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Grammar bel260

Grammar bel260






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    Grammar bel260 Grammar bel260 Presentation Transcript

    • Adjectives Prepared by :Maizatul Azlin Bt Ramlan Nur Aisyah Bt Azhar
    • Adjectives WHAT IS AN ADJECTIVES?Adjectives are words that describe nouns. They tell us more about the nouns
    • Adjectives• Example : This is an angry man The box is heavy
    • Adjectives• In the sentences above, angry and heavy are adjectives. The adjective angry tells us about the man The adjective heavy tells us about the box
    • Adjectives Order of Adjectives• If we used a series of adjectives in a sentence, we have to place them in the correct order. They are used in this order : Quantity Size Age/ Shape / Nouns Quality Colour1) The big white van is mine2) Two thin young ladies are singing
    • Adjectives Comparison of Adjectives• There are three degree of comparison : *positive degree *comparative degree *superlative degree
    • Adjectives The picture below show the comparison of adjectivesAdif is tall Ahmad is the tallest I am taller than Adam
    • AdjectivesThe positive degree is used to compare twothings. They can be equal or unequal.Formation : 1) (equal)….as + adjective + as.. 2) (unequal)….not + as+ adjective + as..Example : a) Amy is as tall as her mother. b) This bag is not as heavy as that one.
    • AdjectivesThe comparative degree is used to compare twothings which are not the same.Formation : 1)…more + adjective + than… 2)…adjective + ‘-er’ + than…Example : a) Kim is more intelligent than her brother. b) This dress is cheaper than that one.
    • AdjectivesThe superlative degree is used to comparethree or more things which are not the same.Formation : 1)…the + adjective + ‘-est’… 2)…the + most + adjective…Example :a) Who is the smartest boy in your class?b) This is the most wonderful day of my life!
    • Adjectives Position of AdjectivesPosition Example• Before nouns • The angry farmer scolded the naughty boy. • Who is the pretty girl in the red dress?• After verbs • Marina,you looked tired. • Our teacher was angry with us this morning. • Are you afraid of the dark? • My hometwon is the famous for its delicious food.• Before prepositions
    • Adjectives Let’s do a game