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este es de maite espinosa y jose manuel crobacho

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  1. 1. THE ENERGYBy: Maite Espinosa & Jose Ma nuel Corbacho 2ª A
  2. 2. INDEXE n e r g y d e f in it io nT y p e s o f e n e r g yE n e r g y s o u r c e sR e n e w a b l e & n o n r e n e w a b le s o u r c e s o f e ne rg yE n v i r o n m e n t a l i m p a c tE n e r g y p o w e r s t a t i o n s
  3. 3. What is energy? Energy is the capacity of d oing a work.
  4. 4. Types of energy *thermal energy *chemical energy *electrical energy *nuclear energy *electromagnetic energy *mechanical energy *magnetic energy
  5. 5. C hem ical energy The chem ical energy is stored in substances, it can be released or absorbed d uring chem ical processes.
  6. 6. Electrical energyThe electrical energy is associated with a electric current, it m akeselectrically powered m achines, in other word s, it m akes that m ost m achines work.
  7. 7. Nuclear energy The nuclear energy is contained in the nuclei of atom s, and it is released d uring nuclear reactions.It is used to create electricity by boiling water to create steam that turns turbines insid e the power plant.
  8. 8. Electromanetic energy Electrom agnetic energy is the energy which is transported by electrom agnetics waves (rad io,TV, etc), lum inous energy is a tipe of electrom agnetic energy generate by the sun or artificial lights.
  9. 9. Mechanical energy There are two kind s of m echanical energy:* kinetic energy is the energy that contains the objects when are in m ovem ent.* potential energy is the energy that objects contains when they are in hight position.
  10. 10. Sources of energy There are two kind s of sources of energy: renewable and non- renewable.
  11. 11. The renewable sources cam e from unlim ited natural resources. L ike the Sun, the wind , the water, etc.The non-renewable sources cam e from natural sources lim ited . L ike the petrolium , the coal, etc.
  12. 12. Enviromtental impact *reservoirs can cover a lot of productive land and even destroy villages. *the reservois can damage the landscape. *can affect the animals and plants. *if the dam breaks, there can be lots of damages. *Wind turbines are a hazard for birds. *noise pollution is created with win turbines.
  13. 13. Energy power stations A power station is a place to generate energy. Solar power stations Wind power stations Thermosolar power stations Nuclear power stations Hidraulic power stations Thermic power stations Heolic power stations
  14. 14. FIN