How to create a Email Account with


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MailBizz has come up with unmatched simple & uninterrupted cloud based business mailing services with affordable packages assuring international standards.

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How to create a Email Account with

  1. 1. Instruction We are providing you with two great Packages called Platinum and Silver. Platinum is for paid users and Silver is for FREE. You can select 5 to 100 paid users plan from here, if you want more than hundred users than you need to sign up with 100 users and after registration process you can increase your users as per your requirement.
  2. 2. Instruction Insert the domain name of your business or company in the field provided for example ( This domain will be your primary domain and cannot be deleted or updated at any condition. Click on the “ADD DOMAIN” button to proceed.
  3. 3. Instruction In the Registration page all the fields are Mandatory. 1. First Name: Insert your first name and if you want you can even put your middle name. 2. Last Name: Insert your last name/ surname here. 3. Email Id: This field is for admin user, this email id will be your login id for dashboard and mail account. 4. Password: Password will be of minimum 6 characters 1 capital, 1 small, 1 numeric and 1 special character (for example $Mail123). 5. Confirm Password: Type your password again. 6. Contact Email: Type your existing Email id. 7. Company Name: It is not a mandatory field but you can provide your company name. 8. Contact Address: Insert your contact address. 9. Contact Number: Insert your contact number. 10. Select Country: You need to select your country name here. 11. Select Category: You can select your category. 12. Verification: Verify yourself. Click on the “SIGN UP” button and proceed further.
  4. 4. Instruction In this section you can choose your payment mode to monthly or yearly. You can also increase or decrease users as per your need by clicking on the + & - button. After completing the above procedure you are ready to buy this plan. Click on the “BUY NOW” button to proceed further.
  5. 5. Instruction This page holds the information about the plan chosen, number of users added, and the amount which needs to be paid through PayPal. Check the box to confirm that you agree with the Terms and Privacy policy. Lastly click on the “PayPal” button to process your payment.
  6. 6. Instruction After the completion of the payment procedure you will be in this page, you will notice a link at the end “Proceed to verify domain ownership” by clicking on that link you will be moved to dashboard.
  7. 7. Instruction You need to insert your Email id and Password which you have created during the registration process.
  8. 8. Instruction 1) VERIFY DOMAIN: This is your first step after login. You cannot proceed without completing this step. a) Open your domain host with the help of Filezilla or any other FTP client, right click on the index.php and click on “Download” option.
  9. 9. b) Now you can see the downloaded index.php file in the left panel, Right click on it and select the “Edit” option. c) Copy the Meta tag i.e. <meta name="mailbizz_domain"content="1f4477bad7af3616c1f933a02bfabe4e"> from the verify domain page and put it within the head tag of your index page.
  10. 10. d) Now save the index page and upload it to the server by right clicking on the index.php and selecting the “Upload” option. e) Go back to the verify domain page and press “VERIFY” button to proceed. Note: If you face any problem while domain verification, don’t worry we have our experts ready to help you out at every step.
  11. 11. Instruction 2) CHANGE MX RECORDS Please insert the MX Record to your DNS records: For better performance change DKIM & SPF records SPF "v=spf1 +all" For DKIM & White Level, please contact our Support Team. Type your Domain Name in the field provided. Click the “NEXT” button to proceed to add users. Note: This page is for checking your current MX Record of your domain, if your current MX record is not, you won’t be able to access your mail account properly or you cannot send Email to any account. If you face any problem while changing your MX record, you are free to contact our Support Team.
  12. 12. Instruction 3) MANAGE USERS: In this page you can add email ID. a)*First Name: Insert your first and if you want you can even put your middle name. b) *Last Name: Insert your last name/surname here. c) *Email Id: This field is for your admin user, this email id will be your login id for dashboard and mail account. d) *Password: Password should be of minimum 6 character 1 capital, 1small, 1 numeric and 1 special character ,for example $Mail123. e) *Confirm Password: Type your password again. f) Aliases: Add account aliases to create alternative email addresses with other available domains simultaneously. g) Forwarding: Insert Email accounts to forward mails to the given email accounts. You can add 10 Email accounts in this field. Click ”OK” to proceed to the next page.
  13. 13. Instruction 3) MANAGE USERS: This page will display the list of users added with their information. a) Here you can edit user information or can also delete users, but you cannot delete admin user. b) In the status you will see a button called “Open”, to disable this account press this button and see it will change to “Close” and to enable this account again press the same button. But you cannot disable/enable the admin user account. c) By clicking on the “ADD NEW EMAIL” button you will be redirect to the ADD EMAIL page.
  14. 14. Instruction 4) MANAGE DOMAINS: In this page you can verify, delete and add domain, but you cannot delete admin domain. a) To verify domain click on the ”Not Verified“ button and follow the verification button. b) Delete domain by pressing cross button, you cannot delete admin domain. c) Click on the “ADD NEW DOMAIN” button. d) By clicking on the “ADD NEW DOMAIN” button you will be in ADD DOMAIN page. Insert your domain name in the field provided and verify it through verification method.
  15. 15. Instruction 5) ACCOUNT: This page will display your account details and to edit your account details click on the pencil icon on the right side.
  16. 16. Instruction 6) INVOICE INFORMATION: Here you can see your payment information which was done through PayPal. If you want you can print this invoice by clicking on the Print button.