Wedding tourism in india


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Wedding tourism in india

  1. 1. WEDDINGTOURISM IN INDIA Saumyadip Maiti Amity University, Noida
  2. 2. You can find anything & everything in India! India is the hologram ofthe whole world.Marriages have been an indispensable part of human lives.Though the customs, rituals and traditions vary, the importance ofmarriages remain the same worldwide. But the Indian wedding andits style have created rage all over. The tourism sector of Indiaearns much and is greatly boosted by Indian wedding. A wedding isone of the most sanctified and special event of one’s life.
  3. 3. Wedding Tourism in India : A Big MarketThe days will not be far away when Incredible India team will promote Indiaas a Wedding Location. Presently many rich and the famous all around theworld have chosen India as a perfect wedding location.The most recent of the weddings that took place in India is of Singer KatyPerry and comedian Russell Brand married on Oct 23rd 2010. There areseveral reasons as to why people choose India. Its all about choices, if aperson loves to watch a traditional Hindu wedding, they probably wouldlove to have one. Many married people go for a re-wedding in India to justexperience the magic of the Indian wedding.
  4. 4. Statistic of wedding tourism in IndiaWedding tourism - a seemingly new form of tourism is causing a lot ofexcitement in the tourism industry. In some cases it is also referred to as"Marriage Tourism" or "Destination Wedding" . According to the bridalmagazine, Conde Nast Bridal Groups survey, globally wedding tourismhas seen a growth of 400% in the past 10 years. Europe based couplesare known to fly overseas to destinations like Las Vegas, Hawaii, theCarribben and Cyprus in order to marry. India as a country is one of thebeneficiaries of this new trend. Both NRI and foreigners are choosing anIndian wedding, with all its traditional rituals and interesting locales. Thealready booming Indian wedding industry with a revenue of Rs.50,000/ -crore per annum and a growth rate of 25,000 per year, is looking forways to tie up with leading hotels and travel agents to woo this growingtourist segment. Although, in India it is difficult to come across the exactstatistics and figures regarding this tourism sector, nevertheless wecannot ignore this segment. The scope of wedding tourism in India isalso explored.
  5. 5. Wedding at IndiaThe Saat Pheres or the Seven Rounds around the pious fire is animportant part of the Indian wedding. All this is followed by the VedicMantras. The colourful Maharaja like weddings of India stimulate manyforeigners to get wed in Indian style.According to the Indian Culture, marriage is a sacred ceremony involvingthe presence of relatives, friends and family of the two individuals gettingmarried. It is thought to be auspicious for the two people starting a newlife to abide by certain rituals. These rituals invoke the gods and certainsymbolic rites are performed to get the couple initiated into a married life.
  6. 6. Exotic Weddings in IndiaFor exotic weddings, India is the best Destinations for makingevent memorable. Indian Wedding Planners offers you completewedding package starting from Sagai to Vidai.Effective and planned wedding coordination is the key to asuccessful, hassle - free event and an Exotic Venue for yourDream Weddings is also very important.BEACH WEDDINGEnjoying your Wedding / Wedding Anniversary the way you like tohave. Have a colorful function in typical Goa style. Gift it to yourwife and enjoy a weeks tour afterwards. Wed her in another style.Make an Album to remember always.
  7. 7. ROYAL WEDDINGFrom the Royal welcome - an extravagant ritual bestowedupon each guest in the ancient tradition of the palaces of theRajasthan - to that awesome moment when champagnecorks pop and the night sky explodes into showers offireworks heralding the acknowledgement of wedding, a timeof joy and new awakenings will be indelibly etched inmemory of all the guests.
  8. 8. HIMALAYAN WEDDINGEnjoy the quiet splendor of the majestic Himalayas,beautiful valleys and pine forests. And entertain yourguests with trekking, mountain picnics and riverrafting as well. Adventure weddings Adventure weddings for the couples those who just want to become celebrity overnight, the Couples prefers to have a wedding in Hot Air Balloon, Underwater or even in an Aeroplane.
  9. 9. Other wedding venue of IndiaIt can also be at Tiger Retreats, Jungle Safaris, Wildlife Camps, VillageSafari, Nature Resorts, Health Resort, Deserts, River Escapes etc.These days trend is also increasing for weddings at venues whichhas romantic value ie. Taj View Wedding at Agra or at Worlds LargestRamoji Film City and also on Cruises, Houseboats, Luxury Trains orBackwaters.People are also preferring to organize Weddings at Ghats of Holy Gangaat Haridwar / Rishikesh in the back drop of Holy Ganga Aarti, Sangam inPrayag. Kurukshetra in Haryana, Khajuraho, Orchha in Madhya Pradeshfor religious venue weddings.People from small villages or towns are planning their weddings/partiesat Metropolitan cities, such as Weddings at Delhi, New Delhi,Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Bhopal,Bhuvneshwar, Gurgaon,Chennai, Kolcutta etc for the comfort of thecouples.
  10. 10. Some Fact Of Wedding Tourism In India With the Liz Hurley-Arun Nayar wedding happening in India, we are hoping to promote marriage tourism. There are a lot of exotic locales and several Germans have been coming with their girlfriends to get married in India. Ordinary Germans are so excited about getting married in our country," she said, pointing out that it was not just the celebrity circuit which was sold on the big fat Indian wedding idea. The tourism ministry has gone a step further and even organised a mock Indian wedding with a willing German couple, who will exchange vows with two priests chanting shlokas in Sanskrit and German. The wedding - to take place on March 10 - will be held in a specially decorated mandap bedecked with flowers. The idea seemed to have caught the imagination of some Germans.
  11. 11.  Rene Loichen, who works in a marketing firm in Saxony, said: "I think getting married on an Indian beach is a good idea. There are so many landscapes, varieties of food to choose from." A student at Worms city, too was quite taken up by the concept. "It is a very interesting idea. I have never been to India before and this would give me a chance to see the country,"
  12. 12. Wedding Plannersspecialise in following .....1) good theme for the marriage, we have many themes according to the client.2)flower decoration3)mandaps decoration4)specialise in giving different ypes of entrances5)a good d.j to rock your party6)having all entertainments things related to your needs in weddings like - mehendiwali (rajasthani nd many more)- dance troupe- band for dhule raja nd baggis- lightings- many farm houses nd other places for marriages- d.js- bhangra group
  13. 13. I. List of services: Music & Entertainment Theme Weddings Mehendi & Grooming Venues Photographer & Videographer Catering Accommodation Cakes Trousseau Packing Rentals/Hiring Wedding Favors Invitations Keepsakes Accompaniments Lighting Tentage Floral Decor
  14. 14. The famous wedding planner at India • Big India Wedding. • Rajpalace • Tie The Connect • Memorable India • Rab Ne Bana Diya Jori • Adriyana Eventide & Wedding Planner • Seven Sees Banquet & Cater • A Royal Wedding & Event
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