Beezang Presentation at Startup Saturday, Bangalore


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  • Good Morning Everyone, I am Archis and am here to talk about Beezang. It’s a simple web app that we have built to help people manage their shared expenses
  • To get a better understanding of the problem we are trying to solve, lets consider this scenario where we have three friends who share an apartment. Every month they have different bills and expenses that they split between themselves like rent, groceries or maintenance bill. So how do people keep track of such expenses
  • What most people do, is maintain a simple notebook in their apartment. And make an entry whenever any group member paid a common bill. The problem with this approach is 1. You don’t know where each person stands at one point of time 2. Every month or so, all of you have to sit together probably on a weekend, spend an hour or so verifying all entries, doing all the calculations to figure out who is going to pay whom how much. Not a fun thing to do especially on a weekend
  • There are other ppl who set up a spreadsheet. It does all the math and lets u know where each group member stands. But again this has its own set of issues. 1. Somebody has to take an initiative n set up the spreadhseet. 2. This spreadsheet becomes like a place where u enter all this data but nothing useful comes out. Like you will always have some group members who are less active and don’t take a look at the spreadsheet regularly. And then you reach a situation where one of you will realize you are low and cash, look into the spreadsheet and find out her ffriends owe her some bucks. So when its time to settle up, one or more of the group memebrs will have scan through all bills, verify them.
  • These shortcomings motivated us to build beezang. You can sign up on beezang in less than 5 minutes or use your google or yahoo id to sign in directly
  • Getting started is easy, just create a group for your apartment say.
  • And next time you have a common expense you can pull up this simple form and enter the bill details. You also have the option to share the bill with the group members. Your friends will receive the bill in a clean formatted manner and that way all of you will be in the same page. We also have some simple features in beezang using whichh you can keep track of informal debts
  • So whats the output of all the data that you are entering ? You get to know in a single glance how much you owe your friends and how much your friends owe you. You also know whats the group standings in each group you are member of. Plus beezang will send periodic account summaries to you ofcourse depending upon your notification preferences
  • So to summarize
  • Thank you very much. The url is, do check it out and let us know your thoughts you can reach us at archis at or shivul at that’s pretty much it, so do you have any questions, suggestions
  • Beezang Presentation at Startup Saturday, Bangalore

    1. 1. Beezang Simplify managing your shared expenses Archis Shivul
    2. 2. The Problem People sharing an apartment
    3. 3. How we do it now - I
    4. 4. How we do it now - II
    5. 5. Introducing Beezang
    6. 6. Getting Started – Create a group
    7. 7. Getting started – Add bill
    8. 8. Overview
    9. 9. To summarize <ul><li>A simple app </li></ul><ul><li>where you can easily enter your shared bills </li></ul><ul><li>that will keep everyone in the same page </li></ul>
    10. 10. Thank You Everyone Check it out and send in your feedbacks to [email_address] or [email_address]