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  • 1. Kazakhstan is situated in Central Asia. Kazakhstan borders onKirgizia, Uzbikistan, Turkministan in the south, China in the east and Russia in thenorth. There are a lot of hills, mountains on its territory.The greatest of them are the Alatow, Tian-Shian mountains, besides there are longrivers in country. The main rivers are the Ural, the Irtysh, the Tobol, the Syrdaria. TheKaspian sea is situated in country too. Besides this famous lake there are such lakesas the Balhash, the Issyck-Kul.
  • 2. The landscape of country is diverse. There aremountains, forests, seas, lakes, rivers, deserts, and flat plains called the steppe.
  • 3. The population of Kazakhstan more than 16 million people. My country is a multinational state. There are 132 ethnic groups. The first president of our state is Nursultan Nazarbaev.
  • 4. The flag of Kazakhstan consists of 2 color: yellow and blue. There is an eagle in the center and kazakh ornament in theleft. The eagle flies under the sun, which means the freedom of country.
  • 5. The capital of our country is Astana, it became a capital in 1998, after Almaty. Almaty is a city of a million people, a big administrative economic and cultural center of my country.Astana is a great administrative industrial and scientific center.
  • 6. The largest cities of Kazakhstan areAktobe, Karaganda, Semipolatinsk, Shymkent, Ustken
  • 7. The Republic of Kazakhstan is a democratic, secular, legal andsocial state whose highest values are an individual, his life, rights and freedoms. The Republic of Kazakhstan is a unitary state with a presidential form of government. The state power in the Republic of Kazakhstan is unified and executed on the basis of the Constitution and laws in accordance with the principle of its division into the legislative, executive and judicial branches.
  • 8. The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the head of state, its highest official determining the main directions of the domestic and foreign policy of the state and representing Kazakhstan within the country and in international relations. The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan acts as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the state. Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the highest representative body of the Republic performing legislative functions. Parliament consists of two Chambers acting on a permanent basis: the Senate and the Majilis.