Bmms5103 assignment october semester 2012[1]


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Bmms5103 assignment october semester 2012[1]

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT – BMMS5103MAY SEMESTER 2012MARKETING STRATEGY – BMMS5103ASSIGNMENT (60%)PURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENTThe purpose of the assignment is to enable students to write a critical analysisof marketing–ssynergistic relationship with strategy. The marketing function providesimportant feedback forstrategic planning in a company.ASSIGNMENT OBJECTIVES:The assignment has the following objectives:1.To explain strategic planning and it–s relatedness to the company–s mission,objectivesand goals.2.To identify strategies for designing the business portfolio, growth andfunctional planning.3.To be able to outline the marketing process and the development of the marketingmix.4.To define and explain the concepts of target consumers with appropriatemarketingstrategies for competitive advantage.5.To evaluate electronic business in relation to strategic planning and marketing.ASSIGNMENT QUESTION (Marks 50%)All marketing strategies are meant to be applied when there is a viable market.If such a marketdoes not exist then nothing works. Therefore, an organisation has to berealistic whenconsidering market strategies. Organisations resources are scarce and spreadingresources toothin can be fatal. Thus, a –me-too– strategy may not provide the competitiveadvantage for anorganisation. Understanding which market has the most potential will allow yourbusiness toexploit and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.There are five strategic dimensions; Market-scope strategy, Market-geography-strategy, Market-entry strategy, Market-commitment strategy and Market-dilution strategy1.Explain each strategic dimension with appropriate examples. Explain theusefulness ofeach strategy for different types of products and services.2.Provide an evaluation on how each strategy would be suitable or unsuitable foryourselected product or service.3.Discuss the implications of your recommended marketing strategy in relation to
  2. 2. yourselected product or service. Please clarify how your recommended marketingstrategywould result in a sustainable competitive advantage for your organisation.1
  3. 3. ASSIGNMENT – BMMS51032Note: The grade for this assignment will be considered in terms of originalityand the overallability of the student to evaluate and apply marketing strategies realisticallyin the context of realbusiness world. Any plagiarism and/or lack of correct referencing will bepenalized or beawarded a fail grade.PRESENTATION (Marks 10%)You will be required to deliver a presentation at the end of the semester withthe followingguidelines:1. Presentation needs to highlight the important points of your assignment withyouropinions.2. Presentation needs to be in Microsoft PowerPoint slides for a duration of 5-10 minutes.3. Presentation will be held at the end of the semester (Seminar 5). Onlinestudents areexempted from presenting.ADDITIONAL GUIDELINES / ASSIGNMENT FORMAT:. Your assignment should be typed on A4 paper using 12-point Times New Roman and1.5spacing.. Your assignment should NOT exceed 2500 words, not including appendix andreference.. Your must provide references. References should use the American PsychologicalAssociation (APA) format. References should include the latest journal/book publication (year 2007 andonwards).. You are to submit a softcopy of your assignment via email. You must receiveacknowledgement email from your facilitator to confirm submission.. Plagiarism is not acceptable. If you are not sure what is meant by plagiarism,refer to thevarious websites which discuss this matter, Plagiarized assignments will receive a –Fail– mark.