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Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Social Media MarketingSaumyadip Maiti
  2. 2. The Digital Landscape• The 3 Phases of the Web– Phase 1: Portals– Phase 2: Search Engines– Phase 3: Social Networks
  3. 3. The Digital LandscapeGoogle-• Number One site on the Web• In some industries 90% of all buying decisions start with andonline search• Arguments in pubs and bars are quite often settled with aGoogle search – by consulting “Lord Google” for the answerto a fact under dispute• In regards to total time spent online Facebook has surpassedGoogle in 2010
  4. 4. The Digital Landscape• In 2011 the milestone of 500 million users logging intoFacebook in 1 day was achieved• Over 800 million users• Nearly 1 in 2 people using the internet are on FacebookFACEBOOK
  5. 5. The Digital Landscape• Mobile• 5.2 billion phones globally• Smart phones are outselling like “normalphone”• Apple in the Last quarter of 2011 sold 15million iPads and is projected to have sell atotal of over 100 million iPads by end of 2012since its launch .
  6. 6. Why Social Media Marketing?•It is still new•The tools are still developing•Its too much of a risk
  7. 7. Why Social Media?• Social Media Amplifies our Content• Social Media Marketing is potentially exponentialMany to Many• It also amplifies due to low friction sharing• This is seen with sharing buttons Facebook Shares,Likes and Twitter Retweets
  8. 8. Why Social Media?• Makes us Stand out from the Crowd• A well optimised marketing strategy can provideour brand with high visibility• Being on multiple social networks• Multiple Media
  9. 9. Why Social Media?• Networking on Steroids•Networking was cocktail parties, events and lunches•Networking can be accelerated with social networksby identifying common interests and grouping us intribes globally•Virtual connections can quickly turn into face to facemeetings and opportunities
  10. 10. Why Social Media?• Accelerates the Spread of our Brand•By building online properties such as websites blogsand social media digital assets we can•Be ubiquitous•Variety of formats that allow people to easily share totheir tribes
  11. 11. Why Social Media?• It can Position us as an Expert•Through online publishing of great content and thenpromoting and marketing we can accelerate ourbusiness and personal brands visibility through•Becoming the obvious thought leader in our industry.••Being mentioned by others builds•Credibility•Trust
  12. 12. Why Social Media?• our Business Can Self-PublishThe Web gives us access to a global village•Social Media Channels allow us to publish in a varietyof media to many social networking channels.•A mobile phone puts a printing press in our hand•Social networks and easy to use blogging platforms arethe revolution to publishing in nearly 600 years since theinvention of the Gutenberg press
  13. 13. Why Social Media?• Global Word of Mouth•Word of Mouth is powerful for referrals and trust but itis slowed by an analog world.•It was restricted to our friends and colleagues whichare constrained by the Dunbar number (150).•World of mouth transfers information globally in realtime, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  14. 14. Benefits of Social Media•Content is a cornerstone of our foundations•Create content that resonates with our audience such as solving problems,informing and educating•Present and publish in a variety of media that will reach the widest possibleaudience•Content for B2B is more about “How To’s” and Education not entertainment• Optimizing all our online assets for search engines is vital to win the war onbrand visibility• 4 Keys to OptimisationHeadlinesKey words and phrasesDescriptionsLinks
  15. 15. Step 1• Establish a Clear Focused VisionIf we are a personal blogger or a brand we need to have clarity on ourvision and mission, getting the vision clear is the vital first step in thejourney. If we are a business and have not created a vision statementthen maybe its time to retire to the boardroom and give the neurons andwhiteboard a workout!A vision statement is an inspirational sentence or two that will keep usfocused when uncertainty and temptations to take a different courseconfront us.Nike aren’t one of the top sports apparel brands in the world becausethey have fuzzy thinking. Nike’s vision is short and inspirational.focus, motivation and momentum comes from being clear about wherewe are going.
  16. 16. Step 1• Establish a Clear Focused VisionNike’s Vision“To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in theworld. If you have a body, you are an athlete”
  17. 17. Step 2• Obtain Commitment from ManagementCEO and Management needs to be on board. It quite often is donewithout the right people buying in
  18. 18. Step 3• Determine Prospects & Customer PersonasSome questions to ask about our prospects-What do they read or view?What are their problems?What social networks do they use?
  19. 19. Step 4• Create and Prioritize Goals•It is important to know what we want to achieve•Do we want to improve brand recognition•Capture more inquiries•Increase sales•Which are the most important?
  20. 20. Step 5• Develop Tactics to Achieve Goals•Then we can create the tactics on the platforms where weaudience is•Drive traffic to a landing page that captures emails and basiccustomer information•Increase Facebook likes – putting our brand and content infront of more people in their Facebook news feeds and ticker•Publish content on our blog and promote it on Facebook andTwitter and Slideshare to position our brand as experts
  21. 21. Step 6• Resources Allocated to Achieve the Goals•Implementing these tactics and building the web assetsrequires resources-•Money•People•Tools
  22. 22. Step 7• Plan and Create Content•Content needs to be created that communicates and temptsour audience to engage with us•eBooks•Videos•Blog articles•Facebook updates (Supre)•Could also include polls, surveys and competitions
  23. 23. Step 8• Publish and Promote on the Social Networks where ourCustomers are•Creating the content is just the start, Marketing our contentcontinuously and consistently is vital•Promoting it on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is a goodplace to start for B2B’s•Organic social media marketing will take time so it issometimes a good idea to use Paid Social Media marketing onFacebook or LinkedIn to be a catalyst to accelerate ourmarketing campaign•Just like we would use Google Adwords to accelerate beingfound online until our organic SEO starts to produce results
  24. 24. Step 9• Measure and Monitor the Results•We are not going to get our marketing right every time so•Measure and Monitor the results•Tools such as Google analytics and•Facebook to ensure we are moving towards our goals
  25. 25. Step 10• Modify, Rinse and Repeat•Make changes to what is not working and•Keep doing what is producing results•Be patient it will take time as we build our onlinebrand
  26. 26. Social Media Marketing Tools and Tactics
  27. 27. Social Media Marketing with Facebook•Facebook is often not seen as a B2B marketing channel but asit has matured and its ecosystem become deeper and broaderwith-•Apps•Customised landing welcome pages•It is not a channel we should ignore if we are a B2B or aB2C company
  28. 28. Social Media Marketing with Facebook• Why Use Facebook?– Business Page – for spreading our content– Multi-Media rich– It is where one in three internet users hang out– Self Serve Target Ads with user demographics
  29. 29. Facebook Social Media Marketing – B2C• Facebook for B2C Companies1. Welcome page2. Provide an incentive for growing our Facebook “Likes”3. Capture email subscriptions for our database4. Offer specials5. Publish content daily6. Crowd sourced market research7. Sell products on our Facebook store8. Provide rich multimedia
  30. 30. Facebook Social Media Marketing – B2B• Facebook for B2B Companies1. Video Channel with “How To” Tutorials2. News Updates in our Industry3. Provide an Incentive for Growing our Facebook “Likes”4. Capturing Email Subscriptions for our database5. Targeting Decision Makers through Paid SMM6. Market Research and Surveys7. Promote our Thought Leaders
  31. 31. Social Media Marketing with Twitter
  32. 32. Social Media Marketing with Twitter• Why use Twitter?– A global network of 500 million plus users– we can target industries and niches– Monitor the competition– It is global– It is real time– It is a great tool to market our blog content– It is simple
  33. 33. Social Media Marketing with Twitter• 5 Tips for Optimizing Twitter1. Include a photo or logo2. Add our Facebook or Website’s URL3. Write “Great Headlines”4. Make sharing easy with a “ReTweet” button5. Include “Follow me on Twitter” buttons on our blog
  34. 34. Social Media Marketing with Twitter• Twitter Marketing Tips1. Develop a targeted Twitter following2. Listen, engage and communicate and build loyal followers inour community3. Create a live feed on the corporate brand name to see whatthe world is saying about us4. Tweet our online specials that link to a landing page5. Tweet our content6. Network and Create contacts on Twitter by retweeting theircontent
  35. 35. Social Media Marketing with Twitter• Twitter Tools• SocialOomph – auto following with a direct message,automate the sending of content out regularly• – the yellow pages of twitter• Hootsuite – mananging and monitoring• Twitter Feed - for sending out otherpeople’s
  36. 36. Social Media Marketing with LinkedInLinkedIn is a powerful B2B professional networkwith 150 million members.In the last 12 months its membership has doubledin AustraliaDon’t ignore it as a sharing platform
  37. 37. Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn• Why use LinkedIn?– Over 150 Million professionals are members– Great for networking professionally– Finding opportunities– Positioning as an expert with over 800,000 groups– Integrate our other sites Website, Blog and Facebook– Average income is over $100,000•
  38. 38. Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn• Setting up and Optimizing LinkedIn– Create a public profile (don’t lock it away)– In our homepage activate our Twitter link– Activate our blog feed to our homepage on LinkedIn– Integrate “SlideShare” into LinkedIn
  39. 39. Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn• LinkedIn Marketing Tips– Update our posts on LinkedIn after publishing– Participate in one of the 800,000 groups that is suitable for our targetaudience– Create our own group that doesn’t sell but provides a forum for ourindustry niche– Create Exclusive Content that requires registration– Advertise on LinkedIn from as little as $10 per day– we can target by• Geography• Industry• Job Function• Job title• LinkedIn Groups
  40. 40. Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn• LinkedIn Case Study B2B: Post Card Mania– Create compelling content– Build contacts– Join groups and contribute– Cold message contactsResults: In 12 Months they have generated 600 leads from a B2B audience
  41. 41. Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn• LinkedIn Case Study B2B: Post Card Mania– The Landing Page
  42. 42. Social Media Marketing with YouTube
  43. 43. Social Media Marketing with YouTube• Why use YouTube?– Second largest search engine in the world– Easier to rank higher in organic search than Google– The younger generation would rather poke their eyes out thanread a paragraph of text – provide short videos– “How To” category is the fastest growing segment– Can be branded
  44. 44. Social Media Marketing with YouTube• Setting up and Optimizing YouTube1. Create our own branded YouTube Channel2. Link to our Blog, Facebook Fanpage or our website to make iteasy for people to link back to our site3. Put the category such as [Social Media Marketing] in Bracketsbefore each Title of our video4. Put “Tags” in our video tags section, make them relevant to ourvideo title5. Again promote our YouTube video on Twitter and place themon our blog in a Video or YouTube Channel section
  45. 45. Social Media Marketing with YouTube• YouTube Marketing Tips1. Interview senior people in our industry – promote them, the lawof reciprocity2. Create information videos that inform clients while you sleep –leverages our time3. Create Educational videos demonstrating expertise andthought leadership4. Include videos in our online store to showcase and demoproducts (can increase conversion rates by 10-30%(Case Study: Online shoe store Zappos)
  46. 46. Social Media Marketing with Slideshare•Slideshare is maybe the sleeper in the B2B socialnetworking closet but with•Over 50 million unique visitors•16 Million registered users•It is powerful for spreading and embedding our content inblogs and websites. If we are in the knowledge industry thenSlideshare can be a great way to share our thoughtleadership and expertise in a graphical format.
  47. 47. Social Media Marketing with Slideshare• Why use Slideshare?– It is the “YouTube” for PowerPoint– Presentations position you as an expert– Optimal for B2B– Good for optimising content for search
  48. 48. Social Media Marketing with Slideshare• Slideshare Marketing Tips1. Turn our posts into PowerPoint presentations and post them toSlideShare2. Write a good headline both on the presentation itself and thetitle area3. Include keyword tags that would be used to find thepresentation4. Promote our presentations on Twitter5. Allow viewers to download our presentation to assist in makingit easy for people to share6. Post them to our Facebook page7. In choose a license make it CC (Creative Commons) Licenseso people can use our content and then attribute and link to ourblog
  49. 49. Social Media Marketing with Blogs•With over 150 million blogs it is a publishing platform thatshould not be ignored•Especially useful for B2B businesses•Some thought that social networks and micro blogs suchas twitter would sound the death knell for blogs.•It appears that it is actually helping drive traffic andgrowth
  50. 50. Social Media Marketing with Blogs• Why Blog?– To establish a home base that we own– Personal branding eg””– Position we as a thought leader in our niche– Establishes authority– Google likes fresh unique content– Easy to use– Builds an online asset
  51. 51. Social Media Marketing with Blogs• Setting up and Optimizing Blog– Buy our own domain name– Blog as part of our primary website domain– Purchase a Word Press theme– Post content regularly– Promote our Blog on Twitter regularly– Include social media share and subscribe buttons– Build our email subscriber database
  52. 52. Social Media Marketing with Blogs• Blogging Marketing Tips1. Solve problems with our posts. What do our customers worryabout?2. Provide “How To” articles3. Write great headlines4. Write easy to read articles5. Use multimedia embed videos, images and screen shots6. Send out posts instead of static email newsletters that drive trafficto our site and drive comments7. Post after publishing to other social media channels, Facebookpage, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter (manually)8. Create evergreen content9. Be focused (stay on topic)10. Repurpose offline and publish it online
  53. 53. Thank you