I-Search Paper: What I Knew About My Topic


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I-Search Paper: What I Knew About My Topic

  1. 1. I-Search Paper: What I Knew About My Topic Maida A. Sexism in the Army with Female Veterans March 26, 2010 5th Period The topic I chose has to do with sexism in the army with female veterans. I chose this topic because people are always talking about how men and women are of equal status and should be as well. Many articles that I researched my topic on talked about how women were not treated the same as men. For example, the lower ranking soldiers received separate and better rooms than the women, who only had one room for everyone. I am interested in this topic, because I want to know why soldiers, of all people, do this. This topic speaks to me because I am a woman. I am becoming more of one each day. I want to know why people in our society think that women cannot function the same way as men. It is important to research this and get to the bottom of it because it is important to stop it. Even though there are both men and women in the army, sexism still occurs. This can cause great tension between people. Honestly, I don't think I know much about my topic at all. I haven't really started researching as thoroughly as I had hoped. In contrast, I have decided on a topic that contains a lot of important information I intend to find. I don't know a lot about how the women in the army feel about this. I have read a few interviews, but I do not completely understand why this occurs. Also, I don't know what this causes women to do. Are they allowed to still fight in the army or do they get the desk work? I feel that women are capable of everything that men are and maybe even more. I want to know if the people in the army know that. I also do not know much about how the general public feels about this. I would like to learn more about how people who work with the other sex everyday feel about this situation.