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Agile ebiz soa_leveraging-ofm-inagile-131770 Agile ebiz soa_leveraging-ofm-inagile-131770 Presentation Transcript

  • <Insert Picture Here>Leveraging Oracle Fusion Middleware in Agile PLMGnani PalanikumarProduct Management Director
  • Safe Harbor StatementThe following is intended to outline our general productdirection. It is intended for information purposes only, and maynot be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitmentto deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should notbe relied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of any features orfunctionality described for Oracle’s products remains at thesole discretion of Oracle.
  • 3<Insert Picture Here>Agenda• Fusion Middleware Overview• Fusion Middleware Integration• Solutions• Benefits
  • 4Agile PLMOracle Fusion Middleware Best Practice CenterAgile is a leading provider of PLM applications thatenable companies to accelerate product innovationand maximize product profitability by managing theproduct information throughout their lifecyclesNext generation Oracle Middleware built using best-of-breed standard based middleware technology,which is in use by 90,000 customers worldwideOur focus here is what customers and partners can build todayusing Fusion Middleware to extend Agile PLM Applications A9 ande6
  • 5Oracle Fusion MiddlewareOverview
  • 6Oracle Fusion MiddlewareAgile Certified ComponentsWeb CenterADFBI PublisherOBIEE, OIDAccess Manager*OID*EnterpriseManagerOracle DB RAC& App. serverclusteringOracle VMOracle LinuxESBBPELiASWLSJDeveloperAgile* Agile 9.3.1 (CY2010)
  • 7<Insert Picture Here>Agile PLMSolutions Leveraging Fusion Middleware
  • Leveraging OFM: Where do we start?Identify Requirements, Learn Fusion Middleware ComponentRequirements Fusion Middleware ComponentsIntegrating with various applications • Oracle Application Integration Architecture(AIA)• SOA & Process Management: BPELProcess Manager, Oracle Service BusAuthoring Tool Integration • SOA & Web ServicesPortal UI, Mobile Applications • Oracle Web Center, ADF. Mobile ADFEnterprise Reporting • BI PublisherBusiness Intelligence • OBIEE, ODIEnterprise Identity and AccessManagement• Identity Management” Oracle InternetDirectory,* Oracle Access Manager*Lower Total Cost of Ownership • Application Management (EnterpriseManagement), Application Server(WebLogic, iAS), DB & App clusters, OracleLinux, Oracle VMApplication Customization • J2EE Development Environment:JDeveloper, ADF, ADF Mobile
  • Enterprise Integration and Process ManagementUsing AIA Process Integration Pack (PIP)Part / ItemBOMECOItem CatalogItem Cost(Oracle Manufacturing,Order Management,Purchasing, Configurator,Advanced Supply ChainPlanning, TransportationManagement)ECO effectivityInventory PositionOracle AIAOracle Fusion MiddlewareAgileEnterprise Business Objects & ServicesProduct IBOM Change Project…Process Integration PacksTransport LayerBusinessConnectorServiceBusinessConnectorServiceSolutions• AIA: Agile Design to Release PIP toOracle E-Business Suite• Fusion Middleware: Oracle BPEL ProcessManager• Applications: Agile, Demantra, E-BusinessSuite• PIP enables seamless, real-time dataaccess to 360 Degree View, ItemManagement, Change Management, andConfigurator.Challenges• Non-integrated release process yield datainaccuracy and added time to market• Limited support for Design for Cost andsupply chain results in higher costsBenefits• Increased margins with efficient NPIprocess• Efficient DFx leading to higher quality,faster time to market and lower total cost ofownership
  • Activity Based Workflow in Agile PLMUsing BPEL and Agile Web ServicesChallenge• Creation of cross-application (PLM, ERP)process flowsOracle BPEL Process ManagerOracle Fusion MiddlewareAgileNew Part CreationBPELServicesVisibility to WorkFlow Process Statusfrom ECO CoverPageNew Part Creation Process with integrated BPEL WorkflowEBS ActivitiesSolution• Fusion Middleware: BPEL Process Manager• Applications: Agile, E-Business Suite• E-Business activities can be orchestrated asBPEL services• Agile workflow state change event and WebServices provides a mechanism to launch E-Business suite BPEL workflow• Agile ECO cover page attribute can be usedto track E-Business Suite workflow processstatusBenefits• 360 view of product data (Agile, EBS)within Agile
  • CAD Integration in Agile PLMUsing BPEL and Agile EC Web ServicesOracle BPEL Process ManagerOracle Fusion MiddlewareCAD SystemCAD ConnectorsAgile Core ProductAgile EC ServicesCADConnectorAgile PLMServerPLMDBCoreObjectServicesBPELServerBPELServicesECObjectServicesChallenges• WAN performance of CAD connectors• Ability to customize business logic basedon business requirementsSolutions• Fusion Middleware: BPEL ProcessManager• Applications: Agile, CAD Tools• Agile EC services migrates some CADconnector logic to server side using BPELservices• BPEL editor provides ability to customizeAgile EC BPEL orchestrated flows• BPEL Process Manager providesinfrastructure for deploying and managingBPEL business processesCAD Workstation AgileCAD System EC DialogsWorking DirectoryDesign StructureLoadDFMSaveBenefits• Improves efficiency of partners andcustomers to develop & maintain CADconnectors
  • Custom Web Applications in Agile PLMUsing ADF and Agile Web ServicesChallenge• Simplified UI for Casual users: DocumentManagement, Item Management. Price &Compliance data importOracle ADFOracle Fusion MiddlewareItem Management Document ManagementBusiness LogicView DataUser InterfaceADF Faces componentsBusiness ServicesADF Business ComponentsDataBindingAgileDBSolution• Fusion Middleware: Application DesignFramework (ADF), JDeveloper• Application: Agile• Oracle ADF provides visual and declarativeapproach to Java EE Web applicationsdevelopment• ADF Business Services layer managesinteractions with data persistent layerleveraging Agile Web ServicesBenefits• Increase casual user adoption• Less training overhead
  • Mobile Applications in Agile PLMUsing ADF Mobile and Agile Web ServicesOracle Mobile ADFOracle Fusion MiddlewareRFQ Search RFQ Details RFQ ApprovalAJAX Support• Rich mobile webapplications• High-end consumerphones with AJAX-enabled browserHTML Support• Basic mobile webapplications• Consumer mobile phoneswith simple HTML browseBenefits• Improves mobile users productivitySolutions• Fusion Middleware: Mobile ADF,JDeveloper• Application: Agile• Mobile ADF provides a framework tocreate Mobile applications for MTML,Ajax and Java enabled Mobile devices• Agile data can be presented in a Mobileapplications using Agile Web ServicesJava Client• Applicationsintegration with devicePIM apps andperipherals• High-end SmartDevicesChallenge• Access to PLM use cases (ECO Approval,Sales RFQ) from mobile devices:
  • Composite Application IntegrationUsing Web Center and Agile Web ServicesSolutions• Fusion Middleware: Oracle Web Center,ADF, JDeveloper• Applications: Agile, E-Business Suite,Siebel and BI• Oracle Web Center is an enterprise portaldesigned for business users and IT• Unified with Business applications ,Enterprise 2.0 services and socialcommunitiesOracle Web CenterOracle Fusion MiddlewareOracle Web Center FrameworkXML Web Services/SOAJSR 227Services JDeveloper ExtensionsProduct Defect Escalation DashboardCustomer Needs ManagementChallenge• Composite and Mashups applications:Product Defect Escalation, CustomerNeeds Management DashboardBenefits• Easy to develop and maintain compositeand Mashup applications
  • Custom Reports & Datasheets in Agile PLMUsing BI Publisher and Agile Java API & Web ServicesOracle BI PublisherOracle Fusion MiddlewareAgileWeb Services TemplatesXMLEDIEFTEmailPrinterAgileJava APIBI PublisherXSLPDFRTFHTMLExcelPublish DistributeExtract TransformFormatting EngineSolutions• Fusion Middleware: BI Publisher• Applications: Agile• Oracle BI Publisher is a standard-basedreporting platform• Combines existing Agile Reportfunctionality with powerful publish anddistribute capabilities of BI Publishers• Agile Process Extension (Px) enablesreport and document generation usingAgile & BI Publisher APIsBenefits• Business consultants can customize thereport and document templates usingfamiliar desktop tools• Simplifies report maintenance byseparating data logic, layout and UItranslationBrowserOperational ReportsChallenge• Empower Agile customers to create theirown functional reports & productdocuments (Datasheets & Manuals)Product Datasheets & Manual
  • Enterprise Identity ManagementUsing Identity Manager & Access ManagerChallenges• Intellectual Property Protection andSecurity• Business risk reduction, regulatory, legal,and corporate policy complianceOracle Identity Manager, Internet Directory & Access ManagerOracle Fusion MiddlewareReference: Cisco Enterprise Identity and Access Management (EIAM)– Cisco and Oracle White Paper, April 2009Benefits• Operational Efficiency & Cost Containment(e.g. reduce IT support costs)Solutions• Fusion Middleware: Identity Manager,Access Manager, (OAM) InternetDirectory (OID)• Application: All applications, Servers
  • Agile Application Management PackUsing Oracle Enterprise ManagerOracle Enterprise ManagerOracle Fusion MiddlewareSystem Status Agile Usage ReportsIT AdministratorAgileDeploymentEnterprise Manager Dashboard Challenges• Manage applications top-down, from thebusiness perspective• Manage entire application lifecycle toincrease business agilitySolutions• Fusion Middleware: Enterprise Manager• Applications: E-Business Suite, Siebel, JDEdwards, PeopleSoft, Agile, etc.• Servers: All• Enterprise Manager monitors health ofDatabase, Application, File manager, LDAP,SSO and Web Servers and send alert to ITAdministrators• Agile Application management plug-intracks user usage, application versions,application status and alertsBenefits• Reduce IT Operation Costs
  • 18<Insert Picture Here>Benefits• Improve ROI of IT investments• Industry leading, open standards-based FusionMiddleware platform• Extend value chain through Integrated PLM• CRM, ERP, CAD, BI, SCM• Better alignment of business with technology• Model services to business requirements and needs• Lower integration costs & complexity• Use platform-neutral technology infrastructure• Empower business users• Better usability, Mobile applications, Web 2.0 Services
  • 19Where do we find information?Agile Fusion Middleware Best Practice Center• Oracle By Example (OBE):• Tutorials with step-by-step instructions• Articles• Articles covering Agile and Fusion Middleware best practices andtechniques• Blogs• Blog entries from Oracle Experts & Partners• Webcasts• Webcasts from Oracle Experts & Partners