All About...España!


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Finally Proyect English 5

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All About...España!

  1. 1. Integrantes: Daniel Salazar Maiveth Zuleta Geraldine Hernández Jhannyre Dufflart
  2. 2. All about me My big family Jhannyre future trips
  3. 3. Spain is a country where tradition is to eat well and many traditional dishes from different regions, that have been ,passed from generation to generation •potato omelette •Asturian bean stew •Bacalao al pil pil •Octopus •Roasted Lamb •Almond cookies
  4. 4.  Miguel de Cervantes is considered the greatest figure in Spanish literature.  He is universally known for having written The Ingenious Don Quijote de la Mancha, who loses his mind by his Obsession for the heroes of old ballads
  5. 5.  The experience with the teacher was unique, she is funny, always excited if I had to see another English, I would see with her, I do not love the homework but that’s ok
  6. 6. About Me Geraldine Hernandez
  7. 7. Unit 4 Today’s Trends Family trends Spain has a population of approximately 39,508,900, with fifty provinces in seventeen autonomous regions. The population's natural growth has been moderate 7 per 1,000, or 27,200 people. Most population growth has been due to migration to the country, which accounted for 1.0 per 1,000 population (40,000 people) in 2000 (European Communities 2001). One of the leading causes of the slow growth is a decrease in fertility rates that began in the 1980s. the number of live births during a woman's life this year the number was 2.2, but it dropped in 1998 and 1999, by which time the numbers stood at 1.15 and 1.18, respectively. By 2025 the annual rate of growth is estimated to be –0.4 percent with an approximate population of only 37,648,000
  8. 8. Unit 4 Today’s Trends bright print dresses Mediterranean Sandals with multiple straps and platforms. By: Colin Stuart. Spain In Style
  9. 9. 9 All About me Maiveth My Father Mario(Died 1 year ago) He was gaitero My mother Veris, was medical visit for 18 year My Brothrer Mario He´s a study and like to music My sister Doralis She´s a study My sister Beris He´s a medical visit and have a personality especial My Brother Angel He workind at PDVSA and he´s very fanny My sister Maylith She´s Odontologic and woman strong My Nephew Gabriel he´s like tete with bananas ang mandocas My niece Stefanny She´a beatiful girl and participated in Miss Mini Zulia 2009 My Nephew Jose E He´s practice magic trick
  10. 10. The most popular beach of the city is the Barcelonian one located in an unsurpassable place (near a subway station Barcelonian) and equipped well with bars and restaurant, in general it’s a very convenient neighborhood. In his streets, boulevards and squares we find buildings and monuments of good taste and design. Barcelona-Spain; It is the city number one to visit in Spain. With his architecture in the style of Gaudy. Peddlers offer his goods while, the most famous human statues give a special character and decorate this beautiful street.
  11. 11. La Rambla It is a question of the most emblematic streets and one of most frequented. In this zone it is where we find… The Coffee of the Opera deserves to be visited. Paseo de Gracia It’s a lordly boulevard with singular buildings and national and international business of luxury. It possesses an unmistakable style thanks to the modernist architecture.
  12. 12. It was for my new experiance!!! With a way of learning differently but interesting I`d like that the teacher commented on my blog.
  13. 13. Friends