The M-Club


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"The M-Club"

At Manas Sarovar
(An upcoming hill station)

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The M-Club

  1. 1. T M-C he lub
  2. 2. “No man is a failure who is enjoying life” -William Feather (American Author & Publisher) Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Think howre ally precious is this tim you have to spend. Every e m inute should be enjoyed and savored! In T M-C he lub
  3. 3. Description of T M-C he lub • The pe rfe c t we e ke nd family c lub • Amazing vac atio n s po t, jus t an ho ur away • As s o c iatio n o f like -minde d e lite pe o ple • S pe nd quality time with yo ur be lo ve d • Abundant re c re atio nal ac tivitie s • 640 ac re s o f are a fo r pic nic s and s ig ht s e e ing • Plan family func tio ns and g e t-to g e the rs o n a pic ture s que hill s tatio n • All this , in a s afe family e nviro nme nt
  4. 4. Introducing T M-C he lub at Manas Sarovar An upcom Hill Station ing
  5. 5. “Deviation from nature is deviation from happiness” -Dr. Sam Johnson uel (English Author & Poet) Clim the m b ountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace w flowinto you as ill sunshine flow into trees. The w s inds w blow ill their ow freshness into you, and the storm n s their energy, while cares w drop off like ill autum leaves. n
  6. 6. Lands c ape o f T M-C he lub • Situated on the evergreen hills of Sahyadri and on the backw aters of Bhor-Bhatgar dam . • Manas Sarovar is system atically form to be a ed hill station to m all the requirem eet ents of a holiday, outing, getaw and exciting ay recreations. • Being geographically blessed, Manas Sarovar has a pleasant clim ate, all throughout the year.
  7. 7. Ame nitie s At T M- he
  8. 8. Ame nitie s Rides Club H o use Ho rs e Riding The Ello ra Came l Riding The Antara Ho rs e -Bug g y Jo uis s anc e
  9. 9. He alth & Fitne s s At T M-C he lub
  10. 10. S pa •S te am Bath •S auna •He rbal Re juve nating Bath •Mine ral S o aking Bath •Panc ha Karma Ce ntre •Mas s ag e The rapy
  11. 11. Aqua Delight At T M-C he lub
  12. 12. S o Po o l…!! S c hwimmbad Plung e Bath S hallo w po o l Mud po o l Bubble po o l Jac us s i
  13. 13. Wate r S po rts • ater Slides W •Paddle Boats •Dinky Boats •Rain Dance
  14. 14. Indo o r Game s Ping Pong Pool Table Chess Carrom Card Deck
  15. 15. Outdo o r S po rts •Tennis •Basket Ball •Volley Ball •Jogging Track •M Stadium ini
  16. 16. Adve nture S po rts • kking Tre • c k Climbing Ro •Valle y Cro s s ing •Rappe lling
  17. 17. Chill-Out Zo ne Dis c o the que Mini The atre Gaming Zo ne
  18. 18. Adre naline Rus h •Giant W heel • ountain Bikes M •Go-Karting
  19. 19. Go Camping Cam ping sites for Tents Cam pfires Bon-fires
  20. 20. Garde ns Pic ture s que g arde ns at vario us lo c atio ns Childre n ’s Play Park
  21. 21. The Audito rium At T M-C he lub
  22. 22. The Audito rium The inside view
  23. 23. The Audito rium De s c riptio n • Total Area: 16,500 square feet • Total Stage Area: 2,400 square feet • Has approxim ately 600 seating capacity in 7200 square feet of area • Has 14 room for changing and m s ake up in 2,400 square feet of area • 3000 square feet of area is for Banquet • The other area is approxim ately 1,500 square feet • Party Law Area: 60,000 square feet n • Can be used for a variety of purposes like Live Co nc e rts , Dramas , Eve nts , Ge t-To g e the r, Gathe ring s and We dding s
  24. 24. The Co nfe re nc e Hall This Page is under construction, just like the Conference Hall.
  25. 25. De s c riptio n o f The Co nfe re nc e Hall •An arc hite c tural marve l in a Lo tus S hape d s truc ture •Lo c ate d c e ntrally o n the platfo rm o f 10,000 s quare fe e t in a hug e Artific ial Lake o f 100,000 s quare fe e t. •Co nfe re nc ing are a available INDOOR - 2800 s quare fe e t OUTDOOR - 7000 s quare fe e t
  26. 26. Pic nic S po ts & Vie w Po ints At T M-C he lub
  27. 27. The Ellora Clubho us e • Get the feel of our rich culture in the presence of the beautiful sculptures • Best place for organising cultural/fam ily events, functions and get-togethers
  28. 28. Naturally Yo urs •A c lub ho us e s pe c ially de s ig ne d & e ng ine e re d to make yo u fe e l in harmo ny with nature . •S urro unde d by lus h g re e n lawns and lands c ape s that are a s ig ht to be ho ld .
  29. 29. Jo uis s anc e • In this club house people of all ages can have fun and enjoy w a quiet gam of Pool or an ith e exciting Table Tennis tournam ent • Card deck and carrom facilities are also available • Has a separate Gam Zone, for avid ing gam ers • Has a unique Private Theatre for fam ilies to w atch m ovies of their choice
  30. 30. Ho rs e Riding • Do yo u want a fun ac tivity that will put the jo y and pas s io n bac k into yo ur life ? • Imag ine what it wo uld fe e l like to be riding o ut in the lo ve ly fre s h air witho ut a c are in the wo rld …
  31. 31. Came l Ride s Take a ride o n the “S hip o f the De s e rt”
  32. 32. Carriag e Enjoy a fairy-tale like ride in the elegant horse-draw carriage, just like Cinderella! n
  33. 33. And Fe e l like Ro yalty !
  34. 34. Wo rk it Out! • A healthy living starts w a healthy body. ith • At T M-C , sculpt your body w the he lub ith help of Aerobics, W eight Training, Yoga, Pilates, Pranayam & M a editation.
  35. 35. S te am it Up ! • Experience the soothing effects of a Steam Bath and cleanse your body. • A steam bath opens pores, soothes sore m uscles and increases blood circulation, all in a healthy natural way.
  36. 36. He rbal Oil Bath • It has be e n a traditio n in the Indian c ulture that, the Ro yalty wo uld indulg e in s o o thing ro yal he rbal baths . • This bath will make yo ur s kin s ilky s mo o th and make yo u fe e l c alm & tranquil. • Living in s uc h e xc e s s ive po llutio n & day -to -day s tre s s , o ur s kin ne e ds to be no uris he d & pampe re d . All in a he althy
  37. 37. Mas s ag e The rapy •M assages at regular intervals are m ost beneficial to your overall health. •By a scientific research it has been proved that m assages can regulate blood pressure & boost the im une m system . •A good m assage is a potent tonic for your m and body. ind
  38. 38. S auna • S auna bath o pe ns the po re s o n s kin and he lps bo dy to re mo ve to xins and o the r impuritie s fro m the blo o d . • It o ffe rs he alth be ne fits s uc h as re laxatio n , we ig ht lo s s and many mo re . • Pe o ple e xpe rie nc e fre s hne s s in mo o d and he alth fo r lo ng e r time o nc e the y take s auna bath . • 15-20 minute s o f s auna bath is almo s t e quivale nt to 1 ho ur o f e xe rc is e .
  39. 39. Mine ral S o aking •M ineral Bath can nourish joints and bones, clear up the skin, reduce respiratory and circulatory problem s. • It also helps to reduce tension and pain in m uscles. • In Europe and Japan M ineral Bathing is a m ainstream form of m edicine. •W hether you are recuperating from surgery, have an illness, or just w to relax - M ant ineral Bath m be just w you need ay hat
  40. 40. Panc ha Karma Ce ntre •It is a place of total peace, w here you can experience the w arm & generous hospitality, w hich w love to offer. e •It has som holistic Ayurvedic e treatm ents. •It is know for its beneficial effects on n overall health and w ellness.
  41. 41. S wim alo ng ! • Sw m pools are fun for the entire im ing fam and can provide cool m ily eans of relaxation, recreation and healthy exercises. • It is som ething that the whole fam can ily enjoy together! • Sw m pools here are clean, w im ing ell m anaged & safe for you and your children.
  42. 42. Mud Bath • M Bathing is a unique w to have fun ud ay & to provide nourishing m inerals to your skin. • The m is generally of w ud hite to grayish color, but is som etim stained w es ith reddish or pink spots from iron com pounds. • It has a natural bed m ade from 10-30 cm layer of original Piestany sulphuric m ud.
  43. 43. Bubble Po o l •Bubble Bathing is soaking w a layer ith of surfactant foam on the surface of the w ater. •Get chance to see all the colorful bubbles, sw irling like magic… .
  44. 44. Jac uzzi • The w ‘ord Jacuzzi’ stands for beauty, versatility & excellence • The Jacuzzi tub is alw ays w arm and provides a relaxing, com fortable experience to the bather. • The w arm heated effect provided by a Jacuzzi is soothing to the nerves and a strong reliever of stress and tension. • It can be used for both recreation and health reasons • The bather is provided w an invigorating and ith refreshing experience w latent health benefits. ith
  45. 45. Wate r S lide s W have total 8 slides for e people of different age groups. They are: • Tw big spiral slides, o • One baby spiral slide of a shorter height, • A couple of straight slides for families, • Three sm straight slides for kids. all
  46. 46. Bo ating W have different types of Boats available, e like Paddle-boats & Dinky-Boats
  47. 47. Rain Danc e Le t the c hild in yo u take the le ad fo r o nc e and danc e in harmo ny with yo ur Inne r be ing . Be a c hild and g ro o ve to the be at!
  48. 48. Indo o r Game s Table-top gam at es T M-C he lub
  49. 49. S no o ke r •You can spend your tim bye playing snooker, listening to your favorite music and just hang out.
  50. 50. Ping Po ng •Table Tennis provides you a healthy exercise and can offer a means to connect w the other m bers, ith em socially.
  51. 51. Outdo o r Game s At T M-C he lub
  52. 52. Bas ke tball
  53. 53. Vo lle yball
  54. 54. Te nnis
  55. 55. Jo g g e r’s Park • The m intention of m ain aking this track is to increase your fitness w less stress on the ith body • Jogging is probably the easiest w to burn ay calories and reduce fat deposits
  56. 56. Adve nture S po rts At T M-C he lub
  57. 57. Tre kking • Energize yourself w the adventure of ith exploring the mountains on Manas Sarovar • Get a good chance to trek over the evergreen hills of Sahayadri
  58. 58. Ro c k Climbing & Rappe lling • Rock clim bing is a physically and m entally dem anding sport, one that often tests a clim s strength, endurance, agility and ber’ balance along w his or her m ith ental control • Participants should have the know ledge about the climbing techniques as it can be a dangerous sport
  59. 59. Valle y Cro s s ing W are thrilled to introduce this exciting and e challenging sport at T M-C he lub
  60. 60. Mo untain Biking • Explore exotic locations on sturdy mountain bikes.
  61. 61. Go -Karting •Go-Karting is a fun and exciting activity for the young & the old alike. •Go-karting is one of the w orld’ m s ost popular sport
  62. 62. Mini S tadium • Enjo y the c o mpe titive g ame s in the mini-s tadium at The M-Club .
  63. 63. Giant Whe e l • The giant wheel w ould be at the great height of m than 3,500 feet. ore • You w feel like touching the sky. ill
  64. 64. Ente rtainme nt Zo ne At T M-C he lub
  65. 65. Dis c o the que Fo r the c re ature s o f the nig ht.
  66. 66. Mini The atre M theatres are designed for you to w ini atch different movies of your choice. You can enjoy the m ovie separately w ith your fam ily.
  67. 67. Gaming Zo ne Es pe c ially fo r yo ur kids .
  68. 68. S ite Pho to g raphs Please add them