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Sales messages

  1. 1. Presented by Majid Mahmood +923244008095Comsats university Lahore Advisor : Miss Ayesha Aziz
  2. 2. Overview 1 Introduction 2 Persuasive requests 3 Sales messages 4 Appealing 5 Samples of sales messages
  3. 3. IntroductionPersuasive messages are appropriatelywritten in indirect order.Plan the persuasion that overcome thereaders objections. “ Put yourself in your reader’s shoes.”
  4. 4. Persuasive Requests A general sale plan should keep these features in it to pursue somebody. A: Attention I : Interest D: Desire A: Action
  5. 5. Persuasive RequestsAttention is needed to get the reader in a moodto receive the persuasion.What you write to gain attention is limited onlyby your imagination.Example: From a message requestingcontributions for orphaned children.“ While you and I denied heartily last night ,31orphans at saw Pablo mission had only driedbeans to eat.”
  6. 6. Persuasive Requests “ You view point” Follow the persuasion with the request. Do not use a negative tone. Be positive. Ending with a reminder of the appeal is also good.
  7. 7. Persuasive Requests “Do not be negative” I am aware that business people in yourposition have little free time to give, but will uplease consider accepting an assignment to theboard of director of the children fund?
  8. 8. Persuasive Requests “Be positive” Because your organization skills areso desperately headed , will you pleaseserve on the board of director of children’sfund?
  9. 9. Persuasive RequestsObvious failure in directness: The bad message has no persuasive strategy.Skillful persuasion in an indirect order: The better message has good persuasion strategy.
  10. 10. Sales MessagesUsually , brochures , leaflets (a letter) , and suchcombines to form a sales mailing.Like persuasive requests we have to use astrategy for sales messages.Knowing the product or service and the reader
  11. 11. Sales MessagesDetermining the appeal : Decide what appeals and strategies to use Appeal may be emotional (to the feelings) or rational(to the reason). Select the appeal that fits the product and prospect.
  12. 12. Sales Messages By appeals we mean the strategies youuse to present a product or service to the reader.Example: You present a beauty product or itsqualities. You could stress that a product willprovide hours of fun or that it will make one moreattractive to the opposite sex.Or you could present a product through anappeal to profit , savings and durability.
  13. 13. Sales MessagesMechanics: Before beginning to write , you determinethe mechanics of mailing the sales letter report.Selling letter may use in perusal salutationslike: “Dear student” , “Dear ma’am or sir” etc Again in sales “you view point” is important.
  14. 14. Sales MessagesMatter of facts statement and youview points:We make aristocrat hosiery in three colors. You may choose from three lovely shades. The regal has a touch as like as a feather. You will like regales feather light touch. Lime-fizz tastes fresh and exciting. You will enjoy the fresh ,exciting taste of lime-fizz.
  15. 15. Sales Messages Choosing words carefullyConsider the effect of your worldNegative sense: Re-organization plan A will cause 10% of the staff to lose their jobs.Positive sense: Re-organization plan A will retain 90%of the work force.
  16. 16. Sales MessagesNegative sense: Our new laser paper keeps the wasted paper from smudged copies to less than 2%.Positive sense: Our new laser paper provides smudged- free copies more than 98% of the time.
  17. 17. Sales MessagesIn strong selling efforts , a command is effective. Like : “Order your copy today while its on your mind”.For Mild efforts , a request is appropriate. Like : “Won’t you please send us your order today?”
  18. 18. Sales Messages Urging the actionUrge action now. “Do it now” “Act today”Here are some examples To take advantage of this three day offer, ---So that you can be ready for the christmas rush.--So that you will be the first in your community.
  19. 19. Sales MessagesRecalling the appeal in final words is a goodtechnique.Adding prospects are acceptable and effectiveExamples: Don’t forget if ever you think that action is notfor you , we will give you every cent of your moneyback. We are that confident that action will becomeone of your favorite magazine. Hurry save while this special money savingsoffer lasts. Click now to order and automatically eatenour contest for an Olympus digital camera.
  20. 20. Sales MessagesInviting name removal to e-mail readers. Thisis the equilent of asking “Is it OK, If we comein?”
  21. 21. Sales Messages Recalling all steps