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Railway booking/cancellation flow

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User Guide V2

  1. 1. Important message is shown if there are booking interruptions or other changes. Read all the points on this page. See status of your booked rail PNR. Cancellation, refund and service fee details are written. You can search trains by either city name or station code name. Fill all columns and ‘search trains’
  2. 2. Train search is going on. Please wait for it to complete.
  3. 3. Train search results are shown in lower part. Correctly fill all columns in upper area. Click on Av to see if seats are available on that train in that class. Click on the train you want to book.
  4. 4. Search for seat availability on selected train is in progress. Please wait till is complete.
  5. 5. Seat availability is shown on the chosen train. You can see train route and print it. Availability is shown for 7 days. You can select any day. Below availability, classes of travel codes are explained You can also check your rail PNR status here and also see running status of that train on a specific day.
  6. 6. Searching availability on the selected train on selected day. Please wait till it is complete.
  7. 7. You may fill this information and proceed to book.
  8. 8. Please fill all details in passenger information page (1 st part) . In right side box, trail details and fare are shown.
  9. 9. (2 nd part) Please inform the customer all details of term & conditions, specially ID card requirement etc. Now you can ‘check’ the box to accept Terms and Conditions. Now click on ‘Book Train’
  10. 10. The inside box gives all your booking requst details. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL DETAILS ARE CORRECT, OTHERWISE WRONG TICKET MAY GET PRINTED. If satisfied, click on ‘Continue”
  11. 11. Your ticket is now booked. All your booking details are here. You can now ‘print ticket’ by clicking on it. You can also e-mail this ticket to your customer. s
  12. 12. This is the upper part of the rail e-ticket . Please clearly advise passenger to carry the required ID card.
  13. 13. This is the lower part of the rail e-ticket . Please clearly advise passenger to carry the required ID. Your ticket – Lower part
  14. 14. For cancellation, you have to go to the ‘Order List’ under Accounts. Cancellation
  15. 15. Select the order, from where you have to make cancellation. Select the Cancel Box. If you want to cancel only one passenger from the PNR, select ‘Cancel’ box only for that passenger. Cancellation
  16. 16. After you select and click on ‘cancel selected passenger’ a pop message will appear. Follow the instructions. Cancellation
  17. 17. Cancellation will happen. You can put remarks as you may wish. Y
  18. 18. Refund details will be shown in your accounts. Y
  19. 19. Additional information Our Call Centre is open 8 am to 10 pm – all days of the week. Tel. 080 40431000 or 080-25329800 Direct Mobile: 9379168677 E-mail: ‘’ For any critical matter, you may contact Purshotam Jain 9845003174, [email_address] THANK YOU FOR BOOKING WITH VIA We appreciate your business.