Gosf action plan


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Gosf action plan

  1. 1. Making GOSF a success!Suggestions & Recommendations
  2. 2. SEARCHSUGGESTIONS TIMELINESCustom Ad text for GOSF (Brand and Key categories) 7 Dec onwardsFestival day campaigns structure (Keywords/ adgroups/ campaigns - Ready by 7 Decwill be shared by Google team)Remarketing list for search ads Always onSitelinks for brand campaigns (to increase awareness) 7 Dec onwardsEfforts to ensure top of the page positions 12 Dec
  3. 3. DISPLAYSUGGESTIONS TIMELINESCustom Display Banners for GOSF 1 Dec onwardsSpecial offer for First Time Buyers (Promoted across Display ads and 1 Dec onwardsyour Landing Page)Contextual campaigns for the last one week (Google team can share 5 Dec onwardsGOSF themes)Remarket to visitors coming from GOSF platform to your landing As soon you see trafficpage on landing pageRemarketing cookie within GOSF related banners 5 Dec onwardsNegative Remarketing for 7 days in advance (To acquire new Stop before 7 Dec, postcustomers) that run campaign across listsEfforts to ensure presence across Top 100 Placements 10 Dec onwards
  4. 4. DISPLAY – BEST PRACTICES -  Attractive Display Ads that highlight your key/ best deals -  Attract traffic to your Landing page and website -  Create a Remarketing List of all users engaging with GOSF related Display Ads for future promotions/ Display blasts (Amazon.com)
  5. 5. YOUTUBESUGGESTIONS TIMELINESPre-Rolls Reservation 7 Dec onwardsTrueView Campaigns 7 Dec onwardsFirstWatch Campaigns 7 Dec onwardsBanners on YouTube 7 Dec onwards
  6. 6. MOBILE & TABLETS SUGGESTIONS TIMELINES Click to call campaigns on Sale day (to assist first time buyers) 12 Dec Specific HED campaigns for Tablets, iOS and Android 12 Dec YouTube Mobile Roadblock (Reach your TG in a cost effective 5-12 Dec* manner)*Reservation required
  7. 7. SOCIALSUGGESTIONS TIMELINESTwitter updates with GOSF Participation Announcement/ Details/ 1 Dec onwardsLanding Page Link (Twitter #Hashtag to be provided by Google Team)Facebook and G+ updates with GOSF details/ product promotions and 1 Dec onwardskey dealsPromote PR obtained by Google for GOSF on your social platforms 1 Dec onwards(Coverage links will be provided by Google team)Posts on your website blogs 1 Dec onwardsPromoting your deals for the GOSF through your PR efforts (Helping 1 Dec onwardsreach out to more unique customers)
  8. 8. LOYALTY, CRM & AFFILIATESUGGESTIONS TIMELINESStart promoting GOSF deals and promotions to your e-mail databases 1 Dec onwards(Promote GOSF Deals linking to landing page)GOSF CRM e-mailers should have tracking pixel to create a NARemarketing list for e-mail promotion on Sale dayEngage potential customers before actual Sale date through: 1 Dec onwardsa)  Sign upsb)  Pre bookingsc)  Gift cardsEncourage Affiliate Partners to promote GOSF specific deals for 1 4 Dec onwardsweek preceding the festival
  9. 9. LANDING PAGESUGGESTIONS TIMELINESGOSF Logo on the landing page 26th Nov onwardsPre book option to capture traffic visiting prior to sale date 1 Dec onwardsGreat Deals/ Offers on Landing Page to: 5 Dec onwardsa)  Convert existing buyersb)  Attract first time visitorsSpecial vouchers/ discount coupons for First Time Buyers 5 Dec onwardsGOSF Logo on the homepage and all website pages (suggested) 7 Dec onwards
  10. 10. LANDING PAGE – BEST PRACTICES -  Highlighting festival on landing page -  Option to add to ‘waitlist’ or ‘pre-book’ before Sale day -  Promote Key Deals in case of multi- category presence
  11. 11. Thank you.