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  • 1. A.1. Steak Sauce Lawry’s Defense Presented To : Robert Carroll Presented BY : Anita Sharma & Simon Ma Date: Feb 11 2014
  • 2. All 3 proposed strategies does not properly defend against Lawry’s April 1 promotion Increase spending on more advertising and marketing Price reduction to 2 for $5 • Price reduction will pollute Brand equity. • Simply cannot afford to do so, resulting in -$3,876,582lost • Unilever will spend $20million in marketing plus $5million on FSIs concentrated in the summer months. Create a new Line Extension • A1 Original makes up bulk of sales despite existing line extensions. • Time restriction
  • 3. A.1 has been successful in establishing itself as the category leader with 54% dollar share, and 46% volume share Dollar Share Increase Volume Share Flat • Over all industry trend suggest that consumers are willing to spend more on a high quality product to pair with steak. • Steak sauce is perceived as a specialized product exclusively complimentary to steaks. • Willingness to pay. • Increase demand for quality. • Low usage rate. • Low frequency of purchase.
  • 4. A.1 has ownership over the word STEAK in the mind of target segment Steak Purist Steak Believer Meat Eater Reason to Consume • Status • Special Occasions • Hunger Point of sale • Butcher shop • Steak House • Grocery Store • Steak House • Grocery store • Restaurant USDA Grade • USDA Prime • USDA Choice • USDA Select Preferred Cut • Short Loin • Filet mignon • Kobe • Round • Sirloin • Anything on sale • Shank • Flank Preferred Pairing • Salt and Pepper • A1 Steak Sauce • Whatever the mood calls for (ketchup) • Lawry’s THE LAW OF FOCUS: “the most powerful concept in marketing is owning a word in your prospect’s mind” The 22 immutable laws of marketing
  • 5. A.1 Steak Sauce must dominate consumer Fridge Space before peak grilling season • Steak is a celebratory dish for our target segment, not a daily consumption • No more than 1 bottle of steak sauce in every fridge. • Due to the small serving size of 1 table spoon (0.5oz), each bottle of A1 steak sauce can be used up to 17 times. • A.1 marinade is competing with the category leader at a disadvantage despite category growth.
  • 6. Recommendation must meet all 3 dimensions Cannot jeopardize brand equity • Leverage the word Steak • Maintain target consumer loyalty
  • 7. A.1 Steak Sauce should take on an aggressive strategy to secure fridge space before April 1 Increase bottle size to 12oz Encourage usage in all things steak via marketing material Drop marinade line A.1 = Steak Bottle size • Available for purchase 2 weeks prior to Lawry • Maximize consumer loyalty • Demonstrate more value to consumer, not cheaper. Drop Marinade Line • A.1 marinade is competing with the category leader at a disadvantage despite category growth. • Time , money and quality assurance can be put to better use. Encourage Usage with A1 • Instead of promotional discounts, majority of marketing effort will be used to bring focus onto A.1 Steak Sauce, this is the best product in association with steak.
  • 8. Annex 1
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  • 10. Annex 3