I-Search: What I Learned


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I-Search: What I Learned

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I-Search: What I Learned

  1. 1. I-Search: What I Learned<br />Maida Ahmad<br />May 10, 2010<br /> <br />Research Question 1My first research question that I felt was a very controversial issue in society is why are women exposed to sexism in the army? After weeks of accurate and detailed research, I found numerous answers to my question. First, I realized that the media and government wanted some difference between the gender roles in society to keep all the duties organized. Second, I found out that the authority figures didn't put in a strong enough effort to fix the issue of sexism and felt it wasn't necessary to address. Surprisingly, some very unique sources led me to my answers. Primarily, an online newspaper article explained to me that people that had power weren't using it to fix the enormous amount of issues in the army. Next, an online interview showed me that the media focused on the other issues in the army and felt that sexism in the army didn't deserve the concentration it desired. When they did converse about sexism in the army though, they shined a negative spotlight on it. I feel very passionate on the answers that I found to my research question. Initially, the answers I discovered frustrate me because women are left alone in the world without any help from the people that have the authority to repair them. Additionally, the answers I encountered satisfied me in a way because I felt that I may help these women soldiers some day. All in all, I feel that I was able to thoroughly examine my beginning research question in a very intricate way.<br /> <br />Research Question 2<br />My second research question that I felt had the need to be addressed is how do women handle the sexist atmosphere dished out to them? Fortunately, at the end of my research I was left with an astonishing amount of solutions. To begin with, I realized that many women soldiers consult with therapists who help them improve the organization of their lives. In addition, the women soldiers are taught to have thick skin or drive themselves insane constantly thinking about it. There are many information sources that benefited me in finding results for the research question. First of all, the interview I carried through with Melia Meichelbock really opened my eyes to how women have to change themselves in order to deal with the strong sexism in the army. Second of all, a Global Context article explained to me that women in the army are given adequate treatment in medical facilities when the sexism mentally, emotionally, or physically harms them. The response I received from my research stirred many different thoughts and ideas in my head. To start with, I feel that women should be given the best treatment because they have put their lives on the line for their country. In contrast, I am glad that women are forced to face this treatment because it tests them and makes them stronger. All together, women have to face treatment that they absolutely don't deserve.Research Question 3My third research question that I felt deserved the most concentration of all is how can sexism in the army be stopped? My research led me to some eye-opening results. Primarily, I found out that many sectors in the army are now using the buddy system which is a system where women always travel with a person alongside them. Secondly, I realized that the general public needs to give more attention to this issue so the people in charge can follow. The information sources that led me to my solutions are plentiful. Firstly, a chart that showed the slow decline of sexism in the army followed with the main reasons that caused it was my first information source.  Secondly, a blog post, written by an everyday American, explained to me that the general public is one of the biggest causes of many of the issues in the army including sexism. I have very strong thoughts and feelings about the information that my research led me to. First of all, I am very disappointed that people just like me are the main cause of sexism in the army. One of the biggest things that these women soldiers are asking from us is support. In addition, I feel that people with the power to change the world need to put their words into actions. To wrap everything up, women soldiers belong in a place where they will not be harassed and we need to help make that happen.What You Did Well and Are Proud of in this Research ProjectThis entire journey has made me very proud of my research skills and myself. The interviewing process may have been my favorite assignment because I was able to use it as a very strong strategy. Primarily, I feel like this because I learned the most about my topic through interviewing Melia Meichelbock. This occurred because she gave me additional information that helped me reach my goal in researching. Secondly, my viewpoint about sexism in the army changed drastically when I saw the issue from Melia Meichelbock's perspective. The depth of my research skills has improved amazingly. To begin with, I have started to use so many more database articles than I used to. Also, I have started to read my information a lot more in depth and therefore I understand a lot more. Most importantly, the confidence in my public speaking has surprised me. To start with, I was very shy at the beginning of my project. I was also very nervous and self-conscious. Now, I am more bold and fearless about the information. I trust myself and the information I hold so I am not frightened when a thought or new idea comes into my mind. I can easily look my audience in the eye and inform them about my issue All in all, I feel like these 8 weeks have helped me both on the educational side but also on the mental side. ReflectionEven though I feel I have accomplished more than I ever imagined I would these 8 weeks, I have a couple small regrets. If I was given the chance to do this whole project again or have more time on it, I might have gone about some roads a different way than I actually did. First, I would interview more than one person. This would help me acquire more information while it would also give me more options to look through for my final target. Secondly, I would talk faster during my first few slides during my presentation so I could be able to add a lot more during the end of it. I learned a lot of valuable information along with life skills during this entire process. First, I learned that interviews can help a student achieve a lot more than just researching articles online can. Through my interview, I learned the personal aspect of sexism in the army. In addition, I understood sexism for what it truly is since I had mostly only been exposed to what they show in movies. Even though I achieved many of my goals during this journey, I feel that I could improve on some sectors. To start with, I feel that my book didn't have enough female perspectives and thus, I wasn't allowed to use the information from my book to put into my overall presentation. To add in, I wish I had interviewed more people so I could have a bigger range of people to choose and learn from. To wrap everything up, this opportunity has given me more information to cherish in my mind along with a new viewpoint of the issues in the world.<br /> <br />Reflection and Assessment<br />Considering all the elements of this project, I feel I deserve an A. I gave up all of my weekends to sit at home and improve my Netvibes page. I also gave up my lunch periods to work on my lit circle reading and blog posts. Also, I feel that I have worked hardest towards my interview because it was something completely new to me. Since I had never done an interview before, I wanted to receive the full experience of learning about a stranger's life-changing moments. I also took a lot of time to customize my Netvibes page and Google Sites to make them unique to my issue along with myself. I got to know the people in my lit circle because we all got along so well. By hearing their opinions on a book I was also reading, we all learned a plentiful amount. Therefore, we all had long and hard discussions in our lit circle meetings. I always took the suggestions I received on my blogs to heart. With every week, I felt that my blog posts were elevating. The confidence and power in my public speaking has also enhanced these 8 weeks. Without someone telling me to become an expert on my interview, I honestly feel that I have somehow become one. I believe this is true because the passion I have for the rights and equality given to women has been heard. I have strong opinions about sexism in the army and I am ready to have a discussion about it with anybody at any given time. I researched my issue beyond the requirement and embraced the information in a way I hadn't done before. My multigenre elements and presentation reflect the time, struggle, and effort I put into them everyday. Since I have so many websites that need daily attention, I have learned some wonderful organizational skills. All in all, these 8 weeks have made me a better and less selfish person. I am a lot more aware and observant of my surroundings now. In a way, I feel like I put my blood, sweat, and tears into this project.Digital FootprintMy digital elements are something that will definitely follow me through the future. My Netvibes page shows the passion I have for my issue. There are tabs with pictures, videos, articles, and so many other things. This shows that my researching skills have improved greatly. I am more courageous and brave with using new researching skills. My Google Sites is also overflowing with accessories. I feel my Netvibes page and Google Sites reflect the type of person that I am because I don't think you can ever have too much of anything. These digital elements show my audience all the information and lessons that I have learned these past 8 weeks. They show that my experience has made me a better person because I have added so many personal opinions in them. I have enjoyed working on these digital elements so much that I have actually showed them to my friends and family. They feel that they are new and unique ways that express my thoughts and ideas on my issue. When I was first introduced to Netvibes and Google Sites, I was very hesitant and nervous because it seemed very time consuming. As I got started though, I found out that I enjoyed using digital elements. We are the generation that is going into the future at a miraculous speed. Therefore, I feel that Netvibes and Google Sites have been very beneficial towards my researching and learning experience these past 8 weeks.<br />