan. Moreover,we thought about a loyalty card (sent at the same time than the flyers). Customers’ Forum (€300): You may ask right now your computer service to create the pool division andthe forum. In order to attract the viewers, we advise you to ask a marketing intern to start posting on existing poolforums the link to your website. This is necessary for the attractiveness of the forum. You may also start talking toyour employees about your intern contest. Regarding the details on the chronology see the appendix 1. Moreover for the details of the budgets, pleaseconfer to the appendix 2 p14. The budget of €75000 is respected. All those actions do not require hiring employees and can be set up very fast. This is why our action planwill be very efficient. Moreover, those actions have to be repeated year after year in order to build a strongrelationship with the resellers and to increase your product sales. Conclusion Nature² Fusion, the pool care product launched by Zodiac in 2011, does not yet convince its final customersor its resellers. In order to resolve this issue, we wanted in this marketing plan to improve the relationships betweenthe actors of the distribution process. The new positioning and marketing mix will allow Zodiac to sell more products, helped by the innovativeways to promote Nature² Fusion we chose, such as the pool receptions, or such as the flyers given to the resellers.And the other advantage is that it would also increase the popularity of our product among resellers, able to earnhigher margins than before, thanks to the installation process. If your resellers understand better Nature² they will sell it better to the customers. 13
  • 14. Appendix 1Chronology of the action plan • October / December 2012 - Design the flyers and the loyalty cards(external) - Send the first emails to present the contest to the resellers and remind your product (inner) - Creation of the pool forum on the website (by the computer service) - Communication to your employees by email around the internal contest and start right after of the contest(inner) - Begining of the research regarding the rmeetings with the resellers (inner) •January / February 2013 - Send the flyers + the loyalty cards to emphasize the need of the profesional installation (inner) - Organisation of the receptions (external) •February / September 2013 - Meetings with the retailers - Follow of the sales of the retailers by emails (inner) •September/ October 2013 - End of the resellers contest (inner) - Debriefing on the sales and on the benifts of the marketing plan (inner) 14
  • 15. Appendix 2 Communication budget In this part we have decided to draw a little financial plan to provide how we will need to implement ourmarketing objectives. .We planned to organize two events in order to make our resellers know Nature² Fusion. One of these events will takeplace in Biarritz and the other in Aix-en-Provence. We decided to organize these events in the south east of Franceand in the south west of France (for approx. 800 people) . These geographic zones are strategic, there is more poolowners in the south. Event in Biarritz:EVENT Q Price TotalRentingplace Biarritz 7 636,46 €Caterer Service - Staff - transport and travel 700 € Food 800 18 € 14 400 € Drinks Champagne 300 16 4 800 € Cocktails 800 2,7 2 160 €Furniture renting Tables 10 23 230 €TOTAL 29 926,46€ 15
  • 16. Event in Aix-en-Provence :EVENT Q Price TotalRentingplace Aix-en-ProvenceCaterer Service - Staff - transport and travel 700 € Food 800 18 € 14 400 € Drinks Champagne 300 16 4 800 € Cocktails 800 2,7 2 160 €Furniture renting Tables 10 23 230 €TOTAL 24 290 €Web design: We also decided to hire a web designer to create the forum and insert the page in Zodiac’s web, it willcost around 300€.Flyers: Then we decided to design flyers for the resellers it will cost around 250€.Stickers: We also decided to buy stickers to make Nature² Fusion associated to Zodiac. Q Price TotalStickers 20000 0,138 2 760 € 16
  • 17. Summary budgetEvents 49 000 €Webdesign 300 €Flyers 250 €Stickers 2 760 €Total 52 310 € 17
  • 18. Appendix 3Marketing materials: Stickers and flyers First of all, as said previously we have decided to put stickers on Zodiac’s Nature² packaging. Itwould be a simple logo of Zodiac for the customer to associate the product Nature² to the brand. Second of all, we decided to set up flyers for the resellers, for them to have the right pitch when selling theNature² Fusion to their customers. This is how we imagined it:Zodiac Nature² FusionThis flyer is for you reseller to sell the Nature² Fusion in the best conditions.It is a summary of what the product is, how to sell it, and what you earn from its sale.Technical Characteristics:For what pool? New construction or existing poolType of pool? Every type of pool in ground and all type of surfaceVolume of treated water: From 20 to 170 m3Dimensions (l x h x diam) : 420x420x310 mmVolume of treated water:  Cartridge Nature² Fusion 15: 20 to 40 m3  Cartridge Nature² Fusion 25: 40 to 90 m3  Cartridge Nature² Fusion 35: 90 to 130 m3  Cartridge Nature² Fusion 45: 130 to 170 m3Pipes joints: DN50 mm, DN63 mm (union joints); 32/38 mm (kit joint for above ground pools)Type of chlorine to use in the diffuser: Slow chlorine rollers stabilized of type “Tri-Chloro”Compatibilities: Chlorine, salt electrolysis, active oxygen, UV, ozone (incompatible with bromine,biguanide or PHMB and with all the « metal sequestrating » productsWarranty: 3 yearsFive sale arguments: 1. Uses 10% of chlorine.  no more red eyes and no more skin dryness 2. Uses natural components with its mineral cartridge made out of ceramic balls, coated copper balls and coated silver balls 3. Is an automatic disinfection system. 4. The satisfaction rate from the users of Nature² Fusion is high. 5. The swimming experience is more enjoyable provides wellness and a swimming comfort.Financial advantages:  Personal margins  Contests for the best resellers of the Nature² range  winner gets a prize 18