"From Russia With Love":--- A Memorial to 9-11-01


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The world-wide struggle against terrorism began with the tragedy of 9-11-01 when al-Qaida, led by its leader, Osama bin Laden, hyjacked three domestic flights in the United States and crashed two of them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in NY City and the other into the Pentagon in Washington, DC. This is a review of the responses made, beginning with the 'Teardrop Memorial' given by the people of Russia and so symbolic of the world-wide struggle with terrorism, and ending with what two Presidents of the United States have done about it.

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    Bush going after Osama Bin Laden? --- You didn't read it here in this presentation!

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    First let me say that terrorism is everywhere and we must be ever vigilant to protect this nation, and indeed the entire world, from it. So we must never forget. Second, Julia Ward Howe wrote her poem, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, after visiting a Union Army camp in 1861. Her poem has become perhaps the best-known of all Civil War songs of the Union Army--- and so it has since become our most well-loved American patriotic anthem. So my presentation here is intended to be uniquely American, as we lead the world in this war against terrorism everywhere.

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  • This power point brings back memories and reteaching history. Why did you select the music?
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"From Russia With Love":--- A Memorial to 9-11-01

  1. 1. “From Russia: With Love” A Memorial to 9-11-01 ‘The Teardrop Memorial’ A symbol of the universality of the struggle against terrorism that knows no boundaries
  2. 2. The tragedy of it all… 9-11-01
  3. 3. The aftermath of it all… 9-11-01
  4. 4. The resolve of it all… 9-11-01 begins with ‘The Teardrop Memorial’ --A gift from the people of Russia--
  5. 5. President George W. Bush’s Response to 9-11-01 …not to pursue al-Qaida and Asama bin Laden but instead, invade Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein, find Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, and make Iraq a free and democratic country
  6. 6. President Barack Obama’s Response to 9-11-01 1. Pull-out of Iraq in 2010 and 2011 2. Rid the world of al-Qaida and bin Laden in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  7. 7. On Friday, Feb 27, 2009, President Obama declared the beginning of the end of one of the longest and most divisive wars in American history as he announced that he would withdraw combat forces from Iraq by August 2010 and all remaining troops by December 2011.
  8. 8. “So let me be clear: Al Qaeda and its allies — the terrorists who planned and supported the 9/11 attacks — are in Pakistan and Afghanistan”, he said. “We have a clear and focused goal to disrupt, dismantle and defeat Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and to prevent their return to either country in the future.” Friday 3-27-09