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Environment (Internal and External) of Gramnnephone Bangladesh.

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  1. 1. Stamford University Bangladesh Presentation On Environment of GrameenphoneSubmitted toNafiza IslamSenior Lecturer,Dept. of Business Administration
  2. 2. Submitted By: Touhid-E-Murshid Oli BBA 045 14071 Mainul Islam BBA 045 14023 Shabnor Karim Zenith BBA 045 14073 Tanu Saha BBA 045 14029 Md. Rashel Miah BBA 045 14010
  3. 3. Touhid-E-Murshid Oli BBA 045 14071Presentation topic:Ownership;Board of director;Employees;
  4. 4. Business EnvironmentThe factor that surrounding our organizationand impact on our business is called businessenvironment.There are two types of organization’senvironment. They are; Internal Environment. External Environment.
  5. 5. Telecommunication• Here We describe the Grameenphone Telecommunication system & it’s business environment:• Internal environment segment of Grameenphone: Ownership; Board of director; Employees; Physical work environment; Organization Culture.
  6. 6. OwnersThis is a joint ventureenterprise betweenTelenor (55.8%)Grameen TelecomCorporation (34.2% ),The other 10% sharesbelong to generalretail and institutionalinvestorsint venturecompany.
  7. 7. Board of Directors Per Hylland –Director, chairman of health,safety chairman of HRC. M. Shahjahan--Director, Chairman ofTreasury Committee, Chairman of AuditCommittee. Jamaluddin Ahmed FCA--IndependentDirector.
  8. 8. Employees Managerial employees:Fridtjof Rusten-CFO,Haroon Bhatti-CPO,Arild Kaak-CMO,Kazi Moniral Kabir-CCO,Tanveer Mohammed-CTO,Mohmad hossain-CCAO. Non Managerial Employees:Customer care representative.
  9. 9. Mainul Islam BBA 045 14023Presentation topicsPhysical work environment;Organization Culture;Competitors;
  10. 10. Physical Work EnvironmentSecurity;Bonus;Promotion;Training;Free transportation;Canteen facilities;
  11. 11. Organizational CultureBuild effective alliances with other customer service ;Maintaining competitive qualities through whole process of work ;Positioning skilled human resources ;Maintaining high ethical standard ;
  12. 12. Values Make it Easy They’re trying to make customers liveseasier. Keep Promises Everything they set out to do shouldwork, or if you dont get it, theyre here to help. Be Inspiring Everything they produce should lookgood, modern and fresh. They are passionate about theybusiness and customers. Be Respectful They acknowledge and respect localcultures where they operate.
  13. 13. External EnvironmentTask General Competitors; Technological; Customers; Economical; Suppliers; Social culture ; Strategic partners; Political-legal; Regulators; International;
  14. 14. CompetitorsThere are some competitors doing the same business in Bangladesh. They are : Banglalink Robi Airtel Citycell Teletalk
  15. 15. Shabnour Karim Zenith BBA 045 14073Presentation topics:Customers;Suppliers;Strategic partners;
  16. 16. Customers They operate their service for all level of peoples. They provide Especially package for retailer —Like ‘’POLLI phone’’ And also provided the ‘’djuice’’ package for young generation.Mainly their targeting people is business related people of this country.
  17. 17. SuppliersTransmitters cable that comes from Finland.Sim,Server system & other technology fromChina.
  18. 18. Strategic partnersThe strategic partners of Grameenphone are; Society for Economic and Basic Advancement (SEBA) Eagle, nationwide, Kalikapur Daridro Kallan Sangsta (KDKS), Socio-Economic Development Association (SEDA), SSTD Communication, divisionally.
  19. 19. Tanu Saha BBA 045 14029Presentation topics:Regulators;Technological;Economical;
  20. 20. RegulatorsThe Bangladesh TelecommunicationsRegulatory Commission, a statutory body, wasformed in January 2002.It is trying to build competence and runprojects with the help of ITU, World Bank andother international organizations.
  21. 21. TechnologicalGP was the first company to introduce GSM technology inBangladesh when it launched itsservices in March 1997. GSM brings the most advanced developments in cellular technology at a reasonablecost. It has 10,000Base stations inmore than 5700 locations & 98%Population (Voice + EDGE/GPRS)and also Indoor and Highway coverage.
  22. 22. Network Coverage & Example of using Technology
  23. 23. EconomicalGrameenphone has great contribution on economy :It pays over tk. 6 billion in the tax section in recent year.It creates a large number of job opportunities, which reduce unemployment problem.And they do many work to develop the economic system of our country.
  24. 24. Rashel Miah BBA 045 14010Presentation topics:Socio-cultural;Political-legal;International;
  25. 25. Social cultural
  26. 26. Political-LegalThe Grameenphone is not involves any political activities.The regulatory relationship between business and the government (legal system) and its agencies that define what organizations can and can’t do.
  27. 27. InternationalIt has substantial international operations inMobile Telephony, Satellite Operations andPay Television Services.In addition to Norway and Bangladesh,Telenor AS owns GSM companies inDenmark, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine,Montenegro, Thailand, Malaysia and Pakistan.
  28. 28. Stay Close