UBC Okanagan Presentation - 2011 - Teacher Education Program

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For more information, visit www.makeafuture.ca or follow @MakeaFuture on Twitter.

For more information, visit www.makeafuture.ca or follow @MakeaFuture on Twitter.

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  • Almost teacherIntro to the siteHow to create portfoliosFrench ImmersionSecondary, some Elementary Core French30 students, 4 have withdrawnK-12Any exercises?Key qualities for a successful interviewOptimistic or hopeful22-50Taught in other countriesEducation Building7600 downstairs
  • New school opening in Crawford Lake
  • Demand in different subject areas


  • 1. Applying for your first job in teaching By Andrew JangUBC Okanagan
  • 2. Teaching in BC 60 public school districts in a diverse province – culturally & geographically One French school district – Le Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie Britannique (CSF – SD 93)
  • 3. 25,460 openings in the next 10 yearsBC Labour Market Outlook 2009-2019http://www.workbc.ca/docs/BCLMOutlook.pdf
  • 4. OPPORTUNITIES  More teaching jobs posted on Makeafuture.ca this year than the last.  Educators are aging and retiring  Financial allowances may be available to employees in rural communities/districts  Seniority accrued from a continuing position is transferrable from district to district
  • 5. Teachers are in demand:• French Immersion • Math• Core French • Aboriginal Languages• Technology Education • Montessori• Senior Sciences • Counsellors & Psychologists• Special Education • Learning Support• Early Learning
  • 6. Preparing AnApplication
  • 7. Application Documents BCCT Resume, Cover University Practicum Reports Certificate, TQS Teaching portfolioLetter, References Transcripts Card
  • 8. District Website School Website Job Description Teaching Pull info Philosophy from theseJob Posting sources to tailor your application
  • 9. Resumeshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE-NQAu_qRU&feature=player_embedded
  • 10. Cover Letters• Tailor it to your audience and personalize it with concrete examples of your teaching• Explain why you’re the best candidate & fit?• Use action verbs (e.g. Collaborated; Coordinated; Planned; Evaluated; Assessed)• Spell Check and Proof Read!
  • 11. References• References are good from anyone who’s observed and evaluated your teaching• Ask for a good reference• Inform your references ahead of time that they may be contacted• Ask for a reference letter
  • 12. Apply for Teaching Jobs in BC Schools on Makeafuture.ca
  • 13. The InterviewProcess
  • 14. Interviews gather informationused to compare a candidate’seducation, skills andqualifications with pre-determined selection criteria.
  • 15. Selection Criteria• Subject Matter Knowledge• Planning Skills• Instructional Skills• Assessment Strategies• Classroom Management Skills• Professional Responsibility - development as a Professional Educator
  • 16. Behavioral Interview Questions• Describe a unit you recently completed with your students and explain the process you used in its planning.• Describe the strategies you have used to assess and evaluate your students’ academic progress.• Describe specific management strategies you have used in your classroom.
  • 17. Interviewing Tips• Preparation is key• Reflect on your best lesson, accomplishments, what you are proud of in your work• Showcase your best work in a portfolio/binder• Answer using the STAR technique• Practice, practice, practice
  • 18. STAR TECHNIQUE• Situation• Task• Action• Result
  • 19. “It’s about tapping into yourexperiences, challenges andreflections on your studentteaching, and bringing it to lifein an interview.” -Janet Stewart Director, Make a Future
  • 20. Makeafuture.ca
  • 21. www.facebook.com/makeafutureConnect with us on Facebook and learn about the latest opportunities in BC schools.
  • 22. Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter for teachers on Makeafuture.ca or Facebook
  • 23. www.twitter.com/makeafutureFollow us on Twitter to receive daily job updates and the latest news in BC education.
  • 24. Questions?visit www.makeafuture.caemail contactus@makeafuture.cafollow www.twitter.com/makeafuturelike www.Facebook.com/makeafuture