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Question 3   media institutions
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Question 3 media institutions


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Catherine CowperTeam Wildfyre Productions
  • 2. A media institution is a company that dispersesany media product for audienceconsumption. It deals with the distribution ofthe media product.
  • 3. The institution would mainly disperse the filmproduct to any cinemas, either nationally orinternationally.Then after being shown at the cinemas theywould usually then dispersed to shops to sellas merchandise, in forms of DVD’s orsoundtracks etc.
  • 4. This is a list of popular media institutions thatwould be suitable to distribute our film tocinemas and shops etc: The UK Film Council BBC Films Vertigo Films Film Four
  • 5. This institution has backed up more than 900films, which also include feature and shortfilms.They support many directors by funding theirBritish films to try and attract a largeraudience to them.They also have a large backing where they arefunded by the National Lottery. They are alsopartnered with the British Film Institution,Skill Set, First Light, Film Club and theNational Screen Agencies.
  • 6. BBC Films are the forefront in producing BritishIndependent Films. They are committed infinding and developing new talents they havefound through these independent British filmmakers.However they are picky about the films theyback up and it might be a bit of troubletrying to get a backing.
  • 7. Vertigo Films is a UK based media companywhich focuses on creating and distributingcommercially driven independent cinema.Vertigo films use new technology and they payattention to the budgets of their films, this isto address their audience in the most care toproduce a film that the audience willapprove of.
  • 8. Film Four showcases a wade range of British madefilms and also international films that have comefrom all over the world.Not only do they just show films, they also producetheir own films. An example of one of their filmsthat became an award winning film is “This IsEngland” by Shane Meadows.Film Four is also partnered with differentcompanies. One of these being warp X Filmswhere they challenge British and anyInternational films by creating new ones for alower budget, with the intention of expandingthe niche audience.
  • 9. For our film we could consider going to all ofthe institutions mentioned, so that we areable to over all of the issues that come withmaking a film, which include a budget forthe film and distributing to the cinemas andretailers.Also as these institutions are well knownthroughout the UK, we hope that our filmwould attract interest from a variety ofaudiences and help widen our niche audienceto a larger general audience.