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Greatest Moments in Internet History: The Internet and Netscape IPO
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Greatest Moments in Internet History: The Internet and Netscape IPO


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • It all started at ULA in September 1969, where a time shared computer known as the SIGMA7 was used by students and faculty The computer was then hooked up to a packet switching device or the IMP (Interface Message Processor) developed at MIT. And it was on October 9th, 1969, that the internet has “uttered” its first word. On that day Kleinrock and his team at UCLA attempted a message transmission from SIGMA7 to another computer over at Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto. But they were only able to successfully send to letters of the word the “L” and the “O” before completing the word “login”. And the system crashed. So as a result the word Lo! As in Lo! Behold and that was the first word on the internet or the ARPANET!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Netscape Commercial
    • 2. Greatest Moments in Internet History The Internet Netscape IPO
    • 3. The Internet October 29,1969 : LO! And BEHOLD ! Leonard Kleinrock Life span: June 13, 1934, Manhattan~ Who is responsible?
    • 4. The Event
      • Started in September 1969, a host, time-sharing computer was used at UCLA by faculty and staff
      • October 29 1969, The host computer at UCLA and Stanford Research Institution were both successfully linked via the IMP (Interface Message Transmitter)
      • Kleinrock and his team attempted a massage transmission
      • Only two letters (L and O) were sent before the system crashed before completing the phrase “Login”
      • And there, LO! As in LO! And behold was the first phrase traveled on the ARPANET (internet)!
    • 5. IMP LOG This is an IMP Log in which the message transmission was recorded
    • 6. Impact of the Event
      • Later on the network grew larger with more IMPs and computers added
      • It was a technological breakthrough, and from this they discovered their problems and find ways for improving the internet
      • It marks the new era of hi-speed and world-wide communication
    • 7. Profile of Leonard Kleinrock Education:
      • Awards:
      • National Medal of Science
      • Communications and Computer Prize, NEC C&C
      • Computer Design Hall of Fame
      • L.M. Ericsson
      1951- The Bronx High School of Science The City College of New York with BA in Electrical Engineering Master’s and PhD at MIT
    • 8. Interesting facts about Kleinrock :
      • Black Belt in Karate
      • Marathon Runner
      • Selected as"50 People Who Most Influenced Business This Century”- by the Los Angeles Times
      • Published over 250 papers and 6 books
      • His inspiration to become an engineer was from a Superman comic
    • 9. Netscape IPO August 9, 1995: Day of Irrational Exuberance Who is responsible? Jim Clark and Marc Andreessen
    • 10. The Event
      • On August 9th of 1995 Netscape made a public offering into the stock market
      • Stocks were skyrocketing, it went from $28 to $75
      • It was an internet boom, creating a dot com frenzy
    • 11. Impact of the Event
      • Boosted competition amongst web browser software makers
      • Inspired many other companies to go public like Yahoo, Amazon, eBay
      • Leads to the down fall of Netscape it-self, because it was outcompeted by other companies (i.e. Microsoft)
      • Large IT companies had become very influential on the economy
    • 12. Jim Clark Life Span: March 23 1944 Texas- Education:
      • Dropped out of high school and joined
      • the Navy
      • BA and Master’s degree in physics from Uni. Of New Orleans
      • PhD from University of Utah
    • 13. Continue with Jim Clark
      • Awards :
      • Gold Medal Award-American
      • Research Society
      • Facts:
      • Developed the Geometry Engine
      • Founded Silicon Graphics
      • Lectures at Universities and conferences
      • world-wide
    • 14. Marc Andreessen Life Span: July 9, 1971 Iowa-
      • Education:
      • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
      • (he was only at the age of 22 when founded
      • Netscape)
    • 15. Continue with Marc Andreessen
      • Awards :
      • Computerworld Smithsonian
      • Information Technology Leadership Award
      • Facts:
      • During Netscape IPO he was worth over $170 million
      • “ hamburger - chomping pop icon for the cyber generation”
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