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Social network for pet lovers, that helps them find their lost little friends. Mobile and web app - coming soon...
(Splash screen - Logo)
Hello there guys, we are team FindMyPets and we help pet owners find their lost little fella!
(Team slide)
We are an awesome team that gathers together awesome designers, great developers, marketers and business people.
(The Problem)
The problem that we’ve been working on, is that, when it happens а pet owner to lose his beloved being, there is no technological solution that would help him find it.
(The Solution)
Our solution is a service that allows owners of a lost pet to publish a poster, share it through the social media channels and also to manage the whole communication around it in a single place. We are also working on a hardware solution that would help people locate a nearby missing pet and gather it with its owner.
(How it works)
So here is the story of my dog – Shamski. I went on a walk in the park with my little fella, and sadly he managed to get lost. OMG what do I do now… I didn’t panicked and FindMyPets was my weapon of choice. The mobile app comes in rescue – it allowed me to mark Shamski as lost – I marked the area where I last saw him and put the time on it. I then shared it on all the social media channels and most importantly I marked him as lost. My dog is caring a special FindMyPets Bluetooth collar, that will allow every user of the app to notify me if he is anywhere near my dog. So eventually someone saw him and responded - Shamski is now happily chasing his tail at home.
(market size and users)
The data for the market size we went through is showing that over 60% of the households have a pet and 15% of those people have lost a pet. Most of them really care about their animals and only last year they spend over 200 milion $ for tracking and recovery solutions.
So this is not a new market – there are many solutions, but none of them offers all the functionalities that our system does.
FindMyPets pethub Pettracker TAGG
Mobile app + + +
Hardware tracking solution + - +
Long battery life 1 year - -
National Pet ID + + +
Custom Pet Tag + + -
Free features + - -
Low price + - -

We are clearly MUCH MUCH cooler!
How do we make money out of this – our main features are free – all the users can use the service to post an announcement or to check a pet they saw. The hardware is what we will be making money of – we are selling our own Bluetooth tracking collars, with a fairly priced subscription based model.
(So far & Future)
So far we managed to validate the idea among real customers – we successfully lost and found a couple of pets  , our website has its main functionalities up and running – you can now post an announcement for a lost animal and most importantly we got in talks with a hardware vendor in china, that would build our collars.

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