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16150187 Guest Relation Officer 16150187 Guest Relation Officer Document Transcript

  • GUEST RELATIONS OFFICERObjective:All GRO, expected by the management to be “as one spot point".Where all the guests complaint / problem / queries could be solvedpromptly, professionally & efficiently to full the guest satisfaction.Guest Relations will be a representative to the hotel & managementto perform the professionalism & service excellence to the hotel.Key to success: Self discipline Punctual Courteous Professional Attitude Communicative Helpful Attention to detail Natural warmth and friendliness Alertness Innovative Well groomed Honesty Team workGuest Relation Manning
  • Guest Relation Officers ideally manned from 07.00 am until23.00pm, but it all depend on the size of the hotel itself. PERSONAL GROOMINGYour poise, manner and attitude are crucial in reflecting theprofessional image of the hotel which implies competence andprofessionalism. In order to achieve that image, the standards mayinvolve limiting personal preferences.DEPORTMENT1. Good posture should always be maintained. Stand upright with hand down.2. Be courteous, use phrases like "May I help you?" and end a conversation by saying “Thank you".3. Keep an eye contact and be sure that you give your undivided attention to the guests.4. Work related issues when discussed should be done in a professional manner and tone on the guests presence.5. Should always look up and smile readily.6. Idle conversation among staff in the presence of guests should never be carried out.
  • APPEARANCE STANDARDSUniforms1. Must be neat and well pressed.2. Must be clean and spotless.3. Well maintained, no patches and missing part e.g. buttons.4. Buttoned up and hooked as designed.5. Clean and unscratched name tag to be worn.Footwear1. Plain black colored shoes or polish able leather only. Open toed shoes, sling back shoes and moccasin are not permitted.2. Covered heeled ladies court shoes with 5cm heels.3. Must be well maintained, clean and good condition.Accessories1. Continental watch only, no fancy designed or colored watches allowed (e.g. Swatch).2. One pairs of studded earring not bigger that 1cm in diameter. Nose studs and earlobe clips are not allowed.3. Maximum 2 rings allowed. Wedding band and engagement tings only.4. All accessories worn e.g. watch, ring, earring and necklace must be in conservative design and presentable.Hair1. Neat clean and professional looking. Punk hairstyles and coloring of hair is note permitted.
  • 2. Fingers must be neat and just touching eyebrows.3. Short hairstyles length or shorter must be styled and keep away from face. JOB DESCRIPTION GUIDE LINES• When you start to open the manual before starting the training ask her is she has an idea about what is Guest Relation, and what makes her interested to work in the department.• Read the job summary thoroughly, ensure she is clear with the information.Now you start to explain the duties of GRO:1. Ensure that; whenever possible, guest receive personal recognition. Guest will be happy if they are being recognized, they will feel that they are important, special touch, etc. There is so many ways to recognize them, firstly by physically, either memorizes them by remembering his name, or you could find your own way how to recognize tem, but the management expects that GRO must recognize the guest name after 2 transactions.2. Meets and greets arriving guest and bids farewell to departing clients.
  • This is the major task for GRO to give the maximum courtesy since the first time you meet them, when they are in house and even when you bid him farewell. Because in this part after the guest lest the hotel, guest will remember that the hotel staffs are very friendly, courteous and helpful, this going to be good reputation for the hotel.3. For designated guest conducts in room check-in, and guest rooming. Base on our report (A22. VIP arrival by time & remark show sample the arrival by time) the airport representative will call the GRO and inform us that this guest is already on the way to the hotel, GRO must ask, what type of car, the plat number and how long ago the guest has left the airport. Around 40 minutes after the call, GRO see the car stop in the front, GRO to walk out from the entrance and fetch the guest, greet the guest and escort the guest straight to the room to do the in room check-in. Important points, don’t forget for the GRO to update it in the system.4. For all other arrivals, ensure the are escorted to the room (after check-in formalities have been completed) and roomed.
  • Hotel standard not only taking care for the VIP guest but the entire guest who come here will get the same courteous and friendly service. To achieve this task, GROs duty is to escort the entire guest to the room and help the guest to fill up the Registration Card in the counter.5. Review current arrivals list and are familiar with it on a daily basis. All GRO must know how to read the arrival list trough our report, to update it to follow it p, which all will be explained in the task in detail.6. Assist with the preparation of the amenities program and its distribution. GRO is also responsible to prepare, request the on day amenity, next day requisition amenity, special amenities for Presidential Suite occupant, etc.7. Plans for unexpected arrivals Usually Reservation will call GRO for the additional VIP on day arrival, GRO is responsible to request the amenities for them, print the Registration Card, to inform Housekeeping to do the dusting and for VVIP guest the GRO must inspect the room. 8. Attends to guest needs, queries promptly and efficiently
  • GRO must attends all the guests needs, but remember never confirm the guest request if she is not sure that we could give them, we inform the guest politely " I am sorry Mr. …., let me double check to the (Supervisor or Asst. Manager, etc.) and let me get back to you in a minute!" but don’t forget to follow up and get back to the guest.9. Maintains an active presence in the hotel lobby GRO must be all the time in the lobby, expect if she is preparing all the clerical works, otherwise they must be in their positions in the lobby.10.Updates and helps maintain accurate Guest History Program. Its a must whenever GRO got information from the guest (complaint, preference amenities, room feature NS, KB, PV, etc.) must be update in the computer, so then when they comeback, we could follow up as per their request.11.Promotes hotels facilities whenever possible and is familiar with city and local information. It a must for the GRO to know all the facilities in our hotel, hotels promotion and also to know the to go around the town, GRO must know or give suggestion to the guest which are the interesting place to go.12.Report daily activities in Logbook.
  • Its compulsory for GRO to read the log book at all time, because in the log book it has all the information, notices, and instruction for on day operation.13.Assist in the handling of guest complaints ensuring they are refereed to the correct person and that follow up action occurs. Handling complaint is major task that GRO must handling if professionally as long as the follow up has done properly, guest usually cool down. This task will be discussed on the task in detail.14.Conduct "courtesy call" from time to time as designated. Courtesy calls is done by late shift GRO, usually asking for the guests feedback to how they fill during his/her stay in the hotel, offering assistance, and record it in the courtesy calls book. This task will be discussed on the task in detail.15.Maintains and neat and tidy appearance at all times It is a must, for GRO to be looked neat and tidy at all times, as we are the sport point that the guests will notice to.16.If familiar with all hotel services, rate, outlets, promotions, special even, etc.
  • To be a professional GRO, it’s a must for GRO to know with all the facilities, rates, outlets, promotion, where the guest could go for tour shopping etc.17.Performs other reasonable duties as assigned by Guest Relation Manager/ FOM/DM. Sometimes GRM/ FOM will assign one or two GRO to wear traditional costume to greet & escort VVIP guest, and some additional task that GRO must do though its not written in the task list or manual.18.Complies with hotels heath, safety and hygiene policy. ** FYR to trainer, never forget to ask a question after reading some description by asking: It is clear? Do you have any question? Etc.
  • GUEST RELATION TASK LIST GUIDELINES1. VIP Determination Explain in detail the VIP code and amenities for VIP. The VIP code is based for market segmentation, so then every month sales could make statistic to know how many percent of each code come in to our hotel.2. Guest Relation Report & Updating Guest relation will works a lot with report, the usage of the report for GRO are: for preparing amenity, inspecting the room, courtesy call, group arrivals. Report that GRO usually are: VIP arrival, In House and Departure Report, Special by special Service Report, Group Arrival and Departure Report. These reports are generated by Hotel System.3. Preparing VIP arrival Preparing VIPs welcome folder, all the registration card and the guest keys are kept in the GRO trey.4. Preparing Guest Amenities Guest amenities request is made by GRO. This will by print on Special Service Report. Guest amenities request should be delivered to Department concern at least one day in advance at 14.00Hrs.
  • 5. Preparing Additional VIP Guest amenities It is also GROs responsibility to request to the room service and filling one copy of complimentary order.6. Inspecting VIP guests room One GRO in morning shift will inspect the VIP room based on the VIP arrival list and communication book.7. Handling VIP room blocking VIP room which is not blocked yet by Reservation will be blocked by the afternoon shift GRO one day before arrival based on correspondence.8. Conducting show room Usually GRO in-charge in morning shift receives the message (show room number) from Housekeeping in Housekeeping Report. GRO prepared the sales kit, all brochures and fact sheet, and star to show the room, room facilities and hotel facilities but never show the back office of the hotel. If the are insist, to inform the guest that they must make appointment with the FOM.9. Accomplishing the Registration Card for guest upon check- in GRO must help guest to fill up Registration card upon check-in, the procedure is: - Greet the guest and offer assistance - Ask his passport and help them to write the detail in the registration card. - Ask the guest the method of payment and ask if they will settle by credit card, get it to imprint.
  • - Ask the guest to sign the registration card and escort to the room.10.Escorting guest Inform the important points e.g. GRO must walk in the front of the guest (to lead the guest) but when entering the lift or walk out the lift should let the guest first, meanwhile to explain the most updated hotel information etc. Don’t forget to offer them if they need to have explanation in room facilities, keep in mind always offering assistance and stay courteous in this tasks as this is the time that GRO will represent the quality and professionalism of the hotel.11.In room check-in Explain the room facilities starting from the balcony and ending at wardrobe. If the guest check0in in the evening, do not forget to offer for dinner reservation.12.Handling complaints One of the most tasks that GRO have to do is handling complaints. Never frighten with the complaints, the more we are facing the complaints, the more confident we are going to be, so don’t be afraid as long as you are based on the procedure you will handle it professionally. When filling up the complaint book, GRO have to write the company name and also the check-out date.13.Handling no-show VIP guest
  • GRO afternoon shift will be responsible to print the VIP arrival list by 22.00Hrs, the list therefore called possible no show guest, then to be endorsed to the Duty Manager in-charge and order to Room Service to pull out the amenities.14.Handling Birthday guest GRO will order a Birthday cake to Room Service and make a Birthday card for the guest.15.Handling Honeymooner guest GRO will order Fruit Basket or Flower and prepare the card for the Honeymooner guests.16.Hotel System for Guest Relations Our hotel computer is …………………., GRO are expected to be familiar with this system in order to be able to do their daily jobs and also help the other section in Front Office.17.VIP Group handling and updating When the group arrives, ensure the method of payment and to update it in the system.18.Lobby Positioning Familiar with the lobby area and the GRO table has to be manned from 07.00Hrs until 23.00Hrs.19.Product Knowledge To be professional GRO of course have to know all the product we have, all facilities, opening time, room rates, how many rooms we have etc. also we have to know who are the name of the GM, EAM, our Chef, etc.
  • 20.Bidding Farewell Its important that GRO stay courteous not only when guest arrive, and in house, but we are also give a courtesy when the guest check-out. Greet the guest and thanking them for staying with us and wish see them again in the future.21.Basic check-in and updating All GRO must know how to do the basic check-in and updating, especially if she see the reception are too busy in the counter, she has to help them by helping the guest check-in, explain briefly the important points, and escort them to the room.22.Basic Reservation It is important to have knowledge in reservation, as GRO might be required to handle of make a reservation on guest behalf.23.Telephone Technique Ensure to be professional in this task, as voice tone is obviously shown the character of the GRO. Telephone must be answered within 3 rings greet the caller, inform the department / section you are in, and offer assistant e.g. Guest Relation, Good Morning, Dewi Speaking, may I help you? Ensure if the caller ask to transfer the telephone, to transfer it to the right extension, and if the person was not around, have to get back the caller ask if theres any message.24.Courtesy call One of the GRO in-charge in afternoon shift will do the courtesy call, this one of the way also to give an attention by offering
  • assistance to the guest and get the guests feedback. Don’t forget to write the conversations in the guest comments book.25.GRO Grooming Standard For GRO Grooming Standard can be finding at GRO standard operation procedure.26.Conversing with Guest One of the main duties of GRO is conversing with the guest especially during in the lobby area to get any feedback from the guests, do not forget to offer any assistance before ending the conversation.27.Guest Messages Guest message has to be taken properly and repeat it again to ensure that we got the message clearly. If we have to write message, write in a good handwriting and ensure the tidiness of the written message. It also be typed if you think it looks nicer.28.Product up-selling Whenever get a chance, GRO have to up-sell the hotel product, as GRO will have more chance to chat with the guest, and at this point, GRO have to be professional to know the product knowledge in the hotel. Is all for staff benefit, as more profit the hotel earn, staff will have more service point?
  • GUEST RELATION CHECK LISTI. Morning Shift : 07.00 - 15.00 1. Read GRO Communication / Log book and Morning report and take immediate action for urgent matters. 2. Attend morning briefing with Front Desk and take a note of any new information from other sections. 3. Check the current status in the computer (hotel system). 4. Check to Business Center and take any incoming facsimile and pass it to Concierge Desk. 5. To prepare today amenities requisition base on the VIP arrival. 6. To prepare the VIP welcome folder. 7. Ensure to place the messages (if any) in the welcome folder. 8. Go to ferry terminal or airport if necessary to handling VIP arrival. 9. Offer assistant to other section (Reception, Reservation & Concierge). 10.Back to lobby positioning. 11.Showing room for any inspection today. 12.To prepare the next day amenities requisition. 13.Passover all the pending matters to the afternoon shift at the afternoon briefing.
  • GUEST RELATION CHECK LISTII. Middle Shift: 09.00 - 17.00 1. Read GRO Communication / Log book and Morning report and take immediate action for urgent matters. 2. Check the current status in the computer (hotel system ) 3. In-charge to stand by the lobby for hosting, assisting guests queries and escorting the entire arrival guest mainly for VIP guest. Show room or directing the guest to the respective area. 4. Go to ferry terminal or airport if necessary to handling VIP arrival. 5. Back to lobby positioning and help other section of Front Desk if any. 6. Update the Guest History for todays arrival.
  • GUEST RELATION CHECK LISTIII. Afternoon Shift : 15.00 - 23.00 1. Read GRO Communication / Log book and Morning report and take immediate action for urgent matters. 2. Attend afternoon briefing & take over / follow up all the pending matters of morning clerical tasks, keep on updating the status. 3. Check the current status in the computer (hotel system) 4. Position yourself in the lobby. 5. Conduct courtesy call. 6. Go to ferry terminal or airport if necessary to handling VIP arrival. 7. If there any in house birthday celebrants, to go along with the room service to deliver the cake to the guest and sing Happy birthday together with the room service waiter. 8. Check the Business Center before the close. 9. After 22.00Hrs to point the update arrival report, highlight the guest that is possible no show and pass it to Duty Manager for pulling out the amenities after midnight. 10. File all today report in the proper bin cards. 11.Passover all the pending matters to Duty Night Manger and record down in the Log book tomorrows date for the next day morning GRO to follow up. 12.Update the Guest History for todays arrival.
  • ROOM NON VIP GUEST1. On the way to the room, make use of the elevator panel to introduce outlets in hotel to guest.2. Promote the F&B outlet, Health Club and other facilities3. Show the guest the room number and the floor they stay in4. Ring the bell and say in a pleasant tone “Guest Relation" open the door and let the guest in first.5. Turn on the Main Power Switch of the room6. Explain to guest that "this is to activate the electricity supply of the room"7. Ask the guest; "May I take a moment of your time to show you the facilities of you room?"8. If this is a return guest, he may say no. Just leave the room key and the welcome folder with the guest.9. Before you leave the room, ask guest: "Would like to reconfirm your airline ticket?" take down the details and refer to Concierge.10.Present your name card and say to guest; "Please let us know if we could be of any further assistance. Enjoy your stay with us".11.If answer is positive, walk over to the control panel12.Point to the curtain control button " these two button are for the day and night curtains"13.Explain to guest the control buttons for Air Conditioning, light switches and curtains.14.Point to the Guest Service Directory15.Shows the guest the lists of TV channel and the HBOs directory
  • 16. Points the electric sockets, “Our rooms are equipped with 220 Volt electrical outlets convenience.17.Point to the mini bar ; " this mini bar for your consumption, the coffee and tea is provided complimentary"18. Open the closet and points to the Elsafe: “this is the in-room safe for your convenience" and point the instruction to use it if the guest request, show guest how to use the Elsafe.19.Inform the guest that his bathrobe is located in the bathroom.20.Point the Do Not Disturb sign to the guest.21. For Muslim, show the location of Qiblat22. Before you leave the room, asks guest:" Would you like to reconfirm you airline ticket?" take down the detail and refer to Concierge.23. Present you name car and say to guest: “Please let us know if we could be of any future assistance. Enjoy your stay with us."24. If during rooming you need have to use the phone in the room (i.e. room change of guest request), say to the guest: "Excuse me, Mr…………., May I use your phone?
  • ROOMING VIP GUEST1. Before the guest arrived, call airport representative and remind him to greet him in the airport, officer assistance for the transportation and to call GRO to report on the guest come to the hotel.2. Get the GROs folder & the Guest Welcome Folder3. GRO to wait at the Entrance together with the Management staff on request.4. When the car stop in the front of the hotel, walk out to greet the guest and shake his hand, "Welcome (or welcome back Mr._______ I am (say your name) Guest Relation Officer, and I will show you to your room, registration will be performed on the room.5. On the way to room, make use of elevator panel to introduce outlets in hotel guest.6. Promote the F&B outlet, Health Club and other facilities7. Show the guest the nearest Fire Emergency Exit8. Confirm the guest the room number and the floor they stay in9. Ring the bell and say in a pleasant tone "Guest Relation", Open the door and the guest in first.10.Turn on the Main Power Switch if the room11.Explain to guest that his is to active the electricity supply of the room12.Lead the guest to the desk and offer assistance to fill up the Registration Card and ask the guests ID, KTP or Passport,: May I have your identification card to fill up your registration car Mr. _______, and ask guest signature.
  • 13. Get the filled up Registration Card put it back n the plastic jacket, say to the guest. “Mr. _____ may I have your Credit Card to be imprinted, I will be back in a moment.14.Get the guests Credit Card and you hurry imprint the credit card at the nearest location ( Reception or Executive Club)15.Get back to the room and give back the Credit Card to the guest and saying. " This is your Credit Card Mr. ________ "16. Ask the guest: " May I take a moment of your time to show you the facilities for your room?"17.If this is a return guest, He may say no. Just leave the room key and the welcome folder with the guest.18. Before you leave the room, ask guest. “Would you like to reconfirm your airline ticket?" take down the details and refer to Concierge.19. Present you name card and say to guest, “Please let us know if we could be of any further assistance enjoy your stay with us."20.If the answer is positive, walk over to the control panel.21.Points to the curtain button. " These two button are for the day and night curtains"22.Explain to guest the list of TV channel and the HBOs directory23.Points to the mini bar : " This is mini bar fir you consummation, the coffee and tea is provided complimentary "24. Open the closet and points to the Elsafe: “this is the in-room safe for your convenience" and point the instruction to use it if the guest request, show guest how to use the Elsafe.25.Inform the guest that his bathrobe is located in the bathroom.26.Point the Do Not Disturb sign to the guest.27.For Muslim, show the location of Qiblat28. Before you leave the room, asks guest:" Would you like to reconfirm you airline ticket?" take down the detail and refer to Concierge.
  • 29. Present you name car and say to guest: “Please let us know if we could be of any future assistance. Enjoy your stay with us."30.After rooming the guest to put data in computer hotel system and updated it, give the Registration to the Reception. V I P DETERMINATION FRONT OFFICE DEPARTMENTCODE DETERMINATION AMENITIESVIP " A" President, GM corporate / hotel, Champagne Directors, Ambassador and any Flower( VVIP ) Government official Fruit Basket (i.e.: Governor, Minister). Chocolate tray Owner, President Directors. (set up upon Any guest classified as VVIP by arrival. Only fruit GM, or EAM or special request basket & flower from Corporate Office will be change every two days.VIP "B" Manager, Branch Manager, General Flower from Army, Air force, Police, any Fruit Basket official, any staff ( ie.Chief of Chocolate tray government official.) (set up upon Any guest classified as VIP "B" by arrival. Only fruit GM, or EAM or special request basket & flower from Corporate Office will be change every two days.VIP "C" Organizer of Group, Tour Leader, Flower Return guests (the Third stay and Fruit Basket on) Chairman, Public figure (entertainer). (set up upon Any guest classified as VIP "C" by arrival & change GM/EAM or other Depart Head every two days ) approved by GM or EAM.
  • CODE H A N D L E D BY TRANSFER Air/Sea Port HotelVIP "A" GRO GM/EAM LimousineVVIP FOMVIP "B" GRO GM/EAM Sedan FOM Limousine onRequestVIP "C" GRO FOM SedanPREPARATIONThe preparation at Front Desk must be done by GRO assist bySection concern with under supervision of FOM. The preparationsare as follow:1. As soon as you get the information regarding VIP arrival, Coordination with Reservation to block the nicest room or the one that already assigned by GM / EAM / FOM or special request.2. Check with the Reservation the arrival time and update it if possible.3. As soon as the room/s blocked, inform Housekeeping to clean the room and fix any defects found coordinate with Engineering. Inform Housekeeping the detail of the VIP to get the appropriate service.
  • 4. Make requisition for:  Champagne ( to Room Service )  Fruit Basket ( to Room Service )  Chocolate ( to Room Service )  Flower ( to Housekeeping )  Welcome Drink ( to Bar Lounge )  Cool Towel ( to Bar Lounge )  Pick up transfer ( to Bell Captain )5. After blocking the room, do an inspection at least 3 ( three ) times, the reason is : 1st When the room is block or assigned by GM/EAM or special request, to make sure the room is in good condition and can be occupied. 2nd After the room has been cleaned, to see if there is any defect or not working then we still have time to follow up with department concern. 3rd After amenities are set up (one hour before guest check-in), to do the last check and make sure everything was organized as a standard of the hotel. Note: use Room Check List when you do the inspection at the 1 st and the 2nd time.
  • 6. Prepare the Registration Card and other collateral needed for VIP check in standard such as :  Print Registration Card ( put on dressing table living table with pen on it )  Prepare the room key ( kept by Reception and give to GRO upon arrival )  Prepare the Welcome Letter from GM including his Business Card or any special letter from hotel. ( put on table next to RC)  Any gift need to be put in the room must be put on the pillow in the bed room.7. Check with FOM or EAM if any Management Staff want to welcome.8. Check with the FOM, Reception Supervisor, Bell Captain regarding the VIP arrangement for their Check-in and Check-out. Make plan "Who is, What and When "NOTE: The above activities must be done one day before. In casethere is last minute VIP it must be done soon and maintain theeffective communication with other Department or Section.
  • THE DAY OF ARRIVALThe check in process must be done in the rooms which are set upalready with the Registration Card and other amenities inside.GRO is full responsible for check-in the VIP with under supervisionfrom FOM.1. Check with Bell Captain regarding the pick up transfer, check the condition or the car, was it clean, fresh and comfortable.2. Check with F&B regarding the Welcome drink and Cool Towel are ready to serve.3. Double check the room after F&B set up the amenities, to make sure the room is ready for check in. ( its point from PREPRATION no:3/3rd Inspection )4. Remind the Seaport / Airport Representative to inform hotel as soon as the VIP arrival at the airport or seaport. Use the paging board with guest name on it. Check the correct spelling.5. Remind the management staff regarding the time of arrival, so they can be ready at Lobby to welcome.
  • 6. The room key is kept by Front Desk and GRO is responsible to bring it while escorting the VIP to room. Then give it to guest in the room after you help them to fill and sign the RC.7. Ten (10) minutes before arrive at hotel all respective staffs are stand by at Main Entrance to welcome the VIP.