Questions That Uncover Hidden Sales Opportunities
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Questions That Uncover Hidden Sales Opportunities



Learn what questions general more sales. ...

Learn what questions general more sales.

• Get clients to reveal what they really need, not just what they think they want
• Uncover opportunities that you didn't know existed
• Learn specific questions just for technology companies



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  • Deal closed. Sales people leave. Then what? Use your non-sales people to sell. They are your hidden sales force. Client doesn’t see them as threatening, like they might see a sales person. Many cases: peer to peer relationships with client’s team >> trust. Teach them what questions to ask and they will find new opportunities for you.

Questions That Uncover Hidden Sales Opportunities Questions That Uncover Hidden Sales Opportunities Presentation Transcript

  • Questions that UncoverHidden Sales Opportunities A Guide for Technology Companies Raj Khera © MailerMailer LLC
  • Everybody: Start Conversations(Non-Sales People: Ask Lots of Questions)
  • Get clients to say this:I didn’t know your company did that...Talk to me.
  • Avoid this:I didn’t know your company did that…We just hired someone else for it.
  • #1 Mistake: Talking, not ListeningQ: Do you do XYZ?A: Yes, here’s what we do… <list>
  • Don’t miss the bigger picture.Tell me about what you are looking to do?
  • Questions that uncoverhidden sales opportunities(if you’re talking, you’re not listening)
  • What kinds of things go wrong in your daily operations? Do these matter?
  • Money aside, whatprocesses would you change right now?
  • If a storm knocked out power at your office for many days, how would your staff work?How would you reach your clients?
  • If a hurricane or earthquakedamaged your office or equipment,how would you recover your data?
  • Have you calculated thecost of the time your staffloses due to technologybottlenecks?
  • Is any software or toolholding you back fromgetting things done moreefficiently?
  • How much time does your staff spend doing<name your process>?What would improve if you reduced this time?
  • What is the most common support question you get from your staff? Your clients?
  • What kind of growth are you expecting inthe next 12 months? Number of newemployees expected?
  • What kind of infrastructurechanges will youneed to support this growth?
  • How do you handle network securityfor your teleworkers?
  • What could happen to your data, networkaccess and web site if a staff member lost a company laptop at an airport?
  • If a customer’s first interaction withyou was your web site, what wouldyou hope they do?What do you think they really do?
  • What are some of therecent mobile support options you have explored?
  • How long do you usually keep equipment like computers, printers, phones?
  • Have you explored a business case tosee if you should upgrade to <you name it>?
  • Don’t provide a solution immediatelyAsk more questions…
  • So you don’t chase the wrong problem.If you could integrate your desktops,mobile devices and telephone system, would that be worth pursuing?
  • “Nice to Have”projects don’t get funded
  • The more you askThe more you uncover The more you sell
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